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(ABC News)   Ever wonder what the penalty is for removing your pants and sliding down a $30 million painting?   ( divider line
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2012-05-31 10:57:45 PM  
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I said ICE Carmen... ice !
2012-05-31 11:20:41 PM  
♫ She's once, twice, three times a lady... ♫
2012-06-01 12:21:48 AM  
No subby I haven't but please keep me posted on the particulars.
2012-06-01 01:28:49 AM  
Too bad the punishment wasn't for making such garbage in the first place
2012-06-01 01:32:58 AM  
I figure it's kind of a "you broke it, you bought it" rule.
2012-06-01 01:34:45 AM  

borg: [ image 320x234]

I said ICE Carmen... ice !

came here to make this reference...

leaving tired, hungry and having to pee.
2012-06-01 01:36:59 AM  
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THIS is worth $30 mil?

I'm in the wrong field. Let me randomly splash some paint on a canvas, sell it, and retire!

A Van Gogh I can see being expensive. Because, you know, talent. That? It's a decoration that you put up because it matches your upholstery and drapes.
2012-06-01 01:40:58 AM  
The 30 million masterpiece:

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2012-06-01 02:04:52 AM  
Did it look that way before or after she scooted on it???
2012-06-01 02:19:33 AM  
Please please please let it be a Rothko.
2012-06-01 02:25:44 AM  
I'm sorry she didn't burn it. Every single cell of every Warners Bros cartoon up to and including Space Jam is more art than that pile of shiat.

fark your painting. I wish the jury was made of real peers. Pardon her on grounds of "That painting is not worth $30, let alone $30M"
2012-06-01 02:32:54 AM  
Why are they oppressing her freedom of expression? She was creating her own original art!
2012-06-01 02:46:27 AM  
They're only upset because she actually managed to improve the "painting".
2012-06-01 03:32:49 AM  
she probably added 15 M to the price
now 45 M
give this woman the peace medal
and GIVE her alcohol

2012-06-01 03:58:26 AM  
Just farking great! Now the painting has tire tracks running down it.
2012-06-01 04:00:06 AM  
But of course. I've never seen anyone slide down a painting with their pants on.
2012-06-01 08:48:08 AM  
More on the story, she also peed in the area. Includes video of what she looks like. Not so bad.
2012-06-01 09:37:35 AM  
That painting is worth 30 mil? That's crap.

THIS is what a master painting looks like:
lighthousegalleries.comView Full Size
2012-06-01 09:53:00 AM  

DemonEater: [ image 635x458]

THIS is worth $30 mil?

I'm in the wrong field. Let me randomly splash some paint on a canvas, sell it, and retire!

A Van Gogh I can see being expensive. Because, you know, talent. That? It's a decoration that you put up because it matches your upholstery and drapes.

It's because you're not an artist, you don't understand his masterful broad sweeping strokes of meaningful and powerful colors with juxtapose in a stuning array of his bold mastery.

Or that's the BS art 'critics' spout. Someone shiats all over some canvas and it's a masterpeice because the painter is famous for being famous. Like the Kim Kardashian of the art world. it's like where people have done experiments with two similar style painting. One is made by some no name guy from the street, and one is made by someone famous. They tehn switch paintings and claim them as the ones they did. Of course the one the famous guy is holding is called amazing art, and the one the no name is holding is called amature paint spatterings on canvas.

To me art isn't turning a urinal upside down and naming it "The Fountian"
Greek statues and Roman frescos are art. The Scream and Mona Lisa are art. Puking color all over a canvas is not. Neither are crappy grade school paintings, just because you use your dick as a brush.
2012-06-01 11:11:36 AM  
"The Painting is Now worth $40 million" strangely absent from article.

2012-06-01 12:27:56 PM  
I would like to see it post skid mark/snail trail.
2012-06-01 07:58:12 PM  
I love modern art. Rothko, Pollock, all that stuff.

This one looks like ugly corporate elevator art. I was wondering who pays $30m for this but I think I just answered my question.

But someone thought it was worth $30m. This public butt wiping behavior has got to stop. farking with other peoples art? Personally I think art crimes should get the death penalty. And butt wiping crimes should at least lead to incarceration. Otherwise the art world is going to go through a sepia phase.
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