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(Iowa City Press-Citizen)   If you're traveling in Northwest Iowa today, be advised that a massive buffalo breakout happened earlier today and now more than 200 buffalo are roaming around five separate counties   ( divider line
    More: PSA, Great Buffalo, county, Osceola County, travels  
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2012-05-17 12:02:54 PM  
Great. I'll bring my 4x4, my Remington, and a chainsaw.
2012-05-17 12:15:06 PM  

gopher321: Great. I'll bring my 4x4, my Remington, and a chainsaw.

Damn straight. Buffalo is delicious. Nice and lean and sweet.
2012-05-17 12:23:19 PM  
Lunch time
simplyrecipes.comView Full Size
2012-05-17 12:23:22 PM  
I'll bring another chainsaw, some good knives, and the smoker.
2012-05-17 12:24:38 PM  
I'll get my knife and fork, and a dump truck of baked potatoes, and join the posse.
2012-05-17 12:27:20 PM  
I'll bring my horse, my knife, my spear and my bow and arrows.
2012-05-17 12:27:46 PM  
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Iowa buffalo?
2012-05-17 12:27:49 PM  
I round up a pack of bedwetters and steal some trucks.
2012-05-17 12:28:11 PM  
quotezuki.comView Full Size

I'm on it.
2012-05-17 12:28:54 PM  
Frick and Joe Buffalo Ranch

Frickin' Joe Buffalo. I've got my new cowboy handle.
2012-05-17 12:29:21 PM  
Be sure to pass them on the left, because they make wide right turns.
2012-05-17 12:29:24 PM  
Guess it's harvesting time.
2012-05-17 12:30:16 PM  
I'll bring some Indians and a cliff.
2012-05-17 12:30:47 PM  
Hmm. I think there might have been something to those old songs...

"Oh give me a home where the BUFFALO ROAM"


"Don't fence me in..."

Roaming is what bufflers do.
2012-05-17 12:32:03 PM  
static.ddmcdn.comView Full Size

Problem solved.
2012-05-17 12:33:45 PM  
Dibs on the White one.

/ I'm an undocumented native american
// high cheek bones
2012-05-17 12:34:39 PM  
My girlfriend is missing. Has anyone seen her ?

/ I Keed....or be killed./
2012-05-17 12:35:04 PM  
I'll bring my appetite and compliments for you cooks.

/and a case of beer
2012-05-17 12:35:20 PM  
Mmm.. Free range buffalo..

haynes.tvView Full Size
2012-05-17 12:37:19 PM  
And this just in: "30 buffalo on the loose, no wait, it's now 29 on the . . . wait it's now 28, oh fark, it's now 25, 23, 15, 1. Well, I have never seen anything like this since the day before yesterday."
2012-05-17 12:37:50 PM  
2012-05-17 12:38:11 PM  
I already herd about this.
2012-05-17 12:38:13 PM  
Thanks for the herds up!
2012-05-17 12:39:10 PM  
Roam on, brothers.

2012-05-17 12:39:53 PM  
Damn shame this is in Iowa - still no answer to the question of whether Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
2012-05-17 12:40:53 PM  
I blame Ted Turner.
2012-05-17 12:40:53 PM  
First they can't handle their college student loans, now they can't handle their Buffalo. No wonder Kirk chose to be born in space instead of there (if you go by the latest revision).
2012-05-17 12:42:29 PM  

2012-05-17 12:42:46 PM  
Yeah, but they'll lose in the Superbowl.
2012-05-17 12:46:54 PM  
I blame this on Kevin Costner
jonathandallen.comView Full Size

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

2012-05-17 12:48:09 PM  
Quick! To the Nugentmobile!
2012-05-17 12:49:28 PM  

trotsky: Relevant:


Ha! Love those.
2012-05-17 12:49:46 PM  
RIP Mark Ruffalo
2012-05-17 12:58:19 PM  

walkerhound: I'll bring some Indians and a cliff.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is in Alberta.
2012-05-17 01:01:03 PM  
That is not a "massive" buffalo anything. Twenty thousand would be a massive buffalo breakout.

/buffalo's better because buffalo won't eat corn

//yes, I know they're bison
2012-05-17 01:02:26 PM  
I thought it was just a Cheer America regional competition. My bad.
2012-05-17 01:06:38 PM  

Your_Dog: RIP Mark Ruffalo

2012-05-17 01:07:46 PM  
Did they go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside?
2012-05-17 01:09:42 PM  

coldones: Did they go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside?

Yes, but with roller skates LINK
2012-05-17 01:15:53 PM  

Super Chronic: Damn shame this is in Iowa - still no answer to the question of whether Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Screw that we need a report on the conditions of the skies, are they cloudy? and what are the deer and the antelope doing?
2012-05-17 01:16:35 PM  
That ain't cryin'.

daveswarbirds.comView Full Size

That's just new life goin' on.
2012-05-17 01:37:59 PM  
Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam... *looks out window* Well, there goes the lawn.
2012-05-17 01:38:50 PM  
2012-05-17 01:51:25 PM  
cdn2.dailycaller.comView Full Size
2012-05-17 02:04:39 PM  
I LOVE Bison!!

img10.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-05-17 02:30:11 PM  
Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.
2012-05-17 02:38:11 PM  
Massive Buffalo Breakout

Great band name.
2012-05-17 02:38:32 PM  
images.wikia.comView Full Size
2012-05-17 02:59:50 PM  
To far, I'll just drive up to the Tallgrass Praire Preserve in Pawhuska, Ok and drive amongst them -- again.
2012-05-17 03:00:04 PM  
Anyone posted that hilarious sentence which actually parses as English even though it's just nine repeated words yet?
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