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(AP)   New Zealand traveler pays $2,595 for a single beer. Obviously not domestic   ( customwire.ap.org) divider line
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2003-11-05 04:34:19 PM  
Fool --------easily---------- money
2003-11-05 04:39:10 PM  
"The man later told his bank he thought he was paying only about HK$19 (US$2.45) for the single beer, and that he believes bar employees duped him by adding additional zeros to his tab and then pocketing a big tip."

Ya think?
2003-11-05 04:39:29 PM  
Prior to reading the article, I have determined that it was either at a movie theatre or a ballgame.
2003-11-05 04:40:38 PM  
But how much did he pay for the lonely, single sheep later that night?
2003-11-05 04:40:53 PM  
And *this*, boys and girls, is why you should always have a pretty good idea of what the exchange rates are whenever you use a credit card in a foreign country to buy a beer.
2003-11-05 04:41:43 PM  
"Mr. B!... Mr. B!!"

2003-11-05 04:42:45 PM  
The bank just told him to withdraw his complaint? I mean, come on, it's a bar tab, how often do you see a bar tab for $2600?
2003-11-05 04:42:51 PM  
Hope it was a good beer.
2003-11-05 04:43:36 PM  
This had better be the best beer ever!

*chug chug*

You got lucky.

Ah, Barney Gumble. Truly the soul of a poet.
2003-11-05 04:44:36 PM  
For that price, I hope he got to fark the bartender and the waitress as well.
2003-11-05 04:44:56 PM  
When I was in Nepal I was paying about a nickel a gram for hash. Good shait too. I paid cash -- one fricken Rupee.
2003-11-05 04:44:58 PM  
Always keep your receipts when traveling abroad
2003-11-05 04:45:19 PM  
me chinese,
me play joke,
me put O-O on your tab.
2003-11-05 04:45:44 PM  
1. Buy $2000 worth of hong kong beer
3. Profit

Sips from his good ole Canadian...
2003-11-05 04:46:55 PM  
Maggie suckin down a beer looks pretty good.

2003-11-05 04:47:10 PM  
2003-11-05 04:47:41 PM  
I like beer.


But c'mon.
2003-11-05 04:48:40 PM  
I'd go back and set fire to the place. Now where's my Swingline?
2003-11-05 04:50:41 PM  
that sucks hard for him. it probably ruined his whole vacation
2003-11-05 04:50:50 PM  
He ought to go buy a keg of the type of beer that the bartender served him, run it through a still until he gets him some nice 200proof flame starter, the burn the farker to the ground.
2003-11-05 04:56:02 PM  
here here to arson (raising drink), the solution to all of lifes little problems
2003-11-05 04:57:32 PM  
Must have been Steinlager.
[image from brewing.co.nz too old to be available]
2003-11-05 04:58:24 PM  
Bad barkeep bilks Mr. B by boosting beer-tab. Bank balks at bankrolling binge.
2003-11-05 05:02:13 PM  
Too bad his name isn't Hewitt Packard. They don't mind cancelling orders.
2003-11-05 05:05:59 PM  

2003-11-05 05:10:42 PM  
Was he at Staples Center?
2003-11-05 05:13:03 PM  
Beer, the cause of, and soution to all of lifes problems
2003-11-05 05:14:43 PM  
I picked up Chinese for the gang one night whilst on the road and didn't cross out the tip area or put in the total. Duh. Imagine my surprise when I saw the farkers had given themselves a $20 tip on a $30 bill when the credit card statement arrived. A tip for takeout? Not from me. The credit card company said tough noogies, pay up. And when I phoned Wong Fat, he suddenly speekee no Engrish. Expensive lesson. Not like a $2,595 beer, but still expensive.
2003-11-05 05:15:42 PM  
I fully expect to see a headline in the next few weeks that says, "Hong Kong bar burned to the ground by arsonist. New Zealander held for questioning."
2003-11-05 05:15:42 PM  
Stupid exchange rates. Bought some film in Italy when they had the Lyra or whatever. Found out later I payed $40 for it. Approximating foreign currency is not my thing. I empathize.
2003-11-05 05:17:33 PM  
a week or two ago i posted a link to pictures of maggie's naked boobies but i guess fark didn't want to screw with the SbB relationship. *shrug*

I like beer.
2003-11-05 05:23:42 PM  
What plicks.
2003-11-05 05:27:50 PM  
When I was working concessions at an unnamed convention hall a man paid 300 USD for a 1.30571 EUR muffin and then scurried away to another conference. I couldn't catch him, but the boss saw what happened and wouldn't let us put the remaining 23,133.50 DZD in the tip jar, as he thought it would set a dangerous precedent.

So HE pocketed the entire 2,063.28 HRK, and we got nuthin.

And we were all so looking forward to that extra 817.375 EEK...
2003-11-05 05:28:20 PM  
Rodeodoc The credit card company said tough noogies, pay up.

And your response to this was "Fark you, this charge is fraudulent and if you don't contest it I'll shut down my account and get a new credit card from another bank," right?

2003-11-05 05:42:48 PM  
It was me!!!!!!!
2003-11-05 05:47:48 PM  
I paid $9 for a coke in Japan.
2003-11-05 05:52:20 PM  
Did he at least get a kiss?

"Kiss me, pig! When I'm getting farked I like to get kissed a lot."
2003-11-05 05:59:32 PM  
A friend of mine had an experience with this in Turkey, he noticed the extra charge on the tab, objected, and long story short ended up in the alley bleeding without his wallet.
2003-11-05 06:21:28 PM  
Dude got charged nearly $2600 for beer? Perhaps the article writer got it wrong and the dude went drinking in Japan.

2003-11-05 06:31:06 PM  
NathanAllen, moral of the story is: never go to bass ackwards countries, stay in the civilized world.
2003-11-05 06:35:05 PM  
almost worth the plane ticket back to burn the place to the ground.
2003-11-05 07:06:34 PM  
What strip club was he at?
2003-11-05 07:57:50 PM  
soothsatyr ... 23,133.50 DZD ... 2,063.28 HRK ... 817.375 EEK

Nice collection of strange currencies, but can you name those currencies that have three digits after the decimal place?
2003-11-05 10:30:55 PM  
Not the same thing, but my uncle took his sales team to a sales conference/retreat for a week at a nice resort in Mexico.

Three months later, someone in Mexico was charging $15,000 worth of stuff to his corporate card.

Apparently, one or several of the resort staff used his CC info.

A cancelled card and several weeks of contesting charges ensued.

Use cash, folks. Use cash.
2003-11-05 11:19:08 PM  
Hmm, obviously this person was even stupider than jessica simpson and her hubby:

Formerly one-fourth of boy band 98 Degrees, Lachey has been doing his own laundry for years now and knows to look at his credit-card receipts before signing them. He can shake his head indulgently when his wife mistakes fish for chicken and chicken for buffalo; he knows the difference.

from previously farked article: http://att.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,12641,00.html
2003-11-06 11:07:28 AM  
I once paid $50 for a beer in HK. but that included admission charge, cover charge, snack charge, entertainment charge.... thank god i didnt get a hostess....
2003-11-06 12:02:22 PM  
Thats why I never go drinking in bars while in a foreign country. Well that, and I might wake up in a bathtub with my kidneys missing.
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