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2012-05-13 05:00:01 PM  
Loved, Listened, Believed and Encouraged.
2012-05-13 05:00:07 PM  
Greatest mom evar. Still helps me out with loans, always kept a nice house while working a full time job at an elementary school, and I would have to beg her not to go to
certain games because I knew it would be misery for our crowd
2012-05-13 05:00:10 PM  

Weaver95: disowned me.

seriously. i've been disowned, and not just facebook disowned either. then again, dear old mother is a certified lunatic. Narcissistc Borderline Personality DIsorder, to be precise. so being disowned by someone like that is actually quite a blessing. trust me - you do NOT want to be around a pathological narcissist! it's soul draining.

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2012-05-13 05:03:00 PM  
My biological mother had the good sense to put me up for adoption, and my mother who instilled in me my love of crafting, and an all around MacGyver. And recently she helped me with a car post divorce (as in.. she bought the car for me... and I'm paying her back but with a tiny monthly payments considering)

//also, she's keeping the kids for the summer in florida. Helpful way to keep day care costs down and I finally have a few weekends free
2012-05-13 05:03:21 PM  
Adopted a one month old me on April Fool's Day of all days 31 years ago.
2012-05-13 05:04:31 PM  
Mine minimizes me at every opportunity. However, there is a silver lining. She later feels guilty, probably because her mother does the same to her and she is reminded how it feels. So after a few particularly bad blowouts a few months back where I pretty much told her she could care for her Mother alone, I was moving out as I was sick of being put down all the time, she backed off and was super nice to me for several days. Then she realized I just might leave her alone with my problem sis and my crazy Gran anyway, so she made peace by taking me to Disneyland and California Adventure for a few days. 'Twas fun and we didn't fight once.

She's also a snoop and I caught her snooping around in my personal space (BIATCH!!!) several months back. She froze when I walked in my door. BUSTED! I just smiled and said "Good. You can go ahead and clean in here while you're at it. Don't forget to launder the draperies and dust my skull collection." She did it, too.

/all of my family in the US live in this one large house
//there's not a lot of us, but it's trying at times
2012-05-13 05:04:38 PM  
Loved me. She was one of those people who never quite figured out how to be an adult; she died last year at age 56 after spending her entire life abusing alcohol and drugs.


She loved me. She loved my brothers. And in those quiet moments when we were all eating donuts on Sunday morning, or spending all weekend at the pool in the summer, or cracking up over dinner, I knew it. Somehow, despite poverty and substance abuse and a myriad of unhealthy relationships, she gave her kids kindness and compassion. She gave us the things we needed that we couldn't get ourselves.
2012-05-13 05:07:57 PM  
Took care of my daughter so I could work since the father wasn't around and I was the only breadwinner in the house.
2012-05-13 05:11:30 PM  
Raised me by herself since I was three years old and somehow managed to not drown me in the bathtub. Sent me to Farm & Wilderness for five summers, although that may have been more for her benefit than mine. Loaned me some money a couple times when I was short. Encouraged me to leave my ex, which turned out to be the best for both of us. There were a lot of other things, but those stand out. I was glad to have brunch with her this morning.
2012-05-13 05:14:55 PM  
I am a spoiled lucky brat.

I wish my mom had beat my ass more.

....a lot more.
2012-05-13 05:16:52 PM  

craigdamage: I am a spoiled lucky brat.

I wish my mom had beat my ass more.

....a lot more.

You know there are places you can go for that experience....
2012-05-13 05:16:56 PM  
Has respected my wish of no contact for about 20 years.
2012-05-13 05:21:11 PM  
My Mom took care of me when I was 11 and had cancer in 1969. She is the best Mom ever.

/ Love You Mom
2012-05-13 05:21:59 PM  
She sat me down and told me I would never be as smart as my brother or as pretty as my sister, so I'd better develop some marketable job skills because my ornery personality and stubbornness were going to get me fired from every job.

Thanks, mom. Reverse psychology worked then and still works now.
2012-05-13 05:22:08 PM  
I'm sorry to say that the best thing my mother ever did for me was to die suddenly at 75, just as she was starting to show real signs of senile dementia. I truly sat here for five minutes trying to think of one selfless thing she ever did for anyone, any time.

Have to cut her slack because she was eventually diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorders, and was herself a survivor of parental sexual abuse. But damn, Mom, you could have started taking those be-cool meds about 20 years earlier.
2012-05-13 05:25:17 PM  
Went back to work part-time as a nurse when I was in sixth grade to pay for my college education.

Did not disembowel me and bury me in a shallow grave when I dropped out of my expensive private college after two and a half years.

Love you, mom.
2012-05-13 05:25:50 PM  
Leave the house when I was 8.

/seriously though, if you had a loving and caring mother, you're a lucky person.
2012-05-13 05:29:06 PM  
Extremely manipulative while telling me and my little brother everyone was manipulative.
Told me every day how stupid my older brother was for having a kid at 16. Continues to tell me this even though I'm 28 and dislike children.
Tells me everyday women can't be trusted.
Does little things just to annoy every man in our house.

Other than that, things are fine.

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2012-05-13 05:32:13 PM  

craigdamage: I am a spoiled lucky brat.

I wish my mom had beat my ass more.

....a lot more.

She requires cash on the barrelhead for that level of service.
2012-05-13 05:33:52 PM  
When I was 8 years old I asked my mom if God existed. I had come to the conclusion on my own that there wasn't a god and all this Church stuff I'd been exposed to made people act horribly and justified it religiously. So when I asked she told me it was up to me to decide. She believed that there was a God but it was my decision to decide whether or not it was true for me.

Hands down, greatest thing my mom ever did.
2012-05-13 05:34:29 PM  
She made a deliberate effort not to be like her mother. No beatings, no alcoholic rages, no "accidental" arsenic poisonings for the whole family (something was seriously wrong with grandma). However these were things I didn't know about until I was 35, so the simplest thing was teaching me how to think critically.
2012-05-13 05:36:08 PM  
Divorced my father.
2012-05-13 05:38:06 PM  
A survey for Mother's Day: what was the nicest thing your mom ever did for you? (69)

'nuff said....

I feel dirty!
2012-05-13 05:41:11 PM  
My mom has loaned me money several occasions when times were tight. She also made sure I grew up as comfortable as she could manage.

My mom drove me to so many band practices and competitions in high school. She paid for a Trumpet when I was in fifth grade that I played 9 months. She let me use her very expensive alto saxophone though middle school and half of high school. I have no idea what she thought she was doing but I guess that's what Mom's do. She encouraged me to follow my talents and bought a very expensive computer when I know no we couldn't really afford it.

She also, ahem, typed up a few of my homework assignments in middle school so I could go out and play with my friends. She encouraged me to get a job at 15 when I wanted it and told me to quit when I was 16 and couldn't do work and school at the same time. Most important though, she put up with my asshole of a dad until I was out of highschool so I had some resemblance of a normal family.
2012-05-13 05:43:46 PM  
My biological mom? Dying. That was the best thing she ever did for me. She was a highly delusional, bi-polar, manic depressive... and she was an evil, manipulative biatch who lived to cause pain in everyone around them. Even after I disowned her she constantly schemed ways to worm herself back in to my life so she could fark with me. The biatch went so far as to fake cancer. Yes, she faked having terminal cancer so she could get sympathy from the people in her family and fellow parishioners (she was a devout born again christian), and was trying to use it to guilt me in to reaching out to her and allowing her to insert her caustic tentacles into my life again. I saw through it, and a few months later the whole scheme had unraveled and my dad had to apologize to me for getting pissed at me when I told him the whole thing was probably a ploy for sympathy and I refused to talk to her. Hearing my dad admit that I was right was soooooo satisfying after how pissy he'd been with me about it for a while there. lol

My stepmom? Accepting me and my sister and treating us just like her own kids from the first day she met us, and no differently from my step-sister. She's only known me half my life, and I was already an adult when she met me, but she's been more an a mom to me than my biological mom could ever have been if she'd lived 1,000 years. Love my stepmom, and I simply call her "mom".
2012-05-13 05:43:52 PM  
No religious indoctrination. Turns out she's an atheist too, but she allowed me to come to that conclusion for myself.
2012-05-13 05:44:04 PM  
Did a whole bunch of things, too numerous to count. Tried her best to paper over the fact she loathed me from birth and never could quite reconcile her own lack of love with her own desire to be perfect and not like her parents. Dutiful mom in thousands of ways, utter failure in just one; the ability to love.

Thanks Mom.
2012-05-13 05:45:11 PM  

A Terrible Human: She left my father.

This, and and the whole life thing. I wish you were still with us. Happy Mother's Day.

Its dusty in here.
2012-05-13 05:53:15 PM  
The best things my mother did for me were to teach me that life isn't fair, force me to do chores for $3 a week, and make certain I knew not to drop out of school or do/sell drugs like my cousins or she'd slap our eyes out of our heads. She once told us after we saw a tv news report about a serial killer being put to death on the electric chair, that if we ever did anything that stupid, she'd pull the damned switch herself.

And she'd have done it too.

Made me the ornery, opinionated, anti-social jerk I am today. But the discipline I learned got me a useful degree and a good-paying job, and a homecoming queen for a wife, who is a better woman and mom to my kids than I'd hoped for. Thanks, Mom.
2012-05-13 05:53:56 PM  

david_gaithersburg: A Terrible Human: She left my father.

This, and and the whole life thing. I wish you were still with us. Happy Mother's Day.

Its dusty in here.

2012-05-13 05:54:43 PM  
pushed all 11.5 pounds of me out of her vajayjay.

Miss you mom. sniff.
2012-05-13 05:55:45 PM  
Not to sound too Hallmark card, but... "Raised me."

I mean it. This woman, who's health has never been all that robust, buckled down to the duty of turning my worthless, resources-draining ass into a being fit for social participation, if not polite society, a task I wouldn't have wished on anybody. She made her mistakes and she had her slip-ups - I think any parent is sometimes ambivalent about parenthood, and every blue moon or so they reveal some aspect of that ambivalence to their kids.

But it's way too easy to take for granted that One Big Thing, because we grow up inside it. (Which is kind of the point.) There was no one immediate item - Mom didn't donate a kidney, lie for me in front of a judge, or treat me like her Special Snowflake - but there was the one big eighteen-year thing. With it came things like whether there would be enough money for new clothes, providing balanced meals on an instant-mash budget, and what to do when he screams "I hate you!" and stomps off to his room because you wouldn't get him an Atari.

I was all the vacations she didn't get to go on, the University degree she didn't finish, the home repairs she had to postpone, and the reason she stayed awake nights hoping I hadn't gotten shirtfaced and driven into a cement mixer on the way home. I was the eleven-year-old Chevy instead of the brand new Lexus, the reason my father worked the swing shift, and the pile of medical bills after I was dumb enough to fall through the floor of a construction site and knock myself silly. (Age five.)

And the reason I consider her job a success is that it took me about thirty years to realize this. I guess in a weird way it's kind of a compliment when your kids take you for granted, because it means you're doing your job right. You're protecting them from all the right things.

I'm forty now. I'm the one on the swing shift this time, and I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like to. She's retired, and she finally gets to buy her cars brand new and go on the vacations she missed. She still worries about me, but that's more out of force of habit than out of the belief that I'm going to drive my car into the lake or come home with a meth dependency. Though I suppose she can worry that I'm going to find myself unemployed and come crawling back home to mooch off her fixed income...

Yeah. I don't think she's too worried about that.
2012-05-13 05:55:52 PM  
My mother, (as well as my father) have never interfered or said anything disparaging about any of my girlfriend / wife relationships. I never knew how they felt about my ex-wife until long after we were divorced.

/ Must have been because my grandmother was a real coont when interacting with my mother (her daughter-in-law).
2012-05-13 05:56:28 PM  
Adopted me
2012-05-13 05:57:32 PM  

/she was a great mom
2012-05-13 05:57:58 PM  
She and my Dad stayed together until my sister and I were grown. In hindsight, they should have split up sooner rather than make each other miserable, although they kept their issues well-hidden from my sister and I. They gave us a great home and were awesome parents. Still are, separately.

Oh, and the whole "giving birth to me thing". That was awful swell of her. Even though I was conceived a bit sooner than they'd planned. I don't think shotguns were involved in the wedding but I wasn't there (well, sorta).
2012-05-13 05:59:52 PM  
My mom was a feisty opinionated red head. All 5 foot one inch of her wailed on these thugs that came over to beat my brother up. Should of seen those punks run away head in hand.

She was smart. I am only slightly dyslexic now, when I was a kid she made me write my letters while looking at the paper in mirror. Did the trick.
Thanks Mom and I sure do miss those Chocolate Crazy cakes. Yum
2012-05-13 06:02:08 PM  

kmmontandon: Didn't have an abortion, even as a single 17-year old.

THIS from my Birth Mother

And taking me home a loving me from my Mom
But to be honest I was the right make, model color and year
2012-05-13 06:03:29 PM  
Growing up with a heart problem no one could diagnose for 8 years, she never made me feel like I was a "sick kid." Helped me to be strong through diagnosis, 4 pacemaker surgeries, and whatever else my 27 years in life has thrown at me.

/love my mum
2012-05-13 06:05:57 PM  
Tossed me out of the house with no where to go. I was a royal pain in her ass as she tried to run a household after my parents split. I did absolutely nothing to help her or my sisters. I deserved it.. I then learned the most important lesson of my entire life up to that point. Standing on my own two feet. It was the best thing she ever did for me. I have since thanked her and we get along just fine now.

Love you Mom!!
2012-05-13 06:08:03 PM  
You know, now that my mom is 74 and starting to act like an old lady, sometimes it's easy to forget what she went through when the 4 of us kids were little. The life of a military wife during the Vietnam era was not particularly peaceful. She packed and unpacked household goods so many times while the Army was schlepping my dad all over the world. She kept us kids safe, fed, and clothed while not knowing if her husband was coming back alive, in a box, or not at all. She tried so hard to protect us and be brave and we tried to protect her. When I think about it as an adult, I realize what strength that took to pull off.

I need to tell her how brave I think that was.
2012-05-13 06:09:21 PM  
Adopted me.
2012-05-13 06:11:34 PM  
My mom pawned a shotgun to help pay my tuition at community college once. She gave me the same gun upon graduation.
/ some people just see a model 1300 defender, but I see a 12 gauge filled with mom's love. Or something..
2012-05-13 06:12:35 PM  

k2rider: Took my virginity. That was the craziest birthday party a 9-year old could ever have!

2012-05-13 06:14:03 PM  
She translated the world to me. That took me from a typical Asperger's kid to someone who can now actually function 90% of the time. So yeah, my mommy gave me social superpowers.
2012-05-13 06:14:14 PM  
Told me she loved me. Yes that is sappy.

Second: Taught me to read and do math at an insanely young age. School has always been a breeze because of that, even through MIT.
2012-05-13 06:15:16 PM  
She was a great example of a wonderful
Mother and wife. She also helped smuggle my engagement ring all the way across the country so my boyfriend could propose in my favorite place.
2012-05-13 06:15:19 PM  

Weaver95: b0rscht: The sad thing is she is unable to accept any responsibility for anything and has never once in her life said she was sorry for anything. .

yup. classic signs of a narcisstic personality. but once you accept that they are literally incapable to accepting responsiblity for their actions, you can walk away clean. plus - you cannot ever take anything a BPD says at face value. they lie as easily as they breathe.

ahhh, this. the one good thing mine did was leave. one of the smartest things i did was reject her attempts to come back. nutjob. my kids think she died when my brother was born. safer that way. yes, i am that scared of the havoc she can wreak.

she has managed to sell a house she was renting - thats just one of the things she has managed. woman lives in different reality.

/ scars have sort of healed.
2012-05-13 06:19:59 PM  
Passed on her alcoholism genes. Thanks, Ma!
2012-05-13 06:22:14 PM  
Taught me to despise the anti-intellectual.
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