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(NBC Washington)   Welcome to the world, Benjamin Holtby. Will the CAPS netminder secure a spot for his team in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals? Or will the Rangers end a 15-year drought? We shall see tonight at 7:30pm ET   ( nbcwashington.com) divider line
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2012-05-12 10:00:21 PM  
For farks sake, Caps!
2012-05-12 10:00:21 PM  
2012-05-12 10:00:26 PM  
Goalie pulled!

or not...

or Yes!
2012-05-12 10:00:26 PM  

yookaloco: Earguy: Addicted to love chick SUCKS.

C'mon Caps, tie this up!

ADDICTED TO LOVE!! *facepalm*. Why did this one never occur to me! Well, not my normal crowd, but with the right crowd... yeps, definitely adding it to my repertoire.

In the 80s New Orleans had a Make Your Own Rock VIdeo place (choose a song and play rubber-stringed instruments in front of a green screen while you lipsync)...we did Addicted to Love. It was great, I still have it.
2012-05-12 10:00:30 PM  
Someone should hand a chair out through the window for the poor guy. He's got to have been standing there for 20 min easy
2012-05-12 10:00:56 PM  
38.3 seconds to go, faceoff.
2012-05-12 10:01:03 PM  
Damn, can see some Caps players stopped skating already.
2012-05-12 10:01:04 PM  
center ice faceoff with an empty net.....c'mon Rangers....end this!!!
2012-05-12 10:01:09 PM  

JT_Goalie: Semin...into the face

Never gets old

/I call no 'old semin' jokes off that one.
2012-05-12 10:01:21 PM  
nah NYR is top seed and deserved to advance. Caps shouldn't have been in post-season but goddamn the story is their goalie. feel bad he not gonna advance but hey man... they won at home last game to force this.

Now i just pulling for Rangers for the cup.
2012-05-12 10:01:28 PM  
Hot for teacher?
2012-05-12 10:01:32 PM  
This has been a great series, it deserves OT
2012-05-12 10:01:45 PM  

e-christ: Farking NBC announcers are useless. Hopefully they got this right on the CBC. You can't score a goal by pushing the goalie over the line. It had nothing to do with blowing the whistle; it was in Holtby's equipment, and Boyle(?) crashed into him and pushed the goalie and the puck in the net together. That's not a good goal. The retards at NBC may not know that (second straight game they called it wrong), but the refs sure as hell know.

I know it was goaltender interference, I was just annoyed NBC couldn't be bothered to say ANYTHING.
2012-05-12 10:01:55 PM  
Sooo tense. Wow.
2012-05-12 10:02:10 PM  

Donnchadha: mephisto6: YYZ? i'm not in a place to watch karaoke.
but someone should sing YYZ

Those crazy Brazilians know how to sing YYZ

I'm not in a place to hit that,l link but guess ie's from the documegood ntary. Neil's bike trip was good styff
2012-05-12 10:02:28 PM  
If they do advance Holtby is almost a shoe in for the Conn Smythe
2012-05-12 10:02:34 PM  
Devils vs. Rangers!
2012-05-12 10:02:35 PM  
shiat, Rangers win... hell of a series though!
2012-05-12 10:02:35 PM  
Well, that's that. In the end it seemed like they just didn't want to win that badly :-/
2012-05-12 10:02:36 PM  
New York Rangers win series 4-3. Rangers advance to Eastern Conference Finals vs. Devils.

OK. Let's go win this thing.
2012-05-12 10:02:39 PM  
2012-05-12 10:02:39 PM  
2012-05-12 10:02:43 PM  
Game, blouses.
2012-05-12 10:02:50 PM  
No overtime? What a letdown.

Seriously, this was a good series. The Rangers earned it, but if Washington had played better today, we could have just as easily said the same for them.
2012-05-12 10:02:52 PM  
deuceofdavenport.comView Full Size

Rangers win!
2012-05-12 10:03:01 PM  
Congrats Rangers.
2012-05-12 10:03:01 PM  

awesome ending!

AWESOME ending

sorry caps i love ya. you did far better than you dshould have this post-season

i'm sad but ya know.... goddamn that was an awesome series.
2012-05-12 10:03:03 PM  

Oh well.

Great game though. Little technical for my tastes, but still, good game.
2012-05-12 10:03:19 PM  
Caps played a good series. Well done rangers.

/nyr vs la finals please
2012-05-12 10:03:31 PM  

Well, at least now I have two choices of where to see Eastern conference finals. And it'll be fun to watch the Devils beat the Rangers.
2012-05-12 10:03:38 PM  
Hell of a series that was
2012-05-12 10:03:44 PM  
2012-05-12 10:03:54 PM  

mephisto6: Donnchadha: mephisto6: YYZ? i'm not in a place to watch karaoke.
but someone should sing YYZ

Those crazy Brazilians know how to sing YYZ

I'm not in a place to hit that,l link but guess ie's from the documegood ntary. Neil's bike trip was good styff

Nah, Live in Rio. The crowd "singing" is louder than the band at times.
2012-05-12 10:03:59 PM  
Congrats Rangers, you wanted it more tonight
2012-05-12 10:04:03 PM  
2012-05-12 10:04:05 PM  
Regardless of the outcome, Washington fans should be proud... great run for them, and this was a different Caps team than in past playoff years! I hope (for their sake) they can continue to play like this in future postseason. I was very impressed with their committed D and blocked shots this year!
2012-05-12 10:04:14 PM  
Oh, fark off, CBC. Rangers win the series and you still can't stop showing Ovechkin.
2012-05-12 10:04:24 PM  
Thank god I won't have to listen to the announcers masturbate over Ovechkin any more.
2012-05-12 10:04:35 PM  
penguinpoop.comView Full Size
2012-05-12 10:04:39 PM  
Well, here we go. I think I'll throw my allegiance behind the Rangers next round. Should be a good series either way.

/I love the handshake
2012-05-12 10:04:41 PM  

robsul82: Devils vs. Rangers!

That's gonna be insane.
2012-05-12 10:05:09 PM  

NYR: I want you to have the cup.
2012-05-12 10:05:10 PM  
Go Devils
2012-05-12 10:05:24 PM  
"We want the Cup"?

Uh, a bit premature, you think?
2012-05-12 10:05:24 PM  
I do always like watching the handshakes and the guys who actually really congratulate each other and have good things to say.
2012-05-12 10:05:35 PM  
I believe Devs and Rangers split the series this year? Although as the Caps just proved, you basically throw the regular season trends out the window half the time.
2012-05-12 10:05:40 PM  
Rangers have taken 7 games to beat the 8 and 7 seeds.
2012-05-12 10:05:40 PM  
Aw man, so sorry this series is over.

Lundqvist made Holtby smile, cool.
2012-05-12 10:05:47 PM  
That's my favorite part, the team raising their sticks to the crowd. I love it even better than the handshake.
2012-05-12 10:05:50 PM  
Dinner time!

Nice sunny day out there and there's a blue bird fighting with swallows for one of the bird houses out there. I swear I can hear angry swearing. lol

More hockey tomorrow, awesome.
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