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2012-05-10 01:45:45 PM  
Intel has always made a lot of software. Anybody in software development knows this.

As the article stated, though, not in the same league as companies like HP (EDS), IBM, or Oracle.

Probably a lot of people don't realize HP and IBM **DO** software, let alone that they are the two biggest players in the market.
2012-05-10 01:59:36 PM  
I had totally missed the news that Intel bought McAfee.

/Used Wind River stuff back in the day.
//VxWorks on VME boards.
2012-05-10 02:15:22 PM  
Intel Capital (Intel's venture investment house) put $16 Million into a stake in AVG back in 2005 as well.

Their goal is to have anti-virus on the chip level... reason for acquiring McAfee and investing in AV companies.
2012-05-10 02:30:45 PM  
that woman has an "unfortunate" chin
2012-05-10 02:33:02 PM  
I hear they make one hell of a Fortran compiler
2012-05-10 02:58:14 PM  
This has been true for 20 years or so. Intel has at least ~3x more software engineers than hardware engineers. The same is actually true of a lot of hardware companies.
2012-05-10 06:09:22 PM  

Kanemano: that woman has an "unfortunate" chin

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2012-05-10 06:44:21 PM  

LesserEvil: Probably a lot of people don't realize HP and IBM **DO** software, let alone that they are the two biggest players in the market.

The general public has never had the pleasure of cutting a huge check to IBM for WebSphere or ClearCase licenses, or to HP for Quality Center.
2012-05-10 07:08:35 PM  

Probably a lot of people don't realize HP and IBM **DO** software, let alone that they are the two biggest players in the market.

Which is kinda fair as you are exceptionally unlikely to find a copy of DB2 or WebSphere (or AIX even) on the shelves of your local Best Buy. Of course if you were to find such a thing the price tag would make your ears, eyes and ass bleed simultaneously.

It's not a great surprise Intel has lots of software developers, at the very least someone has to write all those drivers for their hardware.
2012-05-11 09:41:13 AM  
Article is a bunch of random made up stuff.

"Maybe the company's biggest software triumph has been its push into high-performance computing. Five of the ten fastest supercomputers in the world now run Intel's chips."

Technically correct but still full of crap.

Of the Top10, 6 run Intel, 5 run AMD, a 1 runs Sparc, Three of the "Intel supercomputers" are actually GPU clusters and should go to NVidia's credit. While they have Intel processors, those processors are the pimply 16 year old disney world ride operator. All of the top ten owe more to stacking up ridiculous amounts of 1U or blade servers than CPU choice. Coordinating everything is the real work, and that's SGE and a good interconnect.

The Intel compiler is branding. gcc is much more prevalent. They're claiming Intel helped Apple out. Apple recently moved to llvm after ditching gcc. Dunno. Maybe Intel offered some early porting tools. But BSD was already ported to Intel. So was Objective C. Maybe Quartz?

Tweaking performance out of the Intel compiler is more costly than throwing another 1U on top of the cluster. The command line switches are archaic, break portability, and are best tasked to an entrenched postdoc who doesn't get that 5 years is the limit in academia. You kind of edge his office temp towards 60F if he still isn't getting the idea.

Dunno why Intel bought McAfee. But then again, I have no idea why Ford bought Jaguar.

/pissy mood
//5:00 am calls should mean something is on farking fire
2012-05-11 09:44:22 AM  
Probably didn't ramble enough, so I'll add one more thing. An article on Knight's Corner would have kicked ass. That'll be a huge HPC accomplishment if it pans out.
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