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2012-05-08 09:24:22 AM  
2 votes:
the fatness of black women has often functioned as both explicit political statement and active political resistance.

Ah yes, you aren't lazy and lacking in self control, you're just fighting The Man.
2012-05-08 08:48:30 AM  
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2012-05-08 10:31:07 PM  
1 vote:
It's deep-seated.
2012-05-08 02:06:04 PM  
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Dogfacedgod: There is a reason why almost ALL Mcdonold's (and a majority of other Fast Food chains) commercials feature black folks.

On the other hand, I was floored when, in Tulsa, I saw a commercial for Church's Chicken that featured white people. I was stunned. I felt like one of those cliché evil computers/robots that's been hit by a paradox, just sitting there, staring forward, only able to think a mantra of "Does . not . compute ... Does . not . compute. ..."

For those unfamiliar with it, Church's is a national chain of chicken joints found predominantly in negro neighbourhoods. Indeed, if you see a Church's Chicken, it's usually a good time to turn the hell around and go back the other way.
2012-05-08 12:14:11 PM  
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Madbassist1: BigTexas: [img.thoughts.com image 420x500]

Thread is useless without pics....

Yes...this man has the right idea...

[www.lolaluvpics.com image 459x640]

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2012-05-08 11:59:02 AM  
1 vote:
Although coincidentally, one of my best friends has lost about 140 pounds recently and he happens to be black. Primary motivation: hot white women weren't interested in his fat ass. Whatever works, I figure.

Did he have 2 black parents?
Did they fark?

Where does the surprise part come in?
I'd be shocked if he happened to be Scandanavian.
2012-05-08 11:21:28 AM  
1 vote:

cletusnbrandine: bullshiat. i am broke, have been for a while and due to crippling medical bills, will be for a long time. i am in no way, shape of form fat. I run (free), watch what i eat and how much (cheaper than fast food) and attend a couple of community yoga classes a week ($6). poor is not a farking excuse to be fat.

See this is the interesting point contested in TFA; that the "poor" excuse isn't enough to overcome (as you have, and good on you) but instead there's an overarching desire to remain thick.

But seriously, people... there's wanting a full, womanly figure and there's walking a few flights of stairs instead of the elevator; there's parking at the end of the lot, there's taking a walk at lunchtime. Things that won't make you thin but might just keep your heart from exploding.

WickerNipple: Is she your one black friend?

No, my one black friend is a different woman. She's from a different high school, you don't know her.

Although coincidentally, one of my best friends has lost about 140 pounds recently and he happens to be black. Primary motivation: hot white women weren't interested in his fat ass. Whatever works, I figure.
2012-05-08 11:05:39 AM  
1 vote:
Can we get Jimmy the Greek's opinion? I believe he has a PhD in African-American studies.
2012-05-08 10:21:51 AM  
1 vote:
"I am fed up with the little denial phrases they have too, you know? "Oh, I'm not fat. I'm husky." Yeah yeah yeah. "I'm portly." Ah, yeah yeah yeah. "I'm stout." Oh, okay okay. "I'm big-boned." You're big-assed, okay?! Dinosaurs are big-boned! Put the fork down!... And they keep finding more denial stuff. There's a doctor now (I'd like to see what size he is), a doctor in LA who came up with a theory that being fat is actually a virus. Ah, I guess I'm the asshole here, right? Because ever other virus we know of is a flesh-eating virus, right? The common cold, AIDS, cancer, but he found the one that makes you bigger. Okay, yeah yeah yeah. That's all that fat person in each family needs. Now we're at Thanksgiving with the fat person going, "Well, I'm not actually over-eating. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I'm trying to keep the virus at bay. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM."
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