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(STV.tv)   Warrant issued after man has part of ear bitten off at bar. Still, that's gotta be better than most Scottish cuisine   ( news.stv.tv) divider line
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2012-05-04 07:26:32 PM  
Does he still 'ave acute 'earring?
2012-05-04 09:19:32 PM  
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2012-05-04 09:55:59 PM  
once bitten, twice shy
2012-05-04 10:47:30 PM  
It begins; Humans Vs Zombies
2012-05-04 10:48:09 PM  
Why are they after the guy just for getting part of his ear bitten off?

I don't understand the Scots.
2012-05-04 10:49:01 PM  
Yeah yeah, cuz scotch eggs and haggis are sooo terrible... Frikkin delicious, tossed back with a few glasses of Glenfarclas 17...
2012-05-04 10:51:35 PM  
I read that article in Sean Connery's voice.
2012-05-04 10:55:13 PM  
Scotland, by way of Tuvalu...

/beaten to the Mike Tyson punch
//ba-dum *tish*
2012-05-04 10:56:45 PM  
What he needs is:

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2012-05-04 10:58:03 PM  
Tyson is famished clearly.
2012-05-04 10:58:47 PM  
if you're in a bar fight ears are a fair target. eye gouges are usually preferable. throat punches work well also.

this book nerd can't fight so fights dirty
2012-05-04 11:00:14 PM  
Usually bar patrons only talk my ear off.

/Am I right?
2012-05-04 11:01:35 PM  

I must find you and exact vengeance for your disrespect...


You will find me in darkness.


2012-05-04 11:08:23 PM  
I've had some excellent meals in Scotland. And also got the most ill I've ever been while traveling after eating from a chippie in Glasgow.
2012-05-04 11:14:30 PM  

whatshisname: I've had some excellent meals in Scotland. And also got the most ill I've ever been while traveling after eating from a chippie in Glasgow.

were you like all munching the rug and find some roast beef in between your teeth and you hadn't had any roast beef so you told the chippie you were going to be sick and she said 'you know, that's what the the last guy said?' 'cause that would be a bummer, man.
2012-05-04 11:17:05 PM  
That reminds me of a story about Abraham Lincoln. As most of us know, Lincoln was a lawyer before he went into politics. We try not to hold that against him, especially because he wasn't a terribly good lawyer. For example, his very first case was in the defense of a man accused of biting another man's ear off during a fight. There was only one witness willing to testify, aside from the plaintiff. It was a softball case, and Lincoln was supremely confident when the sole witness took the stand.

His first question, "The plaintiff claims his ear was bitten off in a local bar. Were you in the bar at the time this fight happened?"

"No, sir, I wasn't."

"Did you see my client bite off Mr. Johnson's ear?"

"No, sir, I did not."

"Then," Mr. Lincoln continued, "how on Earth can you claim to know that my client bit off Mr. Johnson's ear?"

"I saw him spit it out, afterwards."
2012-05-04 11:18:41 PM  
I'll bet he would have rather had Sweet Cherry Pie
2012-05-04 11:33:48 PM  
Holyfield on Rye, for pickup! Ding!
2012-05-04 11:34:52 PM  
Because haggis...
2012-05-04 11:36:09 PM  
CSB: I know a guy who had part of his ear bitten off outside a strip club. He is exactly like you'd expect.
2012-05-05 12:02:13 AM  
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unavailable for comment
2012-05-05 12:44:14 AM  

Oldiron_79: I'll bet he would have rather had Sweet Cherry Pie

Oh yeah!
2012-05-05 12:45:56 AM  
Ehh, haggis is simply the Scottish form of snowballing
2012-05-05 12:55:41 AM  
Feed your lawn, feed it!
2012-05-05 01:14:20 AM  
Scottish food is the biggest seller in the USA.
2012-05-05 02:19:36 AM  
Mr. White, you're being charged with assault in pub-lick-a!
2012-05-05 03:57:46 AM  

Deep Contact: It begins; Humans Vs Zombies

Too soon. Check back on June 1.
2012-05-05 05:33:15 AM  
"An arrest warrant has been issued after a man had part of his ear bitten off in a bar fight in East Lothian.

The 39-year-old was involved in a disturbance at Whispers Lounge Bar on Tranent High Street last Sunday."

Irony tag on holiday?
2012-05-05 08:53:50 AM  
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/ Agreed, Subby
2012-05-05 10:52:12 PM  
Still better than jellied eels and chips.
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