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15898 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Nov 2003 at 9:16 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-11-02 8:34:12 AM  
This is why I absolutely despise MIT and their people. Only at MIT can someone justify the spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the purpose of "sticking it to the man..."

At other schools, we have these new-fangled things called "college radio stations" -- maybe all that collective super-ultra-mega-mega brainpower precluded them from doing the obvious.

I'm also baffled how everyone sees this as some sort of technological marvel... it's really trivial to implement when you look at it.

You play with fire, you get burned. Well MIT guys, looks like it's back to arguing about Star Wars for you...
2003-11-02 8:35:38 AM  
One more thing -- Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of the RIAA, I just find the backfiring of this plan to elude the law rather entertaining.
2003-11-02 9:27:18 AM  
They think they're so smart and stuff. GUESS NOT!
2003-11-02 9:29:11 AM  
what the hell is going on, I feel like I'm reading every Fark story for the 3rd time.
2003-11-02 9:35:31 AM  
.....lost my file sharing at MIT. dammit.
2003-11-02 9:37:23 AM  
They won't rest until we can't listen to music!!!
2003-11-02 9:37:42 AM  
"Wait... Would you rather live at the ascendency of a civilization, or during its decline?"
2003-11-02 9:42:27 AM  
LAMP actually sounds like a good idea, though. That way I could make my classmates listen to the Humpty Dance over and over and over again, just like I do whenever I have access to a jukebox.
2003-11-02 9:43:50 AM  
It was a dumb idea. It cost sixty grand. It's now a very dumb idea.
2003-11-02 9:55:16 AM  
Duke sucks.
2003-11-02 9:56:40 AM  
Good choice, greenadder
2003-11-02 10:08:30 AM  
I would hate to be a system admin for the network at MIT.
2003-11-02 10:14:16 AM  
MIT students should just stick to pwning casinos.
2003-11-02 10:22:56 AM  
Why is the RIAA so intent on shooting itself in the foot? Why do they think that people will buy music if they can't listen to it first?
2003-11-02 10:24:18 AM  
Dumb-ass waste of money, done by dumb-asses, in a dumb-ass way to circumvent dumb-ass laws, put into place by more dumb-asses for dumb-ass reasons.

2003-11-02 10:28:34 AM  
This story has a lot of farking idiots in it but none bigger than the Universal rep and his sharp and acusitory accusation that this is a step around union musicians and creators. Creators and musicians get PEANUTS whereas Universal gets millions.

This goes for those farking adds you now see before movies, it's not the little guy that gets hurt, it's the caviar bazillionaires that get one less porche and will have to settle for c rather than DD size implanted bimbos.

This system is merely an automated radio station that has more than one chanel and goes by wire rather than through the air. it's a stupid idea actually, but it is a radio station.

These RIAA people think that CD sales suck because of file sharing, and that may be true to a degree. But for me, I haven't bought many CD's recently because the artists that these lables pick up and push out in my face for me to pick up on SUCK and I wouldn't wipe my cheeks with their stuff. Maybe if they would stop rehashing Nirvana (which was good and progressive and still stands the test) and come up with artists with original ideas and substance, Maybe then people will start buying CD's again.

Get Farking Real, record companies. Stop trying to be microsoft and quit turning to your lawyers to make money that you should be making with superior products.
2003-11-02 10:32:20 AM  

this wasn't gonna last.
2003-11-02 10:32:59 AM  
You used "Microsoft" and "superior products" in the same sentence. Ha-Ha
2003-11-02 10:34:17 AM  
And a reply to CB. Instead of making a solid album of 12 or so working good songs, they would rather have an album of one or two radio play songs that get you to go out and buy the CD with the other 10 or so songs that are crap and filler. This is why MP3's suck for them. why pay 15 bucks for one song when you can buy it on itunes for a dollar?
2003-11-02 10:35:48 AM  
I may have used microsoft and superior products in the same sentince but I certianly didn't accuse microsoft from MAKING superior products.
2003-11-02 10:36:32 AM  
I quite agree. But this has what to do with a joke I made about Microsoft?
2003-11-02 10:55:38 AM  
damn, i truly do hate cd's that have 2-3 catchy songs and the rest are below average. There is something magical about being able to listen to a whole cd and enjoy it all ;P

one hit bands will always be around but i feel as if it is now a business plan for these people
2003-11-02 10:58:01 AM  
This wasn't file swapping. It was basically a 16-way campus wide jukebox.

ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-11-02 11:00:24 AM  
I submitted the Boston Globe version of this story yesterday and got Bad Kitty, already submitted and not approved.


MIT does have a college radio station, 88.1 WMBR. It plays obscure and strange stuff, not popular music.
2003-11-02 11:10:45 AM  
I submitted this yesterday with a much better headline... "RIAA to MIT Wizards: Uh, NO, thats not legal. Get back to the cancer cures".. WTFark! Its a conspiracy I Tell ya!
2003-11-02 11:14:31 AM  
Yeah, I mean some of you farkers are a bunch of anti-intellectual morons.
"Ohhhh... Fark MIT Fark MIT, Fark MIT."
"Ohhh, let me go on the Internet to buy me a nice new stereo system, while I am heating up food in a microwave."
"Then afterwards I'll sign on fark and make fun of all of the pimply dorks who made all of those things possible because I am jealous that they do things with their lives while I work in a gas station."


Now what I find rediculous about this article is that MIT attempts to pay for something, and then these record company asshats go and chat their mantra "They want to rip off the artists!" NO THEY DON'T IDIOTS! They tried to pay! The fact is that they don't want anyone to ever listen to music without paying an absorbident amount of money for it. Hell, if they could find a way so that you had to pay for each time that you lsitened to something, they would.

Personally, I think that the engineers of the world should revolt. Oh, you guys like your CD's don't you? Yeah, well we invented those. Oh, and those nice guitar amplifiers and loudspeaks that you use, yeah, we invented those too. Oh, and that recodring equipment? Guess what? Yeah, that was us as well. Look at this here engineer guy, he just graduated from college with lots of loans and he can't find a job, and you are buying the same old equipment? Stop starving the engineers! Stop circumventing them, taking money from their pockets.
2003-11-02 11:18:20 AM  
IIRC, and I'm too lazy to check, but didn't MIT get the money from Microsoft from a grant for exploring technology?
2003-11-02 11:20:10 AM  
fark the RIAA! Don't buy CDs. Make 'em go broke.
2003-11-02 11:21:55 AM  
DasCor-cor: That was funny. Thanks because I needed a good laugh this morning.
2003-11-02 11:30:31 AM  
MIT Shuts Down Alternative File-Swapping... but hip-hop still ok?

ok that was dumb
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-11-02 11:31:11 AM  
What's an "absorbident" amount? Does it have something to do with the capacity of feminine hygiene products?
2003-11-02 11:35:56 AM  

Thanks....I needed that.
2003-11-02 11:36:21 AM  
my friend has this new CD player with "Atrac" software which allows her to compress her songs and burn all her cds onto one cd with insane amounts of space and also excellent quality. she can only play it on her cd player, but who cares?
i'd like to see that commonplace.

i thought that music was created for enjoyment, not monetary profits. what about Homer? (the poet, not Simpson.) i bet every single greek and roman thespian is rolling over in their graves.
sorry stupid comment.
2003-11-02 11:43:57 AM  
Universal records is building their own particular circle of hell. They, along with all other RIAA affiliated labels, have taken something real and turned it into garbage. I hope they choke on it.
2003-11-02 11:47:52 AM  
TO: DasCor-cor
SUBJECT: Proximity fee

This message is to notify you that between 2:17 pm and 2:25 pm on the day of Saturday, November 1, 2003 you were in proximity of a restaurant speaker playing music that is currently under province of the RIAA. Therefore you are hereby liable to pay $25.57 for the 3.2 songs you were subject to. Failure to pay will result in immediate prosecution.

Have a nice day!

2003-11-02 11:47:53 AM  
If they all just used iTunes and shared music, they could solvel this problem right now and not worry about illegal file swapping.
2003-11-02 11:53:02 AM  
Everybody should live in Canada where swapping music for personal use is 100% legal. Once again, Canada kicks ass! (Except for that recordable media levy.....)
2003-11-02 12:07:48 PM  

so what you're trying to say is that people from MIT invented everything... don't forget other colleges offer engineering degrees, and some of them aren't dumb enough to blow $60,000 (quite an exorbitant amount) on a flawed concept.
2003-11-02 12:08:52 PM  
(It could've been)*
2003-11-02 12:15:29 PM  
This morning I was guilty of copyright infringement. I turned on my farking radio.
2003-11-02 12:37:36 PM  
Bah. RIAA labels offer nothing but crap anyways.
2003-11-02 12:46:25 PM  
At this point in the discussion I can conclude that the RIAA still sucks, and MIT people are stupid.

Carry on...
2003-11-02 12:50:25 PM  
This is why I absolutely despise MIT and their people.

Jesus, you sound like a real dumbfuk, you know that? Go crawl into the hole you came out of.
2003-11-02 12:58:55 PM  
so what you're trying to say is that people from MIT invented everything

They didn't invent everything, but they invented a hell of a lot. To condemn the arguably the greatest engineering school in the world as "stupid morons" because of one project is a level of ignorance I was unfamiliar with until now.
2003-11-02 1:06:25 PM  
wooo! so much to say to people here, so let me start from the oldest:

it was mentioned, but MIT does have a radio station, i actually do a show on it. WMBR, 88.1 Cambridge. or Basically we play obscure jazz, roots, etc. during the day, and punk, emo, etc. at night (its the difference from when students get on air). Plus, WMBR was the first station to ever have a regular punk rock radio show, woo!

atrac was the same stuff they used on my minidisc player! god those things went the way of the beta tape...

the money
for everyone complaining about the 60k, we did get it for free. Lamp went online with free music (like, two classical and a they might be giants album) over a year ago, for zero cost. Then microsoft threw 60k at the project just for the hell of it, so they bought a bigger computer and lots of cds, so the "dumbasses spent 60k" argument is pretty flawed. In fact, MIT doesn't spend a lot of its own money, we spend other peoples money farking around with legos and other crap.

the school
hahahahahah, i love people arguing about MIT that don't go here. so there isn't much i can say, but here's a fact: MIT has been ranked number one in every engineering field possible since the beginning of time. Seriously. because of that people leave big baskets of money on students door steps with a note saying "please take care of me and make me into something neat!". Which, lamp just happens to be.

ps - I'm not even an engineer here, i hate the stuff
pps - and for anyone who actually read the article, the problem with lamp is that the music company lied about the type of license it had to sell, a tough thing to, ya know, plan for.
2003-11-02 1:08:45 PM  
Justin Pope, the AP reporter who filed the story, was a classmate of mine in high school. Huh. We consumed mass quantities last weekend at our tenth reunion.
2003-11-02 1:13:04 PM  
> the system avoided making an exact copy of the music and was expected to face lower copyright law hurdles

Say what?

A radio station never plays an "exact copy" of the original music (due to a little bit of static noise), but nobody ever thinks that you can just start a radio station and play whatever you want without authorization.

Aren't they supposed to be smart at MIT?

2003-11-02 1:15:06 PM  
Everybody should live in Canada where swapping music for personal use is 100% legal. Once again, Canada kicks ass! (Except for that recordable media levy.....)

Actually, file-swapping IS illegal in Canada. But the reason why it's tolerated is the fact that recording companies over there are compensated via the tax that's placed on all sold recordable media materials (CD-R/RWs, etc.). And because of that special tax, no one in Canada really gives much as a squirt of piss about file-swapping, except maybe the RIAA.
2003-11-02 1:49:43 PM  
"MIT has now contacted us and apparently recognizes its responsibility to compensate creators for the use of their works. Universal looks forward to discussing how to make that possible."

it almost seems as though universal was watching from the sidelines waiting for someone to slip up

for the time it took to deliver the press statement including the above verbal masturbatory remarks..universal could have called up both parties involved and set up a licensing deal (leaving loudeye in the loop or going direct to MIT)

basically says they look forward to determining a price

what a bunch of farkheads
2003-11-02 1:58:00 PM  
it really is turning into a bit much of a crusade

pissing off people that are undecided about buying your product is never good business

alienating the people that want to buy your product is madness
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