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2012-04-25 10:44:27 AM  
Nicely done, subby
2012-04-25 10:45:51 AM  
+ 1 Subby

i lol'd
2012-04-25 10:46:18 AM  
2012-04-25 10:46:47 AM  
In order to do this, he's turning himself into a cyborg merman. That's kinda cool.
2012-04-25 10:47:29 AM  
What about Bob?
2012-04-25 10:48:23 AM  
Is this another"hey bob!" Drinking game?
2012-04-25 10:48:37 AM  
All I could think of is Lil Brudder.
2012-04-25 10:49:48 AM  
I lol'd.....need new kb
2012-04-25 10:50:23 AM  
Attabuoy Bob!
2012-04-25 10:50:23 AM  
Was scared was a thread about Billy Murray dying before GB3
2012-04-25 10:50:35 AM  
Subby... coffee through the nose, on the keyboard.

/+2 bastard
2012-04-25 10:50:35 AM  
Be right baCk, need t get anoher keyboarD.
2012-04-25 10:51:21 AM  
I don't do this often....
2012-04-25 10:52:15 AM  
Doesn't impress me until he takes his attachments off.
2012-04-25 10:52:38 AM  
Well played, subby. You are hereby awarded +1 internets.
2012-04-25 10:53:43 AM  
I thought mike was the armless guy...not bob?
mikemoody.netView Full Size

/yeah i know...limbless, not armless
2012-04-25 10:54:26 AM  
Can't get to fox sports at work... Was this a video clip of an interviewee that didn't know his own name??
2012-04-25 10:54:40 AM  
he's your uncle
2012-04-25 10:54:46 AM  
Done in headline. What now?

zulius: Is this another"hey bob!" Drinking game?

Whelp, there's a thought.
2012-04-25 10:56:13 AM  
"On his website, Croizon -- who lost his limbs after he was electrocuted while changing a TV antenna on his roof in 1994...."

Holy living fark. I can only assume he managed to swing the antenna into an overhead mains cable but I had no farking idea that you could electrocute all of your limbs off.

Fark.....I'm going to be a lot more careful in future.
2012-04-25 10:56:30 AM  
+2 for subby and......

carrion_luggage: Attabuoy Bob!

+2 for you also.
2012-04-25 10:56:53 AM  
The 44-year-old swims using prosthetic limbs

He's hardly a young buoy anymore.
2012-04-25 10:57:27 AM  

Pert: he was electrocuted while changing a TV antenna on his roof

I'm going up on the roof to fiddle with the antenna - the bloody TV reception is shocking at the moment....

/should have put that joke in first time around
2012-04-25 11:07:17 AM  
Nice one, subby. I'm still laughing.
2012-04-25 11:07:43 AM  
Given the shark infested waters he will be swimming in, I think we will be referring to him as "old chum"
2012-04-25 11:09:23 AM  
In other news, Art, Matt, Bill, and Jack think Bob is showing off.
2012-04-25 11:13:21 AM  
sounds more like a "Skip"
2012-04-25 11:15:19 AM  
Well done stumpy, I mean subby
2012-04-25 11:16:47 AM  
flashnews.comView Full Size
2012-04-25 11:21:18 AM  
Tasteless Names Joke thread? Why not?

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs lying in a bun?
2012-04-25 11:21:55 AM  
2012-04-25 11:22:49 AM  
Well done subby, you magnificent bastard, well done.

Have some internets. +1
2012-04-25 11:24:10 AM  
i see he picked the shortest routes. pussy.
2012-04-25 11:32:48 AM  

gojirast: [www.flashnews.com image 330x451]

Came here for the Dobbshead; leaving satisfied.
2012-04-25 11:38:05 AM  
how can a nugget swim? maybe float with the current
2012-04-25 11:40:36 AM  

ac982000: sounds more like a "Skip"

You're confusing him with his water skiing brother.
2012-04-25 11:42:05 AM  

beerrun: ac982000: sounds more like a "Skip"

You're confusing him with his water skiing brother.

Yep, this guy's definitely more of a Duncan.
2012-04-25 11:51:46 AM  
This is Context HOTY material.
2012-04-25 12:45:52 PM  
Well, it's not like he's really doing much else.

He's going to need a very patient support crew.
2012-04-25 12:48:55 PM  
If only I could clap, Subby. If only.
2012-04-25 12:53:37 PM  
Battery Operated Boyfriend?

/Couldn't find said article
2012-04-25 01:08:35 PM  

carrion_luggage: Attabuoy Bob!

Nice, Naveed.
2012-04-25 02:16:37 PM  

andersoncouncil42: In other news, Art, Matt, Bill, and Jack think Bob is showing off.

I heard Russell and Phil weren't pleased either.
2012-04-25 02:17:06 PM  
Do a cannonball!

2012-04-25 02:22:56 PM  

No. Just a clever dick.
2012-04-25 02:51:13 PM  
Oh subby. That is too funny.

2012-04-25 03:21:54 PM  
Bravo, subby! Well done.
2012-04-25 04:11:39 PM  
You forgot his distant relatives Phil and Mat...
Props subby.
2012-04-25 04:39:27 PM  
i50.tinypic.comView Full Size

Guybrush: Can I call you 'Bob'?
Murray: You may call me 'Murray'! I am a powerful demonic force! I am the harbinger of your doom! And the forces of darkness will applaud me as I stride through the Gates of Hell carrying your head on a pike!
Guybrush: "Stride"?
Murray: All right then, roll! Roll through the Gates of Hell! ...must you take the fun out of everything?
2012-04-26 01:49:33 AM  
On his website, Croizon -- who lost his limbs after he was electrocuted while changing a TV antenna on his roof in 1994

So... he's not only limbless, he's a zombie too?
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