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(Yahoo)   Northern Alliance takes Kabul. Mass beard-shaving, music-playing, and kite-flying ensues.   ( dailynews.yahoo.com) divider line
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2001-11-13 09:26:57 AM  
then they attempt to break the record for most ja-waas' in a tank
2001-11-13 09:27:32 AM  
Shave off those beards and play that music. Enjoy it before the Alliance comes in and starts slaughtering people again.
On the bright side. Taliban are losers, Taliban are losers, na na na na na :P
2001-11-13 09:28:39 AM  
WorldCitizen, the Northern Alliance, I think, is more capable of learning from past mistakes and is more responsive to international pressure than the Taliban.

Shawn Pickrell
2001-11-13 09:28:43 AM  
[image from a799.ms.akamai.net too old to be available]

then they attempt to break the record for most ja-waas' in a tank
2001-11-13 09:29:34 AM  
Will burqua-less women qualify as a boobies link?
2001-11-13 09:29:35 AM  
2001-11-13 09:29:45 AM  
Hate to say it, but I told ya. Take Mazar-e Sharif and the Taliban will crumble. Next stop, Kanduhar.
2001-11-13 09:34:23 AM  
"WorldCitizen, the Northern Alliance, I think, is more capable of learning from past mistakes and is more responsive to international pressure than the Taliban."

Well, they were certainly a brutal group of infightering bastards last time they held power. Let's certainly hope they learned something. Or we'll just have to turn around and kick their asses as well.
2001-11-13 09:34:34 AM  
Good for them. It like being liberated from nazi-germany to afghanis. (Not that i lived thru nazi germany).

I hope the Northern Alliance don't go back to their crappy ways.
2001-11-13 09:37:04 AM  
To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!
2001-11-13 09:37:25 AM  
Mullah Omar allegedly took to the radio to call on all Taliban soldiers to remain loyal to their commanders and obey orders. (Heard this from a CBS correspondent.) Border posts are being abandoned.

Sounds to me like the Taliban are in near-total disarray. Rumours are that they are even abandoning Kandahar.

Afghans are, or soon will be, defecting in droves, and other than probably 3,000-4,000 hardcore Afghans and an equal number of hardcore Arabs, the forces Mullah Omar has under his command are volunteers who will probably run screaming at the first sign of gunfire. A guerrilla war in the hills is their only hope.

The Northern Alliance will likely be fairly lenient with former Taliban fighters in the interest of national unification, but I doubt any quarter will be given to the foreign mercenaries. The 100 killed in Mazar-e-Sharif were Pakistanis.

The rump Taliban forces will be afraid to light a cooking fire this winter.

The NA had trained 3,000 or so soldiers to serve as special security forces. Apparently they seemed to stop the looting that commenced when the Taliban left town. Unknown how many other Northern Alliance forces are in town.

Heather Mercer, the foreign aid worker that is a prisoner of the Taliban, is a hottie.

Shawn Pickrell
2001-11-13 09:37:30 AM  
It would have been nice if those peacenik good for nothing lazy ass hippies in the UN could have gotten their shiat together faster so we could have some sort of a working government to put into place.

Taliban isn't going to be around much longer. It's a shame the UN has let the world down again. Typical, UN drops the punch bowl and the US has to mop up the mess.
2001-11-13 09:37:50 AM  
I'm cool. I posted IN THE FUTURE ;)

2001-11-13 09:41:01 AM  
Heh. With enough of a UN/US/whatever presence, the atrocities should be kept to a minimum, except against foreign mercenaries in Afghanistan.

Thing is a true coalition government requires Pashtun presence, and only now with the Northern Alliance firmly in control in Northern Afghanistan at least, will Pashtuns be willing to join the coalition government. I think that too will be sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

2001-11-13 09:47:16 AM  
There were also signs that the Taliban were abandoning other urban centers, possibly to withdraw into the remote southern mountains to wage guerrilla war:

Now can we have you Peace-niks' approval to bomb the fark out of the mountains? Not much chance of civillians happening to be hanging around out there...
2001-11-13 09:48:18 AM  

I guess all your arguments about the bombing not being effective are all shot to hell now huh?
2001-11-13 09:51:38 AM  
Dr. Jones,

It's obvious that the bombings did nothing but kill civilians. They had no impact on the Taliban. Errr wait, you're telling me that thanks to the bombings, the previously ineffective Northern Alliance managed to take almost all of Afghanistan in less than a week?

Oh, nevermind.
2001-11-13 09:57:00 AM  
"WorldCitizen, the Northern Alliance, I think, is more capable of learning from past mistakes and is more responsive to international pressure than the Taliban."

The only mistake the Taliban made was being the party in power of a country that harboured a terrorist, and it only became a problem *after* that terrorist pissed a bunch of people off.

The whole thing with the women in carpets and exploding Buddhas made for good documentaries but had absolutely nothing to do with Bush's decision to start vaporizing their country.

Whatever incentive the NA has to treat people with a little bit of what we in the West would call respect has absolutely not much to do with the fact that the Taliban just lost a war.
2001-11-13 09:57:31 AM  
Great, but umm, what happened to that Osama Bin Laden guy?
2001-11-13 09:59:43 AM  
This is good news, but it's only step one. They gotta flush out all them caves now too. They gotta get them some Al Qeida.
2001-11-13 10:00:27 AM  
Did someone say France is surrendering?
2001-11-13 10:03:35 AM  
Did you see the footage last night of the NA dude grabbing
the tallyman's beard and just shaking the crap out of him.
A wee bit disturbing unless you're Jeff Dahmer.
2001-11-13 10:08:01 AM  
Now they just need Alpine speakers on that tank and a few illegal cassette tapes...just to rub it in....
2001-11-13 10:10:39 AM  
Is it me or does the NA seem a little bit over-willing to go along with the US's requests/demands? I mean, it would be great if they've changed, and who knows, what they've been through may make them wish for softer policies. Somehow though I'm a little suspicious that they're trying to kiss ass to get back in power and then abuse it. It would look pretty bad for us to reinstate them and then throw them out right away, wouldn't it?
2001-11-13 10:12:12 AM  
Stinkbug, if your beard wasn't a fist long, you got in jail. I bet the NA guy was gloating.
2001-11-13 10:13:52 AM  

I think they see that they have absolutely no choice but to go along with the US. We showed up and bombed for a month. Obviously they've never seen anything like that bombing and neither had the Taliban. They know that they wouldn't stand a chance against the Taliban if we stopped bombing and certainly wouldn't stand a chance if we started bombing them.

This is the best thing for them. Watch us bomb and then route the Taliban. When it's all over, the UN will give them a nice stake in the new government.

It's a win-win all around. Not listening to us will not help them and they know it.
2001-11-13 10:14:44 AM  
I was listening to NPR this morning on the way in and heard about this. They also aired a story about a Pashtun uprising in Kandahar. I we should start seeing wide spread defections by Afghan members of the Taliban now. As for the foreign fighters in the Taliban ranks, I say smoke em. I also don't agree with letting Taliban members join the new government. To me that is like letting former NAZIs join the post WWII post war German government. Then again it's not my country so it's not my decision to make so I guess they can include anyone they want in their government.
2001-11-13 10:19:05 AM  
Good good.. Now with the Taliban running and hiding in the mountains, it's going to be a lot easier to bomb the crap out of them. Especially now that winter is coming, heat from their equipment, cooking fires, themselves, etc. is going to make it very easy for surveillance planes to find them.

It seems rather fitting that India is celebrating Deepavali on Wednesday. We can only hope that the Alliance behaves itself.

Too bad Abdul Haq isn't still alive. And I was a little discouraged to hear that the Taliban still have our hostages. Grrr.
2001-11-13 10:21:26 AM  
Whether the moderate taliban is in or out is up to the UN. And they need to get their ass in gear. The Taliban has been routed and it won't be much longer before the NA claims the entire country. We need to get some sort of a farking plant and UN team in their stat.

The US and NA have almost completed their job. Time for the peaceniks to do their damn jobs now! If this dump descends into chaos, the UN has nobody but themselves to blame.
2001-11-13 10:23:00 AM  
I just think that we should do this right now that we've gotten ourselves into Afghanistan. We should push for a coalition government has hard as we possibly can. We have too much of a track record of going into these Middle Eastern countries, tearing things up a bit, and then leaving them in a mess that just comes back and bites us in the ass down the road.
2001-11-13 10:27:35 AM  
The US told northern alliance not to take Kabul because of Pakistan. There's going to be a big reaction. And for the people who don't know about Northern "Alliance", they are just as bad as Taliban and have been involved civilan massacres. But obviously US doesn't care who they unleash onto those poor people. Since its not in their interests. And I'm NOT a liberal, i just have a very deep hate for Northern Alliance.

And i see Fb- hasn't hestitated to drop his usual utter crap in this thread.
2001-11-13 10:29:03 AM  

It's not up to the US to force any type of government on Afghanistan. It's up to the UN council to make that decision. Obviously the help and cooperation of the US is necessary and I'm sure we realize our duty and will give the UN that assistance. But it's up to the UN to get some sort of a plan in order now.
2001-11-13 10:30:06 AM  
Fb- i'm shocked, you made a well thought-out response in your last post *GASP*.
2001-11-13 10:31:06 AM  

What the hell do you want?!?! The Taliban has been routed by the US and NA. It's up to the boys at the UN to step in before the NA gets too rowdy. The should have had this plan ready much much sooner, but nobody expected the US and NA to do the bang-up job they are doing.

Quit trying to blame the US for everything. It's up to the UN to come to a consensus on what the new Afghan government consists of.
2001-11-13 10:33:07 AM  
Well, -that- was inevitable. Did anyone seriously believe it would go any other way? Anyone at all?
2001-11-13 10:34:35 AM  
We have too much of a track record of going into these Middle Eastern countries, tearing things up a bit, and then leaving them in a mess that just comes back and bites us in the ass down the road.

Amen, WorldCitizen - if you ask me, that's a substantial part of what got us into this mess in the first place. It's not so much the fact that we've been involved in middle eastern politics as the manner in which we have involved ourselves.

Oh, and Fb-: The US and NA have almost completed their job.

Far from it. Our "job" wasn't so much to bring down the Taliban as to capture/kill those responsible for destroying the WTC. Crushing the Taliban is a small achievement in comparison, I would think.
2001-11-13 10:34:55 AM  
I just hope, I really hope, that the Taliban fleeing these cities is truly a victory and not indicative of some larger plan, perhaps to draw their enemies into their former territories and then detonate a nuclear device on their formerly held lands.

Not that I expect this, I just would be quite cautious about sending in the beer and boomboxes and partying alongside the NA just yet, is all.

I'm not surprised that the Talib army has folded, nor am I that the NA moved so quickly. In a war of attrition (which this has been for many, many years), the winner is the one with the best supply lines, and the NA just got a major shot in the arm from us supply and weapons-wise.

Did you see the videos of the NA using US made Colt AR-15s instead of their usual rusty Kalisnikovs? Hmm. Wonder where they got those from.
2001-11-13 10:36:39 AM  
Thanks for coming up with an intelligent reply. I DON'T hate the US, i have objections with some things they've done. So stop calling me everyone anti-US. I'm saying the US should be more authoritative towards NA. And tell them that it's not bombing Afghanistan for their sake and to keep out of areas where there are strong startegic in which they could take over the country. If they don't do this you could see US' biggest ally, Pakistan, getting very angry and squeezing their support.

You know and i know the UN is useless. No one listens to the UN. Thats why its imperitive for the US to stop NA.
2001-11-13 10:36:43 AM  
"It's not up to the US to force any type of government on Afghanistan. It's up to the UN council to make that decision. Obviously the help and cooperation of the US is necessary and I'm sure we realize our duty and will give the UN that assistance. But it's up to the UN to get some sort of a plan in order now."

Of course we should work thru the UN when it comes to putting Afghanistan back together. I would also argue that it is the brunt of the responsibility of the US to do this. It was us, afterall, that bombed the hell out of their country and overthrew their government. We didn't just sit back and allow Germany and Japan to sort things out after WWII. We seemed to have done a pretty decent job there.
2001-11-13 10:40:13 AM  
It's time for Kofi and friends in the UN to come to a decision. They need to seriously listen to and heed the input they get from other Arab nations and get a plan together that everybody finds relativly agreeable for the new Afghan government.

It's the US's job to continue their course of action with the NA and finish the Taliban. I'm certain that US, Canada, Britian, Germany, France, Russia and the rest will then know their next job which is to get in line and support the UN decision and help enforce it.

Remember though, the war is still not over. Slippy is right, there are going to be caves packed with Al Qaeda that we need to go in and deal with. The UN needs to do their job and be respectful of what we still have to do also.
2001-11-13 10:50:45 AM  
"``It is our hope that calm prevails and bloodshed is avoided. Pakistan holds to the view that the alliance forces must not occupy Kabul,'' Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan said. "

This sounds like the intro to a Bob Newart sketch.

"They did what? They did, eh? 'Taliban ran like schoolgirls'? Oh. I see. *cough* Ahem. Well, then. Pakistan holds to the view that the alliance forces must not occupy Kanduhar."
2001-11-13 10:52:02 AM  
Now that the women can take their veils off I wish they would put them back on!
2001-11-13 10:57:43 AM  
I wonder how much longer until we are fighting these guys.
2001-11-13 11:03:59 AM  
This will be an amaizing message to send to the rest of the contries of the world who sponser terroriism. They should be thinking "Well if they can do it there than they can do it here to" Unfortunatly that is a bad thing right now. We the NA may have rolloed through most of Afghanistan but remeber the real battle is Kandahar. THATS where the Tliban has been all this time. Want to know why the tailban crumbled so quickly in Kabul? Its because they weren't there. Did you see the casualty numbers in the arcticle? It was some bogus number like 15 or less I cnat remeber. Just think about it for a second. First Taliban fights up North giving all the important people time to move to Kandahar along with the. Then this past week all of a sudden the NA breaks through. Its called a stratigic retreat and it doesn't mean victory. We'll get word very soon that this little fight in Afghan is far from over. Back to my first point other nations being "targeted" by the coalition against terrorism HAVE to be learning form the Taliban's mistaakes. I can just see Saddamms to do list today. "First abolish all rebels, Second fortify all postions around Bagdad, Third build underground bunker to hide in for 30 years a la blast from the past. We giving everybody else a heads up guys check out our strategy. We need to go low key right now and start the movement every where else. "This war will be fought on many fronts" from W's congresional address. Well live up to your words buddy boy cause right now we have our paants down in Afgan and our goods are wide open to everybody else. Just my 2 cents.

Funky_Thrasher for Hegemon.
2001-11-13 11:04:05 AM  
Wow, those Northern Alliance guys must be good fighters. They took over half the country in a few days!
2001-11-13 11:06:51 AM  
When the fightings is over, which it looks like will happen soon, an international muslim peacekeeping force will be placed in Afghanistan. Indonesia, Turkey, and Jordan have already offered troops for this purpose.

The U.S. still has to find Bin Laden his senior staff. When that is done phase II begins...Iraq. Also, Iran has sponsored more terrorism in the last twenty years than any other country, they might join the list too.
2001-11-13 11:07:58 AM  

Yes, the Taliban has assembled the greatest fighting force the world has every seen and they are waiting for us in Kanduhar complete with nukes in what will certainly be the battle to end the universe.

That or they are a bunch of poorly trained goat farmers with little direction or supplies that have been thoroughtly routed by our bombing.

One or the other and we will certainly find out in a couple of days.
2001-11-13 11:11:20 AM  
Funky_Thrasher: I completely disagree, with U.S. airpower a strategic withdrawl is nearly impossible. From all reports coming from Afghanistan, their "withdrawl" is more like a rout. Chances are that the Taliban forces in Kandahar are weakened and demoralized. It will fall very quickly. Probably within the next few days, a week at most. What will take time will be rooting out the pockets of resistance from the mountains.
2001-11-13 11:15:09 AM  
If the UN fails, its because the US wouldn't let it succeed.
2001-11-13 11:19:32 AM  
Brooklynguy: If the UN doesn't get a plan in place soon, it's the US's fault.

fb-: Why? How do you know? Can you see the future?

Brooklynguy: Because the US is doodie heads and I hate them.
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