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2003-11-01 07:22:44 PM  
People need to chill, it's not like the guy was passing out pot....though that would be nice.

If that was the case i would buy 25 different costumes and change into each different one and visit his house 25 times
2003-11-01 07:24:05 PM  
Rhiannon- Well then. Don't I look stupid. I could swear I read something though where they were all hoaxes, guess that's what I get for thinking.
2003-11-01 07:25:03 PM  
"If that was the case i would buy 25 different costumes and change into each different one and visit his house 25 times"

Just wear the same one and tell him you've never been there before. Really freak him out.
2003-11-01 07:26:53 PM  
Images of apples laced with razor blades and other harrowing Halloween horror stories flashed through parent Susan Slaughter's mind when two pre-teen boys warned her about the offerings

OMFG! Her name's Slaughter! Keep your kids away from her!
2003-11-01 07:28:10 PM  
...and anyways, it isn't like he gave Aspirin out, right? On account of the Rye Syndrome and whatnot...
2003-11-01 07:31:49 PM  
absolutben: No, I'm pretty sure it actually was propagated as being a myth for awhile (funny how things can change like that). It actually happened once here where I live, and the guy served some time.
2003-11-01 07:37:30 PM  
Next year it's blotter acid and blasting caps.

Take THAT Mrs Slaughter!
2003-11-01 07:42:14 PM  
"If that was the case i would buy 25 different costumes and change into each different one and visit his house 25 times"

Uhm, the guy would be too sleepy/dazed, to care.

And, could I just say, is it really a crime if you go up to someone's door, asking them for anything ("treat" is pretty vague), and then you biatch that they gave you poison or razors or whatever.


Its not your fault they're stupid asshats who don't look.
2003-11-01 07:42:18 PM  
I have gotten so many good ideas from this posting. I can't wait until next Halloween! Cat food, ramen noodles and old shoes for everyone! The kids will love me!
2003-11-01 07:49:11 PM  
They're children Gillamobster.
2003-11-01 07:49:55 PM  
Next year, I'm givin' out books of matches.

But only the really good ones that you can strike in wet conditions.
2003-11-01 07:52:33 PM  
ramen's not a bad idea. they're like 10 cents or less here now.
2003-11-01 07:54:21 PM  
At Least the kids would have a good coat and strong teeth and live beyond their expected dog years
2003-11-01 07:55:11 PM  
Sheeee foos! When I be trickin treatin da hood, day be dis nice house an day be givin crack rocks to all da kids and sheee. Dat tite....

Krunk times, krunk times....
2003-11-01 07:55:22 PM  
Children or not!

If you go to some strangers house BEGGING for stuff, and he gives you something, you either :

a. take it
b. give it back

And always say thank you.

If you give me bleach, and I take it, go to the laundry room, and drink it, whose fault is it that I died?

Mine for drinking the bleach?
Or yours for giving it to me?

I say mine, because I estimated the risks, and took the chance.

Children are stupid, they estimate the risks, conclude its 0, and shove it down their throats.
2003-11-01 07:57:09 PM  
The kids might have a market for tylenol etc. Y`all want pot at least
2003-11-01 07:57:09 PM  
"When you're giving a child an adult's dose of any medicine, you're risking their life"

"HIS life", or "giving CHILDREN".

Grammar, please.
2003-11-01 07:57:38 PM  
I prefer Chinese hot mustard packages.

A friend is thinking of handing out candy cigarettes and those little liquor-bottle chocolates. Now all he needs is candy hand guns and he will be set. (Pez handguns!)

It just goes to show that whiney mothers against everything can be found worldwide.
2003-11-01 08:00:13 PM  
When I lived in midtown Atlanta, clean needles and condoms were the most appropriate treats
2003-11-01 08:01:04 PM  
You know something funny, that image previewed perfectly.

[image from img.rushlimbaugh.com too old to be available]

Trick or Treat.
2003-11-01 08:01:37 PM  
Hey, mothers tend to get remarkably anxious about anything with the potential to harm their kids. It's par for the course, BlackArt.

Of course, having said that, it has to be said that eating dog food is less lethal than eating cat food in the long term. Cat food will kill you with an overdose of selected proteins, survivng on dog food will go somewhat okay with plain water.
2003-11-01 08:02:35 PM  

The problem is with people using the plural pronouns as a substitute for a gender neutral singular pronoun that English does not have. I do it myself when I am speaking, but written language is always supposed to be proper. Especially when you are writing a news article. But since that is a quote it should be taken down as it is said, and it is common, although not correct, for people to do that when they are speaking.
2003-11-01 08:02:51 PM  
Trick or treat. I guess this was the treat....
2003-11-01 08:03:28 PM  
i don't know what the big deal is, its not like the dude tried to conceal what he was giving out. it even sez that the stuff was clearly marked. he just didn't have enough time to go to the store so he handed out stuff he had available.

no razors, no hard drugs. its pretty funny.

unless Tylenol and Motrin can kill you with a small pack, then that's just not cool. I wouldn't think they could tho.
2003-11-01 08:05:04 PM  
1. give out Tylenol and Motrin, and dog food
2. ????
2003-11-01 08:11:39 PM  
i don't know what the big deal is, its not like the dude tried to conceal what he was giving out. it even sez that the stuff was clearly marked. he just didn't have enough time to go to the store so he handed out stuff he had available.

c'mon man!! everybody knows kids under the age of 15 can't read!!!
2003-11-01 08:12:43 PM  
note to oneself - do not start drinking the morning and be drunk by halloween night if your participating in the handing out of candy to children.....

your poor dog will starve and you'll have nothing for that hangover the next morning!
2003-11-01 08:15:40 PM  
"c'mon man!! everybody knows kids under the age of 15 can't read!!!

2003-11-01 08:21:55 PM  
I'm from London and the place were this happened is a ghetto which makes it all the funnier
2003-11-01 08:25:42 PM  
I am filled with contentment.
2003-11-01 08:28:01 PM  
Idunno, I was just throwing out a random age, i guess i meant like 10... it was supposed to be sarcasm anyway, geez
2003-11-01 08:30:53 PM  
My two cats eat better than most children. $1.06 a can for a tiny can of Wellness Cat, with only human grade ingredients. No rendering companies. You can see the farking carrots and veggies! Nothing but the best for my smootchie poopies. ="=~ ="=~

~What were we talking about???
2003-11-01 08:32:31 PM  
Ha ha. You kids are so teh roxor!
2003-11-01 08:33:23 PM  
We were talking about your smootchie poopies.

Now why is it you call them "poopies"? Some sort of bitter resentment?
2003-11-01 08:38:02 PM  
What type of jackass kid would mistake Tylenol for candy anyhow? From waht I understand you need to take quite a few tylenols before your liver shuts down.
2003-11-01 08:45:26 PM  
"They really deserve kudos."

Yeah like the farking kids need MORE candy.

[image from ipponjudo.de too old to be available]


Oops, typo.

[image from barkudos.com too old to be available]


Uh... what... the... fark.

[image from bewarethecheese.com too old to be available]


That's more like it.
2003-11-01 08:49:59 PM  
:crazy_gaijin: And you didn't see my sarcasm
2003-11-01 08:53:19 PM  
Turning Tylenol and dog food into urine is Halloween.
2003-11-01 08:55:06 PM  
Was her husband too busy fighting Cobra to stop this guy?

[image from stomwijf.com too old to be available]

Gooooooo joe!
2003-11-01 09:19:56 PM  
If he would have given out Ritalin like every Dr. and parent in this country, this wouldn't even be a story.
2003-11-01 09:26:11 PM  
Hell, I've given out cherry cough drops, packs of top ramen, bandaids, ricola, left over hot sauce packets from taco bell, rolls of toilet paper, and in one case a half empty bottle of worcestershire sauce and a frozzen beef pot pie.
One year I gave a kid a handfull of rubber bands.

I never get it together to stock up on candy because I'm usually at a party on halloween, but kids always seem to show up just as I'm heading out the door.
2003-11-01 09:41:58 PM  
so? I was handing out used batteries...

"we were yelling 'check the bags, check the bags now!' Handing out batteries can lead to a very mild electric shock."
2003-11-01 09:58:25 PM  
Hahaha, nice.
2003-11-01 10:01:26 PM  

You feed your cats carrots? Yeah, that's natural.
2003-11-01 10:02:13 PM  
That would explain why the dogs were nipping at my bag!

Damn Tylenol!
2003-11-01 10:05:21 PM  
thanks for the snopes link rhiannon, interesting stuff. in my neighborhood there is too much distence between houses for effective trick or treating so the kids go up to the next subdivision (1/8 acre lots). also most of the "kids" here are teens. upside, no need to buy candy; downside, no left over candy.
2003-11-01 10:17:10 PM  
People need to chill, it's not like the guy was passing out pot....though that would be nice.

But, SOMBODY has, according to Snopes...An odd act of randomness occurred in the town of Hercules, California (near San Francisco) in 2000. Some trick-or-treaters came home with little packets of marijuana done up to look like miniature Snickers bars. Parents of the kids who received this beneficence quickly contacted the police, who just as quickly traced the giveaway to a particular house. There, a mystified homeowner was confronted about the find. Police investigated and were satisfied the homeowner had no knowledge of the special contents of certain bars that were handed out that night.

The marijuana packets dressed up to look like Snickers bars had landed in the Hercules dead letter office because whoever had tried to mail a package containing them either didn't use enough postage or had listed an incorrect address. A postal employee (the mystified homeowner) charged with transporting the bars plus various canned goods that had accumulated in the dead letter office to a local charity kept the candy for his own use. He brought the "candy" home to give out on Halloween, thinking the Snickers bars were, well, Snickers bars. The "trick" ended up being on him.
2003-11-01 10:17:45 PM  
Good. Gillamobsters posts got deleted.
2003-11-01 10:19:15 PM  
You know, I'm moving Monday and I'm throwing a ton of stuff away when I should have just handed it out last night.

Hey, Frankenstien- don't turn the bag of flour upside down...it's open.
2003-11-01 10:27:22 PM  
2003-11-01 07:04:35 PM absolutben
All agreed, however, the two boys who warned parents helped avert a potential disaster.
"They deserve a big thank-you," Slaughter said. "They really deserve kudos."
But what if they wanted snickers?

It looks like you can have the best of both worlds from the picture posted 2003-11-01 08:45:26 PM HiddenDragon.
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