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(MSNBC)   FCC asks Supreme Court to take another look at Janet Jackson's nipple so they can wring CBS   ( divider line
    More: Followup, supreme courts, CBS, Justin Timberlake, Super Bowl XXXVIII, wardrobe malfunction, Derek Hough, Federal Communications Commission, Third Circuit Court of Appeals  
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2012-04-19 01:21:01 PM  
11 votes:
We get it, the nipple is black.
2012-04-19 01:36:18 PM  
5 votes:

TommyymmoT: I wonder how many MILLIONS of dollars have been wasted to "investigate" this non event.
Ken Starr flushed $60 million of our money down the toilet "investigating" Bill Clinton's blow job, and that whole thing only lasted a few months.

Any blow job that lasts a few months is worth investigating.
2012-04-19 01:32:12 PM  
5 votes:

inelegy: Can someone please explain to me how a boob ever hurt anyone, at least to such a degree that our government still needs to be focusing on this 'problem' 8 years later?

There's a George W Bush joke in there somewhere.
2012-04-19 01:29:34 PM  
5 votes:
i.chzbgr.comView Full Size
2012-04-19 02:15:59 PM  
3 votes:

inelegy: Can someone please explain to me how a boob ever hurt anyone, at least to such a degree that our government still needs to be focusing on this 'problem' 8 years later?

cinemafanatic.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2012-04-19 01:30:43 PM  
2 votes:
i41.tinypic.comView Full Size

What Janet Jackson's nipple may look like
2012-04-19 12:44:48 PM  
2 votes:
♫ "O'er the land of the Free ♫
♫ And the home of the Brave" ♫
2012-04-19 05:15:38 PM  
1 vote:
plasticsurgeryblog.comView Full Size
2012-04-19 03:23:18 PM  
1 vote:
Children shouldn't be exposed to this trash! It is immoral to tempt men in this way. The only nude female form meant for man is that of the person God chooses for them to spend their life with. If you liberals want this trash on your tv, fine, but I don't want my family exposed to it. We already have enough crime and teen pregnancy, we don't need more of it. But I guess you guys would like that though wouldn't you? More criminals and pregnant teens? They are your and Barack Hussein Obamas voter base. You people make me sick. Yes, I said 'you people', get over it.

1 Corinthians 12:23 ESV
And on those parts of the body that we think less honorable we bestow the greater honor, and our unpresentable parts are treated with greater modesty,

Genesis 3:21 ESV
And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.

Hebrews 13:4 ESV
Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

You heathens WILL be judged. Don't come crying to me because you ignored the word of the Lord.
2012-04-19 01:25:28 PM  
1 vote:
OH MY GOD!!!! A NIPPLE!!!!!!

Shut. Down. Everything.

2012-04-19 01:22:45 PM  
1 vote:
nip slips bad

military recruiting in wartime via flyovers and color guard showing off is totes coo' though.

/kids who get to see boobs tend to not want to go to war
2012-04-19 01:20:32 PM  
1 vote:
I LIKE it when my government makes sure I don't see things I shouldn't.
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