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(al.com)   Alabama deer attack elderly in what seems to be well-coordinated effort. Alaskan moose uprising mastermind suspected.   ( al.com) divider line
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2001-11-12 03:10:39 PM  
What? No one suspectes Osama of this one?
2001-11-12 03:13:46 PM  
OMG!!! I love this line:
"Better yet," he said, "if you're going to raise a pet, keep a female instead."

I want several female pets...cool!!!
2001-11-12 03:14:42 PM  
Why would one keep a deer as a pet?
2001-11-12 03:17:22 PM  
Next on Fox, When Animals Attack, part 238.
2001-11-12 03:18:16 PM  
Damn Afghani Deer.

What? Just 'cause they're in America doesn't mean they aren't potential threats. If you're a Deer, we're watching you. I don't give a damn if you were born in America and don't know how to speak Afghanistanistanese. A deer's a farking deer-they're all the same.
2001-11-12 03:18:50 PM  
Oh, yeah that would be a riot (yawn)
2001-11-12 03:23:04 PM  
Survival of the Fittest.
2001-11-12 03:34:12 PM  
I blame the rabbits and the prairie dogs, they're up to no good, always getting the other animals all worked up over nothing, then you have something like this.

oh the horror.
2001-11-12 03:38:58 PM  
i[image from members.home.net too old to be available]
2001-11-12 03:44:40 PM  
Remeber, we can't jump to conclusions, these deer might not be connected to FOREIGN terrorists, they could belong to a DOMESTIC terror group, perhaps some group supported by PETA or similar eco-terrorist organizations, we live in a dangerous time but we gotta keep our heads in order to come out victorious.
2001-11-12 03:46:42 PM  
"...he was released from a hospital where he was treated for bruised ribs, pneumonia and a broken collar bone."
Where the hell have I been? This could be worse than Anthrax.
2001-11-12 03:56:32 PM  
"It didn't weigh a bit over 80 pounds, but you wouldn't believe how strong it was," Evers said.

Gloria McMillan, 61, had a similar encounter with another buck. "It weighed about 160 pounds, and I was so scared. It was so strong it knocked me to the ground and pushed me along."

I like how both, despite being attacked, took time out to so carefully guess-timate what each deer weighed. Did that seem strange to anyone else?
2001-11-12 04:06:55 PM  
Yeah, I did ponder for a second just how each person guessed the weight of the deer while being attacked, b/c I'm assuming they didn't get up and grab the deer to lift them and get a weight estimate after being attacked.
2001-11-12 04:12:02 PM  
Heh Heh Heh....I got your deer meat mother farker....
2001-11-12 04:18:06 PM  
Am I the only one that thinks it odd that even the woman that was attacked reffered to the deer by its point value? Not being a hunter and all, and also not a wanker, I only learned about the point system in the last year, and that was after hearing that stupid canadian "tirty point buck" comedy bit.
2001-11-12 04:26:29 PM  
I think it's strange that her description of the deer was so detailed (8 pt., 160 lbs.), but the fact that she knew what an 8 pt. deer was isn't so strange. The lady is from Alabama, there is alot of hunting, fishing, etc. that goes on there- so it is likely that her husband, son, father, hell maybe even she, were hunters.
2001-11-12 04:34:06 PM  
This is why we should all carry GUNS!!
2001-11-12 04:37:31 PM  
Having a shotgun didn't help in this case...

"...so I went to get the shotgun. I had to look to find a shell for it, and when I got back, he was gone."

I'm sure people are contemplating a home invasion knowing this guy doesn't keep his shells near his gun...
2001-11-12 04:42:52 PM  
"On the bright side, I told the grandkids it was looking like I would have to rob a beer store to get my name in the paper, but the Lord sent that deer along instead. It was tough on me, but at least I won't have to do time for it. It was self-defense, after all."

2001-11-12 04:45:56 PM  
Did anyone actually read to the end of the article. Here's a quote from Carmel Evers, the man attacked by the deer:

"I am a fun-loving person, and I like to see the good and funny side of everything. Looking back, it was kind of funny getting attacked by a deer.

"On the bright side, I told the grandkids it was looking like I would have to rob a beer store to get my name in the paper, but the Lord sent that deer along instead. It was tough on me, but at least I won't have to do time for it. It was self-defense, after all."

As we gather around the table with family at Thanksgiving next week, let's all remember to give thanks for the attack deer which allowed Mr. Evers to finally see his name in the paper without having to resort to robbing a beer store.
2001-11-12 04:48:40 PM  
Dammit. My slow typing allowed Batmn42 to sneak in there.

(Also, my first sentence should actually be followed by a question mark, not a period. I feel so defeated right now.)
2001-11-12 04:49:13 PM  
Feral-kiwi: If you blink a light at a deer they will run (I know this because blinking a flashlight in their direction keeps them from tearing into my trashcans). The reason they stop in the middle of a road when headlights hit them is because they become paralyzed with fear due to the suddenness of it all- they lock up and don't have time to react. I can tell you from expirence that when encountering a deer while driving on a dark road at night, I've had more run than I've had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting.
2001-11-12 04:57:10 PM  

don't try to explain things to feral-kiwi he's an idiot.
2001-11-12 05:08:09 PM  
a m00se once bit my sister...
2001-11-12 05:21:50 PM  
Kill 'em all and let Santa sort it out.
2001-11-12 05:22:49 PM  
Sorry, must have been a christmas in viet-nam flashback.
2001-11-12 05:37:48 PM  
The government should declare a "War on Deer".
2001-11-12 06:15:43 PM  
Did anyone catch the "I was able to get ahold of a metal pipe to fight the deer off, but I threw it at him and threw my weapon away. Lucky for me, I found an old muffler and hit him square in the face with it, and he left," . Just what kind of yard does this guy have that he can be struggling with a wild animal and reach out and pick this shiat up as weapons? I don't know about you but I don't have old metal pipes and mufflers just laying around the yard. Oh wait... this is AL isn't it? He could have probably picked up a few old cars and whacked the deer with them too.
2001-11-12 06:53:33 PM  
kiwi: i'm suprised you know how to use a dictionary
even better, you've managed to learn to use the COPY and PASTE functions, WOW. the people that trained COCO the chimp should learn about you!
2001-11-12 06:58:57 PM  
i agree with Odlid, feral-kiwi is an idiot.
2001-11-12 07:03:19 PM  
leave kiwi alone, so what if his head is up his arse!
2001-11-12 07:11:51 PM  
if you make a living at it you must be well-off ... you are the biggest idiot i've read here on fark. always trying to pass off as if you were "intelligent" and "informed" but really you're no better than the sheep you enjoy.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-11-12 09:00:11 PM  
grandma got run over by a reindeer

coming home from our house christmas evee

you may say you dont believe in santa,

but as for mend grandpa we believeee
2001-11-12 11:11:11 PM  
Deer.....overabundant, road hazards, nuisances to gardeners, but still tasty!!
2001-11-12 11:21:00 PM  
I didn't read the article--they attacking elderly drivers? Heh--that would get them to step on the gas a little, wouldn't it?

Why do you think they call those cars OLDSmobiles?
2001-11-13 12:17:11 AM  
Well, too late for this comment but here it goes anyways.

. I just love wildlife, and we've really enjoyed raising them over the years."

Wildlife? Lady, if you've raised them they ain't exactly wild anymore.
2001-11-13 12:45:28 AM  
Moosama Bin Laden?
2001-11-13 07:36:30 AM  
Gee, my opinion of Alabamans just went up +2.
Where else can you find such a colorful combination
of wildlife, spare auto parts, shotguns and morons in
one story?

Alabama: Where the famous rob liquor stores!
2001-11-13 09:19:44 AM  
Hey Kiwi, your village called.. they want their idiot back! haw haw haw sorry just joining in on the fun ;)
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