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(Bleacher Report)   Will Big Bossman's ghost help Jericho drag CM Punk's daddy's coffin away? How many hours will Undertaker's intro take? Can Sheamus become World Heavyweight Fella? Will Brock Lesnar appear? It's Wrestlemania 28, 7 PM on PPV   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Big Boss Man, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, WWE, PPV, funeral directors, WrestleMania XXVIII  
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7478 clicks; posted to Sports » on 01 Apr 2012 at 6:00 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2012-04-01 7:11:04 PM  
2012-04-01 7:11:08 PM  
WTF man that had to be the quickest match ever
2012-04-01 7:11:08 PM  
2012-04-01 7:11:08 PM  
Oh, give me a farking break.
2012-04-01 7:11:13 PM  
WHAT THE farkING fark WAS THAT farkING shiat?
2012-04-01 7:11:19 PM  
i11.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 7:11:20 PM  
Oh...fark YOU, WWE.
2012-04-01 7:11:21 PM  
2012-04-01 7:11:22 PM  
2012-04-01 7:11:27 PM  
went to go copy over my predictions, and missed the whole first match
2012-04-01 7:11:28 PM  
I am actually laughing my ass off.
2012-04-01 7:11:29 PM  
Well, I don't mind Sheamus as champ, but...

2012-04-01 7:11:31 PM  
That was Vince telling us all to fark off...
2012-04-01 7:11:34 PM  
..... Vince just decided to give a huge FU to all IWC. Just start the show off with a huge FU.

Even Bob Backlund is thinking Bryan got a raw deal.
2012-04-01 7:11:39 PM  
what kinda crap was that?. Who did DB piss off?
2012-04-01 7:11:40 PM  
1-0 so far. Great white squash!!
2012-04-01 7:11:43 PM  
img545.imageshack.usView Full Size

2012-04-01 7:11:46 PM  
She was wearing green! IT'S A TRAP!
2012-04-01 7:11:48 PM  
Makes Santino's RR elimination look like an Ironman match.
2012-04-01 7:11:48 PM  
are you farking kidding me?!
2012-04-01 7:11:49 PM  
Wow... that'll piss off that crowd.. considering the YES YES fans RIGHT AT GOD DAMN RINGSIDE

well they're gonna shiat on the rest of the show now.
2012-04-01 7:11:51 PM  
The only good thing about that match is that I'm now up 5 points.
2012-04-01 7:11:54 PM  
WHOA DID the title just change hands?! It's been 10 minutes!
2012-04-01 7:11:58 PM  
I guess they needed more time for Rock's promos
2012-04-01 7:11:59 PM  
My husband is literally screaming WHAT NO at the screen.

2012-04-01 7:12:00 PM  
Time to stop looking for a stream after that shiat.
2012-04-01 7:12:03 PM  
And all those signs and chants?

2012-04-01 7:12:04 PM  
2012-04-01 7:12:08 PM  
So we need to give time to the Diva's match and Rock backstage and waste DB

/well at least he got the belt
2012-04-01 7:12:13 PM  
Did Bryan fail a wellness test or something?
2012-04-01 7:12:20 PM  
copying it over from the other thread

WRESTLEMANIA POINTS COMPETITION (stolen from the brilliant bastard who did the RR)
1 point Piss break match: Team Tripping Balls vs. Glamzon/Eve - Team Eve due to broken rib
2 point Poop break match: Randy Orton vs. Kane - Kane
3 point Embarrassment match: Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show - Cody
4 point TWITTER RELATED question: Over or Under 10.5 video promos/backstage moments - under
5 point YES YES YES match: Daniel Bryan vs. Great White - DBry
6 point Hold on a Minute player match: Team Teddy vs. The Ace Team - Team Ace
7 point I'm going to text you the answer question: Name 1 survivor if they make it elimination, or name the person who gets the win (i.e. pinfall/submission) - the miz
8 point WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT question: What will be the highlight/big shock of the night? Cena Heel Turn
9 point Tro-lo-lo match: CM Punk vs. Jericho - Jericho gets the win to make up for last minute not winning the RR
10 point Booked a Year Out Match: Rock vs. Cena - Rock
100 point END OF OUR FUN ERA Match: Undertaker vs. HHH (because if you get this wrong, you don't deserve to win) Undertaker
2012-04-01 7:12:21 PM  
Hey Vince, I'm farking GLAD I'm streaming this.

2012-04-01 7:12:27 PM  
2012-04-01 7:12:33 PM  
Checked a text message. Missed the match.
2012-04-01 7:12:35 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 7:12:38 PM  
farking 6 second World Title match so the Oldertaker and Gagne can age in the cage and have a 50 minute intro.

2012-04-01 7:12:46 PM  
3 months of hype....

3 months.

won the royal rumble... they did promo after promo...

i mean i get it, it gonna lead to more between them and all


2012-04-01 7:12:47 PM  
Post-emotional reaction thought process: This gives more time for Jericho-Punk
2012-04-01 7:12:48 PM  
I feel as though I'm being ripped off, and I watch it for free.
2012-04-01 7:12:50 PM  
I guess Sheamus had the right amount of limes tonight

I think this surpasses the Kane/Chavo match as fastest championship match at Wrestlemania
2012-04-01 7:12:55 PM  
Steal this show. The WWE should be paying fans money for this garbage.

Total wrestling action since 7pm EST: 3 seconds.
2012-04-01 7:12:59 PM  

KellyKellyKelly: Hey Vince, I'm farking GLAD I'm streaming this.



fark you Vince. Seriously. fark you.
2012-04-01 7:12:59 PM  
You know what's really cool? This gives us more time for video packages!
2012-04-01 7:13:02 PM  
Vince giving the Smarks the finger again.

This gets less than 20 seconds, and the Divas Tag Team will run longer.

Fark them. Glad they are not getting my money.
2012-04-01 7:13:04 PM  
No! No! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!! No! No! No!
2012-04-01 7:13:04 PM  
For pete's sake Vince at least give the man fireworks.
2012-04-01 7:13:05 PM  

KellyKellyKelly: Hey Vince, I'm farking GLAD I'm streaming this.


Hear, hear.
2012-04-01 7:13:09 PM  
Man, I need to become HHH's workout buddy so I can win a belt.
2012-04-01 7:13:10 PM  
i10.photobucket.comView Full Size

This could be a bad night...
2012-04-01 7:13:11 PM  
Hope DBD enjoyed that squash. You know, you can serve it with melted butter and brown sugar and it tastes delicious.
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