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(busselton mail.com)   Against all odds, Squid the cat turns 97 (cat) years old. This article seemed appropriate as we celebrate another birthday this weekend - Caturday's one and only Alien   ( busseltonmail.com.au) divider line
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2012-03-31 10:26:31 PM  
i384.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-03-31 10:27:03 PM  
Nearly to vy end of pg 9, watch this post to 10.
Not gonna be able/willing to Stay Up much longer.
Sent Kim some stuff earlier by combo of USMule & CanadaPost, as is required.

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2012-03-31 10:27:48 PM  

How to colorize:

First decide where you want the color to kick in.
Start with uppercase comma (not gonna use the sign itself because html bites back). Then type in the word font. Use the equal sign and then type in the "color" you wnan. The color needs to have the quotation marks around it. Type in uppercase period.

Where you want the colorization to stop:
type in uppercase comma. use the slashie and type the word font. Type in uppercase period.

2012-03-31 10:31:06 PM  
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2012-03-31 10:36:28 PM  

yobbery: valnt9: Bingledak: ANybody say happy birthday to Alien yet?

I heard it was her birfday

you're kidding!
I would have never guessed!

and Yobbery, just out of
curiosity, how many cards and
such did you get for your b-day?
Alien challenged that we couldn't do as
much for her b-day...just wondering...
I know quite a few people said they
had sent her cards and Cadbury eggs, etc.
I think we did (or will) beat your deliveries.

Fourteen people had sent me cards.
You can't close out this contest for another week or two. I'm sure there's still stuff in transit. Mine should get there this week, but I think somewhere along the path to BC they randomly set a portion of the mail aside to let it age.

[i211.photobucket.com image 640x497]

ok, AlienDandelion-
what's the count as of today?
and I will check next week to see if our snailmail is living up to it's name.
but I don't think 14 is gonna be hard to beat. (if we haven't already beat that)
foolish lady to challenge us!
2012-03-31 10:41:30 PM  

Chimpasaurus: sherpa18: lethological_lassie, akimbotoo, Zizzowop, yobbery: and anyone else I may have missed who is trying to medicate a hyperthyroid cat, I have a couple of suggestions based on my personal experience. While crushing the pills to mix in food is all well and good, it still tends to be a bit grainy. Try dissolving the pill in a little hot tap water before adding to the food.

Dragon hates pill pockets, so I hit upon the simple solution of breaking the pill into quarters so that they would fit into his favorite soft treats. Sure, he still beats me from time to time, but I figure (and my vet agrees) that his getting 3/4 of a pill instead of spitting the whole thing out where I find it a day later is better than nothing.

My 15 yr old was just diagnosed with slight hyperthyroidism. He just started meds and it's half a pill, so luckily I can hide it in a piece of meat and he eats it with no problems. Question though---do any of you know what happens if you don't medicate them for a few days? I'm worried about what will happen during the holidays when we go out of town for the weekend and no one else will come over to medicate him every day.

I hired a pet sitter to come in twice a day to feed & water the cats and check on the birds. The one I had used moved away to go to college so I ended up calling a vets office about 5 minutes from my home and one of the vet techs ended up to be the right person. She came by before and after work and it worked out perfectly. I gave her $30 a day (this was several years ago) and we were all happy. She was even an experienced pill giver! I also had her come the morning we were supposed to come back. She also had our cell numbers in case there were any questions. I felt like it was cheap insurance for my little loved ones.
2012-03-31 10:42:29 PM  

maxheck: Getting back to topic, tigerose reminded me of horses and barn cats, which led to:

For many years, my little brother's best friend was a cat named "Nuisance," and here is how she got her name....

My dad used to do electrical work for a local riding academy where my sister and I took riding lessons, and I helped him out as a step-and-fetch. One day when we were working in the barn we happened across a mama cat and a whole lot of kittens.

Evidently one of the kittens decided she liked us, because after doing our work, packing up, then driving 20 miles (stopping at a gas station along the way) when we arrived home and as I was helping to unload the truck...

A tiny tortise-shell kitten hopped out from under the truck frame.

* prune* Why is it that we rescue a cat, who then decides the orher member of the household is its real and true master? Because cats are cosmically connected, I think...either that or I really need a shower...

2012-03-31 10:50:34 PM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-03-31 10:54:24 PM  

Why is it that we rescue a cat, who then decides the orher member of the household is its real and true master? Because cats are cosmically connected, I think...either that or I really need a shower...

You bond whom you bond with, and that's true of kittys and humans. There isn't any pattern to it. I do believe there are a few songs asking "Who wrote the book on love"
2012-03-31 10:57:45 PM  
Ha, just read about a man in Paradise CA, he was attacked by a mountain lion, the lion was then attacked by a mother bear. The man had some scratches on his arms but since he was wearing a backpack there was very little damage. He went home and washed his arms with hydrogen peroxide! I guess it is the best thing for cat scratches.
Link (new window)
2012-03-31 11:05:53 PM  
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2012-03-31 11:17:46 PM  
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2012-03-31 11:32:24 PM  
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2012-03-31 11:52:05 PM  
Ok, back home after a busy day and VERY sleepy. I've been keeping an eye on the thread on my magic space-phone, but it's hard to reply from it...

AlienDandelion: How about a couch? and a clipboard?
*covers hand*
/runs away
//or lucy in her counselling booth?

Hmmm... Excellent ideas! I really like the Lucy idea, but that might be a bit ambitious. I'll have to ponder. The couch/clipboard is still interesting, but sounds a lot easier. :) Thanks for the suggestions!

The Ice Queen: I just got back from it. Have to say its one movie where both AND the book are good.
This scenario is just too rare for my liking!

Agreed! I just read the book last weekend and the movie actually complements it rather than contradicting it (or completely missing the point or just being stupid)! It's mindboggling. Let's hope they keep it up with the rest of the movies.

sherpa18: Ornery Alien: ... Caturday's most favourite and beloved alien?
... Caturday's one (of at least two) and only-one-who-posts-often-enough-that-people-remember-her alien?


Don't worry about it! I'm sure you were going to post that second option, but then you realized you missed me. I'd have to come into the thread if you claimed there was only one Caturday alien, right? It was very sweet of you. Thanks! :) :) :)
2012-04-01 12:11:24 AM  

mousiebelle: You should make one of those doll dress cakes (the one where you put a Barbie type doll into it) and decorate it like a slip... Not 100% how to decorate like a slip... I'd have to ponder that... Or you could use a book cake pan & decorate it like a few pages out of the Psychopathology book... :) Now I want to sit and come up with new ideas for psych/counseling cakes. Never thought about doing that when I graduated with mine. Oh, and CONGARATS on the upcoming graduation!!!!!

Hmmm, more extremely interesting ideas.... :) Thanks! A bunch of my classmates are ready to graduate nowish, but I need another couple of courses. I'll finish those around mid-June and get the nifty piece of paper in the fall. So far, between the coursework and the internship, I'm absolutely loving it. It's a nice change from programming, anyway. (Though I don't seem to mind puttering with a bit of html when people feel compelled to pay me for it.)

A freudian slip? You would need a ken doll for that! Ha! I would frost it like a dress, leaving a section " lifted to reveal the slip under neath...either that or do a cigar shaped cake....snerk!

Oooh, thanks! So many cool ideas, so little time! I think the slip would be hard because I refuse to use fondant. It seems like cheating. I would rather use something less pretty but more delicious.

yobbery: Fruit cake?

Ha! When I posted on facebook asking for advice, I said, "I'm ruling out fruitcake from the get-go - I hate fruitcake". Again, it comes back to the deliciousness issue. I suppose I could make a cake shaped like fruit...

My mom suggested going with the rubber ducky cake - who doesn't like rubber duckies?

/Thanks for all the ideas!
//Had an excellent day - breakfast out (at Cora's), movie, dinner out (korean bbq), and we spent Earth Hour playing Carcasonne by candlelight with friends. Though really, once we've got 20 candles going, is it really doing the environment any favours?
2012-04-01 12:13:17 AM  
the latest of pictures of Gremlin in his new kingdom!
I'm hoping to get more....
but he really is loving his new master and that makes me happy knowing his health is so much better and he gets overloaded with the cuddles and whatnot.
and to him *sigh* I am old news hahaha!

kim, maybe too soon. but have you considered another fluff roommate?
perhaps an older rescue kitteh without the obsessive grooming (of you) compulsion?
perhaps someone a little bit derpy like this...
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2012-04-01 12:25:26 AM  
img715.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-04-01 12:32:00 AM  
Apparently, our favorite Dingleberry Moose also has a birthday this weekend! Nothing like having a party with a Moose and an AlienDandelion to make for a great time :)
2012-04-01 12:52:37 AM  
Stumbling in bleary eyed after a hard day of shopping with my Mom. She's like a force of nature when she's hunting bargains

Happy birthday AlienDandelion & Dingleberry Moose!
2012-04-01 01:16:18 AM  
Happy Birthday Dingleberry Moose!!!! I can't believe I forgot......oh wait, at least I'm not late!
2012-04-01 01:25:23 AM  
Since it's now officially April 1st...

Happy Genuine Birthday AlienDandelion!!!
2012-04-01 01:55:12 AM  
For DingleBerry Moose

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2012-04-01 02:08:14 AM  

maxheck: Max's method for pilling a cat:

(this being Fark, it's probably going to sound like a rape scene, but...)

Have pill ready.

Catch cat.

(optional) Take her somewhere where she can't get traction such as tile or hardwood floors.

Kneel down with feet together, and scooch cat between legs so she has nowhere to go.

Hold her head in one hand, turn her head up, and gently press on her jaws with finger and thumb so she opens her mouth.

With other hand, put the pill as far back in her mouth as you can, ideally past her tongue. I never realized that a cat could spit until the first time I tried to pill a cat. It's also helpful if you have callused fingers that can deal with poinky teeth.

Once it's in, close her mouth and stroke her from chin to chest with a knuckle to get her to swallow.

Let her go, and tell her with words and pettings and lovings what a good cat she was (even if she wasn't.)

Also, if there is a liquid version of whatever meds... Go for that instead of pills.

Our frog the cat STILL spit it out.

He also eats those pill pockets perfectly around the pill and spits it out. :(

Former outdoor cat is too smart
2012-04-01 02:35:21 AM  
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2012-04-01 02:57:40 AM  
Happy birthday Alien, best wishes for a wonderful day. We love you!!!

I'll catch up with all of you later. Too much stuff going on.
2012-04-01 03:53:24 AM  

Rufus Lee King: "File image too large". Get outta town, FARK!

2012-04-01 03:57:29 AM  
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2012-04-01 04:00:17 AM  
Rufus Lee King:
"File image too large". Get outta town, FARK!

Fark has two file-size limits...

It must be less than 256KB and no wider than 640 pixels.
Height doesn't appear to enter into the limitation.

If it's wider than 640 pixels but still less than 256KB, Fark will downsize it to 640 pixels for you.
Otherwise, you will need to resize it or find a host that allows you to choose different sizes to stay under 256KB.
2012-04-01 04:27:30 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

/because somebody had to
2012-04-01 06:44:30 AM  
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2012-04-01 08:30:57 AM  
Good Meowning! Can't believe I slept so late....obviously I needed it!

Happy Birthday DingleBerryMoose! I hope you have a great day!
2012-04-01 08:50:38 AM  
Great news from the Bangor (Maine) Humane Society. They hade to close early yesterday as they ran out of pets to adopt! Pretty cool, eh?

Link (new window)
2012-04-01 08:53:11 AM  

tigerose: John Buck 41: tigerose: Sherpa18 " Drinking Rum and Co-ca-cola!" hihi!

You and Dragon have a great relationship. He says you play a great game of fetch...:)

Caturdayers drinking? And I wasn't invited?

[www.thenibble.com image 230x327]
[www.discoveruruguay.com image 300x349]
[www.fws.gov image 300x263]
[upload.wikimedia.org image 349x383]

Dude, how could you not be invited. You are the one tending bar!

That's true. Probably everyone just assumed I would be partaking. "Invite Buck? He don't need no stinkin' invitation!"
2012-04-01 09:18:58 AM  
Gd Meowning Good Folk.
Decent Garfield strip this AM: Jon wishes pic for his blog, tries to take one of Garfield. Pic's eyes, mouth fulla teeth & uvula, captioned "Today I ate a smartphone."
YoungLady cats played me an April Fool this AM, knocked 1 of the bowls off the sm dresser 2 of them sit on. Golden Retriever device didn't work entirely; bowl wound up under sm dresser which I had to move to retrieve it. Then sm dresser wouldn't go back easily.
Maybe not gonna post any more today; send Dingleberry Moose a private Hippo Birdies bcs I think I've an e-drs for him.
CU next Caturday!
april fools --
2012-04-01 09:29:25 AM  

ya gotta sleep sometime: [i40.tinypic.com image 639x428]

I'm too excited to wait for the green. These are my mewbies! They are still at the nursery and I hope to bring them home mid-April. I'm going to the nursery again tomorrow night to feed and cuddle them. They need names and of course a caption. They are both male and I currently have Merlin at home. I have had in the past Galahad, Arthur and Lancelot. Anyone have any ideas for names for these guys?

I vote for "Brave Sir Robin" and "Ni!"
2012-04-01 09:46:17 AM  
Bonne fête cher Dingleberry Moose!

makems.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 09:47:17 AM  

The Ice Queen: And speaking of babies, I want to introduce you to my "niece" Miss Anna Jean. Ok, technically she's my cousin but I'm an only child and her daddy and I are like siblings

[i1210.photobucket.com image 640x857]

I have a niece (actual niece) named Anna Jean too! She's 10 years old and awesome. :)
2012-04-01 09:51:59 AM  
Happy Birthday Dingleberry Moose!

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2012-04-01 10:00:56 AM  

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2012-04-01 10:01:47 AM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:02:35 AM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:03:13 AM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:04:26 AM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:11:05 AM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:14:41 AM  
Too much to do today. I'm just gonna put these here for now...

i384.photobucket.comView Full Size

i384.photobucket.comView Full Size

i384.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:17:14 AM  
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size

[image from i211.photobucket.com too old to be available]

2012-04-01 10:21:32 AM  
I think we found the perfect cat for QJ.
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:27:35 AM  

domari: Happy birthday Alien, best wishes for a wonderful day. We love you!!!
I'll catch up with all of you later. Too much stuff going on.

Nice to see you! I hope it's all good stuff that's keeping you busy.
i211.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-04-01 10:35:00 AM  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DINGLEBERRY MOOSE! Any new kid/kitty stories? You have the best stories to tell.

John Buck - LOVE the story about the Bangor Humane Society. I'll have to share with my mom, she grew up in Bangor/Brewer.
2012-04-01 10:37:18 AM  
Alien hugs!


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