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4665 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2012 at 10:00 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-03-29 09:23:56 AM  
"I'm a drama queen, so here is my subway platform DRAMA!"

/just got off the subway
// If this were at my 34th street station, I'd tell him to shut up because the violinist is much better:)
2012-03-29 09:28:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2012-03-29 09:41:28 AM  
i1229.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-03-29 10:03:39 AM  
Leave Brittney alone!
2012-03-29 10:03:54 AM  
I sacrifice this meal to the Gods of the E Train. May it arrive on time!
2012-03-29 10:04:52 AM  
Oh, the McHumanity!
2012-03-29 10:05:49 AM  
God, why, WHY did you have to take him? He had my transfer ticket!!!!!
2012-03-29 10:07:21 AM  
"And AAAIIIIIIYYYYAAAAAIIIIIIII will always love yooooOOOOOOOooo..."
2012-03-29 10:08:21 AM  
How am I going to pay the $1,000 ticket for eating on the subway?
2012-03-29 10:09:57 AM  

2012-03-29 10:10:30 AM  
There's hobo urine on my Big Mac! I just wanted hobo urine on my fries!
2012-03-29 10:14:45 AM  
Kick, sweep, spin, drop food, hop, turn drop and Jazz Handsssss!
2012-03-29 10:17:29 AM  
"Jump, I'll catch you!"
2012-03-29 10:30:20 AM  
"And this is how I clinched that internship with the Republican National Committee"

2012-03-29 10:44:50 AM  
Oh woe is me
Thy weight great upon my breast.
None shall take of these victuals
may they find peace upon the tracks below

Pehaps some vermin shall dine on ye
and thy fate not set to rot
among the wasted, the discarded
thou are't condemmed!.

I cry towards the heavens
rent this pain from my soul!
Turn my anguish inwards
and cause it to burn only thee!

To lose thy's lunch upon the platform
is the cruelest of crimes!
The french fries find their freedom
and they do not like it!

My pain! My pain! My pain!
It pours forth thusly.
I call forth upon the citizenry of the land
Won't some one please kick me in the head?
2012-03-29 10:53:59 AM  
"Across 110th Street,
McDonalds bag is so greasy it's weak,
Across 110th Street,
Time to react like a god damn freak.
Across 110th Street,
Gotta find some fast food that's sweet.
Across 110th Street,
Aint no refunds on the street."

2012-03-29 11:05:29 AM  
"They fark YOU at the drive-thru, okay? They fark YOU at the drive-thru! They know you're gonna be miles away before you find out you got farked! They know you're not gonna turn around and go back, they don't care. So who gets farked? Ol' Leo Getz! Okay, sure! I don't give a fark! I'm not eating this tuna, okay?"

/Actually it looks like they forgot his fries.
2012-03-29 11:05:57 AM  
OMGOMGOMG! I saw a RAT! I saw a RAT! I saw a RAT!
A RAT! There are RATS here! RATS!!!
2012-03-29 12:07:01 PM  
Where are my FRIES?!!!!
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