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(NZ Herald)   Victim praises burglars for impeccable taste   ( divider line
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10045 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Oct 2003 at 9:37 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-28 04:13:04 PM  
I'm getting a Big Lebowski vibe from this one.
2003-10-28 09:39:46 PM  
i'm bummed... the article promises a picture of this ugly-ass chair, but none is provided.
2003-10-28 09:41:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Impeccable when it comes to CLOTHES, maybe, but definitely not when it comes to FOOD...
2003-10-28 09:41:26 PM  
I know "burgled" is a word, but what an ugly word it is....:(
2003-10-28 09:43:53 PM  
2003-10-28 09:44:09 PM  
Nerd technicality:

A burglar is someone who breaks into or intrudes into somewhere illegally.

A robber is someone who actually steals something.

Of course, these fellas are both...
2003-10-28 09:45:11 PM  
I bet this guy bends over and smiles when the taxman comes to visit too. Just another spineless pussy from New Zealand.
2003-10-28 09:45:38 PM  
2003-10-28 09:45:47 PM  
Impeccable taste and computer savvy - what with avoiding the Crashintoshes and all.
2003-10-28 09:46:30 PM  
the only good thing to come out of New Zealand was the America's Cup, unfortunately to went to Switzerland.
2003-10-28 09:47:17 PM  
Should've gotten a
img.fark.netView Full Size

Both for the robbers and the owners.

"Good job only stealing the nice stuff, guys!"

2003-10-28 09:49:42 PM  
PocusCadabra, you beat me to the punch... Only way to go is to hand assemble your computer... Wiring is perfect, know every part of computer w/o thought, and stuff does not break ever on my machines... (HEY! wait then I have no excuse to get a new one)
2003-10-28 09:53:26 PM  
Lifer:"What you in for man?"
Loser:"I stole a chair"
Lifer:"Whhooooa, badass."
Loser:"But it was a really NICE chair"
Lifer:"Well, you won't be able to use a chair for a while, biatch"
2003-10-28 09:55:02 PM  
LesPhilky, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to pull a double nerd technicality on you. Burglary in unlawful entry with intent to commit theft, robbery is theft by means of force or intimidation (meaning victims have to be involved). So, these guys aren't robbers, they're burglars & thieves.
2003-10-28 09:56:25 PM  

New computer? Simple.

1. Slap on Apple logo
2. Claim ignorance
3. ?
4. Profit!
2003-10-28 09:57:58 PM  
Apparently, they also made off with the *picture* of the chair, as well.
2003-10-28 10:02:17 PM  
New Zealand is like an old ladies p_ssy. Everyone knows it's down there but nobody givesafark.
2003-10-28 10:02:50 PM  
Yeah, only an idiot would steal an Apple comput.... oh uh, shhhhh......shut up, uh whoops!
2003-10-28 10:05:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available](Click to GIS in new window)
2003-10-28 10:10:49 PM  
boy, it really is an ugly-ass chair
2003-10-28 10:11:32 PM  
That fugly thing would have taken two men to lift?

I can see why they didn't take the "replica of the famous "Egg" chair by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen."

[image from too old to be available]

Even fuglier
2003-10-28 10:16:57 PM  
they ignored brand new apple computers? they DO have taste.
2003-10-28 10:19:27 PM  
wait a minute.... putting 1 and 1 together makes this store a big deuce.

and by that i mean that this store sucks because it sells apple computers, and it has ugly snob chairs
2003-10-28 10:32:41 PM  
What a good sport!
2003-10-28 10:35:03 PM  
ha ha - that chair looks just like the one I got at a garage sale about 2 months ago for 8 bucks.
2003-10-28 10:44:41 PM  
theFrakamazog: ahahaha, you got ripped off!

rimshot cymbal splash
2003-10-28 10:47:07 PM  

Then I'll see you with a nerd trifecta! Yes, you're right... robbery is committed by means of force and intimidation, however, burglary can be committed without intent to steal... it is applied to assault, kidnapping, murder cases, etc...
2003-10-28 10:51:47 PM  
Store owner Peter Bromhead praised the taste of the thieves last night. "Whoever stole the piece has a commendable eye for design excellence."

I just think it's funny that some guy is named Peter Bromhead. I think if he wants to recover the chair, he needs to get a dick on it right away, although I doubt he has the balls to do that.

2003-10-28 10:52:20 PM  
LesPhilky got it on the nose... Do I smell insurance fraud?

I've got a dirty oil stained garage where it would fit in impeccably, anyone willing to own up to this one?
2003-10-28 10:53:02 PM  
how do you sell a K6-2 that you "received" for a grand? (assembled several years ago, and I shared a killer machine w/ two bro's so I didn't get to port that off to college, got the guano)(maybe this should be under advice..))
2003-10-28 11:20:50 PM  

Right, I only meant intent to steal in regards to this article. Burglary is really just a one-word way of saying "breaking and entering".
2003-10-28 11:30:48 PM  
Anyone else misread "burglar" as "burger"?
2003-10-28 11:39:32 PM  
Is it breaking and entering if you merely open a stranger's door and walk in? Or is that just entering?

2003-10-28 11:40:44 PM  
Actually, yes. Yes I did.
2003-10-29 12:08:34 AM  
Hey pocus, how may times have you hit ctrl+alt+delete today? I haven't hit it in 4 years.
2003-10-29 12:11:38 AM  
"I haven't hit it in 4 years."
2003-10-29 12:13:43 AM  
I love how just about any article can be turned into an OS flamewar.
2003-10-29 12:16:10 AM  
emjoi, four years ago being when I switched from windows and got a real computer. Not one crash since then.
2003-10-29 12:36:16 AM  
Smart. Well, stupid since it can be tracked, but hey, if you're equipping your luxurious post-theivery hangout, that's the kind of chair to go for. No replicas, no hardware from the business (I presume the design shop had them for business use, wasn't selling them,) and no crap. Just one...comfy looking...chair.

I have a 20$ IKEA stool and a barely-holding-together duct tape on the monitor holding that together Linux box. No one's stealing anything stylish from me. But my computer would rightly be stolen before a Crapintosh.
2003-10-29 12:52:23 AM  
From the headline, I thought the shopkeeper ate the burglars or something.
2003-10-29 12:56:34 AM  
Command-Option-Escape. It's the Bomb, yo.
2003-10-29 12:57:18 AM  
Not too smart, this victim. Given what was left behind I would have claimed a hell of a lot more than a single chair!
2003-10-29 01:10:54 AM  
Hey, I was just making a childish dirty joke, not trying to get into a Mac vs PC war.

BTW, I've been a regular user of Macs since MacOS 7.0. Love the things. No offence, but if you couldn't crash OS 9, then you weren't trying very hard. Like your Country, love your Mac, but don't assume everything in it is perfect.
2003-10-29 03:00:48 AM  
omg. THOSE are the barcelona chairs? i seen those through the window of a hotel lobby when i was walkin around downtown chicago with a couple friends. i didn't believe them when they said each chair was like $12k. jeebus. they look like something from a garage sale. i should go rob one of them some time...
2003-10-29 04:20:10 AM  
2003-10-28 11:39:32 PM puffy999

Is it breaking and entering if you merely open a stranger's door and walk in? Or is that just entering?


Unlawful entry.
2003-10-29 07:17:57 AM  
mediaho, wasn't that chair a prop in Beetlejuice?
2003-10-29 08:53:20 AM  
Are you kidding?.....the first thing I'd have taken would have been that farking egg chair!

[image from too old to be available]

na-noo, na-noo
2003-10-29 11:49:40 AM  
The victim has been totally feminized by our wacko society...or worked as the rehearsal center for Queer Eye.
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