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(Washington Post)   Brietbart forced to take down their "gotcha" interview of Bono confessing to tax evasion when they realize the person they have on tape is in fact a professional Bono impersonator   ( washingtonpost.com) divider line
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2012-03-22 12:46:43 PM  
5 votes:
List of People Conspiring Against the GOP, and therefore, America
(LOPCATGOPATA for short):
Community Organizers
All of cable news except FNC
The New York Times
The LA Times
The Washington Post
The Associated Press
The Guardian
Black People
Human Rights Activists
Movie Industry
Television Industry
The United Nations
Labor Unions
National Endowment for the Arts
Museums (*except Creationism Museum)
Inflated tires
The Honolulu Advertiser
The Star Bulletin
Sponge Bob and Patrick
Nobel Prize Committee
US Census Bureau
Sesame Street
Comic Books
Little Green Footballs
Video Games
The Bible
Bruce Springsteen
The Theory of Relativity
Comedy Central
Young People
whatever the hell a Justin Beiber is
Small Business Owners
Navy SEALs
The Economist
The Muppets
Iowa Republicans
Low-Flow Toilets
Breast Cancer Screenings
Clint Eastwood
Robert Deniro
Tom Hanks
Glenn Frey
Bono Impersonators
2012-03-22 10:29:15 AM  
5 votes:
I'm glad to see that the death of Andrew Brietbart hasn't impacted their journalistic integrity and vigorous research standards.
2012-03-22 02:50:07 PM  
3 votes:
I've watched a few Mattera shorts. They consist of him asking for a picture with a public figure, then using it as an excuse to blindside them with a loaded question that is usually 100% lie. When the public figure balks, as one would be expected to do when they are asked about something they never said or did (and indeed, have no idea anyone thinks they said or did) he tries to make it look like they are fumbling for words and presses the question. Somehow this is construed as a victory.
vpb [TotalFark]
2012-03-22 01:00:24 PM  
2 votes:
So why did they take it down? It sound up to their usual standards of journalistic excellence.
2012-03-22 10:34:55 AM  
2 votes:
I love this line at the end of Breitbart/Blaze story on this:

Mattera has been referred to as "DC's Bad Boy Reporter," and criticized in some quarters for his tactics. However, few have disputed his ability to get embarrassing excerpts out of those he interviews. This series of videos certainly does nothing to dispel that perception.

Yeah, except for the fact that, you know, he got duped and it's not Bono.

But God that celebrity impersonator must be so embarrassed!

Score another victory for the Citizen-Journalist-Blogger-Patriots of The New Media™!
2012-03-22 08:45:13 PM  
1 vote:
Can't wait for his hard-hitting interview with Obama.

i.telegraph.co.ukView Full Size
2012-03-22 08:05:49 PM  
1 vote:
Still don't know what a breitbart is .
2012-03-22 04:54:57 PM  
1 vote:
even better than the real thing
/where the trolls have no shame
2012-03-22 04:50:36 PM  
1 vote:
This guy was not "had", duped, trolled. That would indicate that someone went out of their way to trick him.

No, the guy made a mistake. If he must insist he was duped, then the person that duped him was himself.

For someone else to have duped him, they would have had to set it up for him to interview Bonodouble. But, nope. "Journalist" saw who he thought was Bono, and approached him on his own (Bono, Bonodouble, DeathtoAmericaLiberals, etc. did not contact him to get him to interview Bono).

He WAS NOT DUPED. He made an idiotic mistake. Take personal responsibility and own up to it.
2012-03-22 03:32:03 PM  
1 vote:

"you come out of these godamned high-tempo numbers, man, i tell ya....How many times do I gotta keep telling you guys when you give me these, these godamned death dedications, don't put 'em behind these GOD DAMNED UP-TEMPO NUMBERS! I got a god-damed damn dedication about, uh, uh, a godamned DOG DYING, and you give me a farkin' up-tempo number! It's just.....ponderous. Ponderous. Let's start over. And fark these guys! These guys are British and who gives a fark!

2012-03-22 03:29:54 PM  
1 vote:
Idiots. The lot of them and everyone who reads the site. Idiots.
2012-03-22 03:26:42 PM  
1 vote:
I like Jay Mohr's Bono impersonation....saw Jay recently in Phoenix....he has a bit he's done before about how much money their last tour grossed. frankly teh bit isn't very funny but whatever. I guess because he was in phoenix, he wanted to do it. he's like, "so, U2's last tour, they grossed $800 MILLION dollars! can you believe that?"

and then he goes, "by applause, how many of you saw the show at Sun Devil Stadium?"

Myself and one other person clapped. Roomful of like, 700 people, and two people clapped. Completely killed the bit. Not our fault. He asked the wrong question. He goes, after an incredulous pause, "wow.....Thanks a lot, Phoenix, U2 sells out stadiums with 80,000 people, and yet only two of you are gonna get this bit." he then detoured into an abbreviatied "bono makes a ton of money" bit.

well, what Jay didn't realize is that the U2360 tour -- the one he meant -- played UofP stadium (where the caridnals play). But he didn't say that. When he said "Sun Devil Stadium", to us, he meant the December 1987 shows. i was there, as was someone else. Now, had he asked about the Cardinals STatdium shows, I bet damn near 80% of the room would have applauded. anyways.

He was kinda pricky that night...he cracked several jokes that fell flat. at one point, not pissed but disappointed, he goes, "wow.....I am shocked more people didn't laugh at that. *sigh* Folks, we're in this together, i am the ocean, you are the boats, so when the tide rolls in, we all need to rise together, ok?"

I later noticed the moment he went over 60 minutes he ended the show. i mean, boom, 60 minutes, "well thanks, good night, see ya!" ehh. what are you gonna do.

/today's lesson on comedy nerd is brought to you by the letter "U" and the number "2"
2012-03-22 03:26:23 PM  
1 vote:
FTFA, Mattera said:

""After scores of interviews with big-time politicians and celebrities, I finally got had. It was bound to happen sooner or later."

NO IT WASN'T YOU STUPID fark!!! This kind of shiat should never, ever, EVER happen to any journalist unless they're functionally farking retarded. If you're one of those self-righteous, self-appointed, accountability-seeking "journalists" this shiat should never, ever, ever happen to you. It's like someone going to the doctor because they have the flu, and the doctor misdiagnoses the patient and orders open-hear surgery, and then kills the patient after spilling his Wendy's Chili all over the guy's guts. That kind of incompetence should never, ever take place.
2012-03-22 03:22:29 PM  
1 vote:
Am I the only one who thinks this guy doesn't really look like Bono?
2012-03-22 03:09:55 PM  
1 vote:

Urbn: I loved in the video how the impersonator is smirking at the dumbass, like he just knows this is going to end up being funny as hell when the smarmy 'interviewer' discovers the error of his ways too late

It wouldn't surprise me if the interviewer knew that was an impersonator but figured his readers wouldn't notice...
2012-03-22 02:29:23 PM  
1 vote:
I didn't see the original, but I followed the link in TFA back to it. That's awesome, the dude never says he's Bono, and answers everything truthfully. "Did you move your money?" "I had nothing to do with that." ... "You have no control over U2?" "Nope."

/dude would only pass a cursory look, too, he doesn't look that much like Bono
2012-03-22 02:24:22 PM  
1 vote:

mrshowrules: List of People Liberals Conspiring Against the GOP, and therefore, America
(LOLCATGOPATA for short):

/damn LOLCATs showing up everywhere these days
2012-03-22 01:49:11 PM  
1 vote:

vpb: So why did they take it down? It sound up to their usual standards of journalistic excellence.

I see I'm not needed here.
2012-03-22 11:19:02 AM  
1 vote:
Some Elvis impersonator should offer this guy an exclusive on how he has been hiding out for the past 35 years washing dishes in a truck stop in Tulsa; see if they take that bait too.

2012-03-22 09:37:03 AM  
1 vote:
So the trolls got trolled? Oooooooops.
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