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(YouTube)   Brazilian late-night shows are a far sight better than their American counterparts: Exhibit A   ( youtube.com) divider line
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2012-03-08 08:16:13 PM  

Doctor_TeethMD: jaylectricity: Shazam999: jaylectricity: Well, it's Youtube, so it's gonna be safe for work, and she is just a bit too muscular to look sexy to me.

Actually Youtube's got a shocking amount of very NSFW stuff on it. Boobies seem to be allowed, and there's some really, really explicit "medical" stuff as well.

No, I know that...I've seen plenty of vaginal exams and stuff like that on there, but that's not presented in a sexy way.

Plenty? Boning up for an exam, are we?

/If there's a way to present vaginal exams that isn't sexy, I don't want to know it

I'm no gynecologist, but I'll take a look.
2012-03-08 09:34:28 PM  

Teufelaffe: Lord Binky: I'm in the "hot" camp. I find the view that a woman with any muscle mass or tone "looks like a man" to be a patriarchal insult to women.

Especially when you consider that most of the men who make that comment likely look less like men than the women they are insulting. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking about moobs.

Hey. I'm a bi woman and a woman with a six pack and nice muscular arms and legs can be hot, but the women in the video is just a bit too bulky for my liking.

I don't really like overly bulky guys either.

Plus, guys and girls that are way outside of the norm as far as muscle mass also tend to spend the majority of their time in the gym too, which is an additional feature that is pretty annoying.

A couple hrs in the gym per day is fine. But I've known some body builders and the six+ hrs that these people spend there is a bit much, especially if they work a normal job, which means they essentially have no free time and aren't much fun *shrug*. Ok for a fling if you're into that body type, but not great for a relationship unless you're also a body builder (which is probably the reason most of them seem to date other body builders).
2012-03-08 10:01:43 PM  

evilboyevil: She can be natural and look like that.

It honestly depends on the woman. I can put on muscle like crazy if I start lifting. And my thighs were pretty big (not fat) when I road horses a lot. I could do some pretty impressive leg lifts for a small woman.
Genetics has a lot to do with it. I dunno why, but african-american chicks seem to put on muscle a lot easier than others for some reason. I've known a lot of black chicks that didn't really do much and were pretty toned and muscular. Look at Tina Turner, who always claimed she didn't specifically work out, yet she always looked muscular. Seems to be true of the guys too, because I knew quite a few black and white guys that worked out together doing about the same type and amount of exercises, but in general the white guys weren't as big and defined. Of course it does also help as far as the look of muscle definition if you have darker skin, which is why body builders tan.

Some women just don't build much bulk without help though. The use of drugs is pretty prevalent in body building, so there is a good chance she is not building muscle like that naturally, but she's not big enough to assume she HAS to be. A woman with the right genetics could easily get that big by properly targetting muscle groups, eating enough calories, fat and protein, and lifting enough weight. The woman in the video still looks pretty feminine though, so I'd suggest that if she is using hormones, it's not much. She also still has a feminine voice, which is not true of the women that are obviously using something.
2012-03-09 12:47:38 AM  
Brazillian late night shows? How many is that?
2012-03-09 12:53:52 AM  

Ihaveanevilparrot: Hey. I'm a bi woman and a woman with a six pack and nice muscular arms and legs can be hot, but the women in the video is just a bit too bulky for my liking.

I don't really like overly bulky guys either.

Ah, but you appear to just not like the overly muscled look, rather than saying "I don't like it because she looks like a man." It's just been my experience that most of the guys who say a muscular woman "looks like a man" look an awful lot the Pilsbury Dough Boy themselves.
2012-03-09 09:50:43 AM  

Standard Deviant: If you are a guy and you like that, you should just give guys a try. What's the worst that can happen?

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