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(theleafchronicle.com)   Tractor trailer dumps 52,200 pounds of soybeans on Firebird (pic)   ( theleafchronicle.com) divider line
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2003-10-23 06:38:35 PM  
[image from theleafchronicle.com too old to be available]
2003-10-23 07:08:32 PM  
I'll bet they are glad they spent extra for the T-top.
2003-10-23 08:04:07 PM  
For some reason I was expecting one of these:
[image from geocities.com too old to be available]
2003-10-23 08:22:08 PM  
Where's the mullet??

Somewhere, in a crash like this, there is going to be a mullet.
2003-10-23 10:19:51 PM  
[image from image.inkfrog.com too old to be available]
Is the original shot from a poor angle and is too dark to see anything or is it me?
2003-10-24 12:00:44 AM  
Why dumbass? This should get a hero tag for trashing one of those POS cars.
2003-10-24 12:01:08 AM  
Dude... where's my car?? oh there it is !
2003-10-24 12:03:18 AM  
That firebird was not hardcore.

2003-10-24 12:03:23 AM  
"The truck also leaked hydraulic fluid, which is flammable under extreme temperatures."
You mean like when it is near flame? Worst line ever.

2003-10-24 12:04:57 AM  
All those poor soybeans! (sobs)
2003-10-24 12:04:59 AM  
Tofu through the T-top!
2003-10-24 12:05:37 AM  
[image from mangydog.com too old to be available]
2003-10-24 12:06:14 AM  
Nah, hit it with liquid nitrogen and it'll burst into flame too.
2003-10-24 12:06:22 AM  
2003-10-24 12:06:32 AM  
Where's KIT when you need him.
2003-10-24 12:06:33 AM  
All those poor soybeans! (sobs)
2003-10-24 12:08:47 AM  
there goes another POS
2003-10-24 12:10:34 AM  
Reminds me of that scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" where the football player's car gets trashed :)
2003-10-24 12:11:19 AM  
I'm ok, everyone. Just needs a little Bondo...

espn.go.comView Full Size
2003-10-24 12:14:41 AM  
for some reason I was expecting one of these:

[image from mozilla.org too old to be available]
2003-10-24 12:16:11 AM  
hahaha... exactly where it belongs.
2003-10-24 12:17:08 AM  
McFly !?!?!? I'll get you for this !!!!
2003-10-24 12:18:56 AM  
We can fix it!

slash, awesome set of tools.
2003-10-24 12:19:23 AM  
Reminds my of college. We filled a guys vintage VW full of popcorn.
2003-10-24 12:19:52 AM  
"We'll never get the smell out of the upholstery."
-- as KITT would say
2003-10-24 12:22:25 AM  
that must soy suck.

They don't even make them stupid cars anymore...
2003-10-24 12:22:30 AM  
Say it isn't soy!!!!!
2003-10-24 12:26:44 AM  
1 down.
2003-10-24 12:31:00 AM  
They should have used rice - get it? rice burner? remember back when every Vietnamese immigrant had a firebird back in the eighties?
I got nothin'
2003-10-24 12:31:13 AM  
Talk about increasing your soya intake.
2003-10-24 12:32:39 AM  
If the rednecks were educated they would have made a vegetarian joke in the link description. Sigh.
2003-10-24 12:35:24 AM  
"This is a big mess," Perry said.

No shiat, genius.
2003-10-24 12:36:09 AM  
Wait, wait, wait!

Something happened to a FIREBIRD and it wasn't in New Jersey? What is this world coming to?
2003-10-24 12:47:36 AM  
(story continues)... and the dumped soyabeans actually caused an appreciation of value for the Firebird.

I thought Firebirds went out of style along with Max Headroom.
2003-10-24 01:02:16 AM  
Feetsza: for some reason I was expecting one of these:

My browser can handle all the beans you throw at it.
2003-10-24 01:19:04 AM  
At least nothing of value was destroyed.
2003-10-24 01:52:29 AM  
Ha ha! Pontiac.

heh heh heh...
2003-10-24 01:52:44 AM  
Beans, beans, the musical fruit
Spilled on a Firebird, they fark the commute

got nothin'
2003-10-24 01:58:38 AM  
In other news, PETA members dwindle as three quarters of their membership starve to death.
2003-10-24 02:15:31 AM  
"The truck also leaked hydraulic fluid, which is flammable under extreme temperatures, Clarksville Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Danny Perry said"

I love how they have to point out the worst case scenario on a truck of spilled beans. What's the flashpoint of hydraulic fluid (assuming it's for the power takeoff), around 300 to 400 degrees? Brake fluid around 700F?
2003-10-24 02:26:45 AM  
Pffft. That's a base Firebird, V6 and curvy body panels. If it was a WS-6 Firehawk, then it'd be a story.
2003-10-24 02:41:20 AM  
Biff Tannen?
2003-10-24 04:59:10 AM  
52 200 pounds = 23 677.5217 kilograms
2003-10-24 05:44:21 AM  
Ha! take that mozilla!
2003-10-24 06:19:40 AM  
"Manure!! I hate manure!"
2003-10-24 08:14:22 AM  
[image from citybeat.com too old to be available]
That's a real DUMBASS!
2003-10-24 08:57:32 AM  
What's with all the Firebird hating here? Last time I checked, a redneck couldn't afford a $30,000 (fully loaded, anyway) coupe with a Corvette engine/transmission.
2003-10-24 09:01:33 AM  
What's an Italian doing in Tennessee? Too bad it wasn't an IROC - I reek of canape's.
2003-10-24 09:12:12 AM  
Holy crap, that's Da Flame's car! Fo sheezy!
2003-10-24 09:26:30 AM  
Bah, no loss to the F-Body world. Was just a base 3.4l V6 '93 or '94 bird. And to anyone that thinks Firebirds are redneck cars, you might want to do some reading about the 4th gens, especially the LS1's. Probably one of the best performance values of the last 10 years and it was reliable and got good gas mileage too.

And FYI Turkeyhead, the Firehawk and WS6 aren't the same thing. Firehawk was SLP's aftermarket package and the WS6 version was done most recently by ASC.
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