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2012-02-27 05:58:52 PM  

ciberido: hubiestubert: The dumb ones are certainly getting louder...

Coincidentally, I'm reading the book Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free by Charles P. Pierce. Its premise is that Americans are becoming increasingly adverse to intelligence, knowledge, and science. It's pretty interesting.

It is also, I must warn you, not kind to conservatives.

Averse. The word is averse, not adverse.
2012-02-27 05:59:46 PM  

discgolfguru: Yup. When certain groups of people embrace their ignorance as some sort of badge of honor and scoff at "fancy college learnin'", it's a bad sign.

/ those folks vote in huge numbers, too

HEY!! How do you know my in-laws?
2012-02-27 06:05:06 PM  

JackieRabbit: MDGeist: No, but mean, hateful, and spiteful people do seem to be getting more air time to claim every one but them sucks.

I think you're onto something. Civility is considered unnecessary these days. I have known older people who we all knew could not stand one another. Yet they were always polite and cordial to one another in public. That sensibility is almost dead in America.

really? because I know plenty of older people who are hateful, angry and loud.

/the idea of some magical gentile age in the 50's or turn of the century(depends who you ask) is a myth usually perpetuated by people trying to "prove" that civilization is in decline.
2012-02-27 06:06:36 PM  

BobDeluxe: Somehow, I just knew that this Thread would Devolve into a Grammar nazi festival, with People picking on Grammatical usige, Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling Errors and what-not.

If you want to identify the dumb asses, just look for the ones that are nit-picking your posts. It is the best they can do.

Refuting claims about the decline in intelligence in the US with a linked reference to the Flynn effect is hardly a nit-pick, but hey, I also criticized people's grammar when they posted about being smarter and better-educated than kids today, so I must be a "dumb ass".

I don't suppose you could actually contribute to the debate? Perhaps with a thoughtful post, supporting your points with links to relevant information?
2012-02-27 06:10:07 PM  
As someone who has actually gone over some of the literature on the subject, the answer is actually "no".

Sorry to break it to ya, subs.

//Specialization isn't a reduction in overall intelligence, sorry.
2012-02-27 06:16:56 PM  
Probably. Birth control has been prevalent for about 3-4 generations. However, only the smartest people could read/figure it out. Therefore, the smartest people limited their breeding while the dumbest did not. Admittedly, I got this philosophy from the Eugenics website. It seems logical.
2012-02-27 06:19:28 PM  

hubiestubert: ciberido: hubiestubert: The dumb ones are certainly getting louder...

Coincidentally, I'm reading the book Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free by Charles P. Pierce. Its premise is that Americans are becoming increasingly adverse to intelligence, knowledge, and science. It's pretty interesting.

It is also, I must warn you, not kind to conservatives.

America has always been hard on it intellectuals. Even during the Revolution--and let's face it, our nation was founded by a passel of intellectual elites. But we have long valued the common touch--even while venerating Lincoln, it's not just that he had a staggering intellect and keen reasoning ability, but that it arose from such humble beginnings was very much a part of his appeal. We go through periods of celebrating the engineers, the inventors, those who write brilliant essays, but we often demand that they had best be in touch with the common man--and that means come from humble means. Which is sort of interesting with the charges of intellectual elitism from the Far Right with the President. The child of single Mom, who eventually got himself into a good schools, went toe to toe with legacies, and then went to work for those "community organizers" as opposed to a high power law firm, he should be a folk hero to those who say that the system works, and works well for opportunity to even the most downtrodden. Instead, you have folks lining up to take shots at him, because he got an education--and more, is very much a proponent of education as a means to beat poverty.

That's a dangerous message for some. Because there IS a class war right now--and it's being waged against the American people, by those who need a complacent labor pool that won't seek betterment, that won't seek higher wages, that won't seek to better their station, that won't look to move, that won't look to do more than take the wages they get, and breed more labor. A few can be patted upon the head, and be exampl ...

You are the first farker I've favourited.
2012-02-27 06:33:19 PM  

umad: patrick767: umad
whidbey: Explains all the blind hatred directed towards liberal arts education we hear so much about these days.

It totally makes sense that people would be more stupid when all they pursue is money while ignoring the real substance of life. It's almost funny.

stupid picture

Oh look, someone who shiats on the value of a liberal arts education. Learning how to think more clearly and critically while getting a well rounded education is horrible. Being a cog in the wheel is awesome.

Oh look, someone else who thinks you are only "educated" if you major in bullshiat feelgoodery that doesn't pay well. Being a well paid cog because of my degree is indeed awesome.

My degree's in English & Communication, with Writing & Theatre minors. I make my living building web applications, but it is primarily those allegedly useless skills that have made me successful in that career. Why? Because I learned how to listen, how to observe, how to empathize, how to analyze, how to strategize, how to plan, how to communicate, how to convince, and how to write -- all in those useless liberal arts classes about writing and putting on make-believe shows. (There are few better places to learn creative problem-solving and thinking on your feet than the theater!)

That's the stuff that's hard to outsource to some sweatshop full of code monkeys in Costa Rica or India. (The programming skills I mostly learned on my own.)

There's no shame in learning a trade or doing menial, manual labor for a living. And yeah, there are plenty of folks who display ill-founded "degree snobbery". I'm sure there are crappy schools out there churning out lazy schmucks with valueless diplomas -- but I was lucky enough to attend one of the good ones.
2012-02-27 06:37:12 PM  

TheR0CK: The irony of that link appearing on fark and this thread commenting on it is almost too much. But I guess the irony is lost on some of you......

This is FARK after all.

And yet, here you are.
2012-02-27 06:40:02 PM  

draypresct: You think your personal experience trumps the actual test data?

Yes. my experience actually happened. Statistical test data is... statistical.

And you think you were smarter in 5th grade than high school graduates (note: these words do not need to be capitalized) are today?

Basically, yes. (And the capitalization was for emphasis.)

One simple example:
Years ago, I served on a jury. The other jurors had decided to award the plaintiff a bunch of money (It being a civil trial, unanimity was not required, so my dissent didn't matter.) They wanted to award him $100,000. "But, what about his lawyer? He'll take a third!" one of the jurors said. So they decided to increase the award to $133,000.
Now, let's move back to 5th grade. Fred is presented with a math problem: A man is packing snacks for a hunting trip. However, his dog will eat one third of whatever he brings. How many ounces of food must he bring, in order to end up with 100 ounces himself?

As (I hope) you can see, they are the same problem. X - 1/3 X = 100. Solve for X. I'll leave the actual answer as an exercise for the class. (Hint: The jurors got it wrong with 133.)

So, as you can see, 5 grown adults a couple of years ago were unable to properly solve a math problem of a level that (when I was in school) was taught in 5th grade.

Now, I'm sure you'll claim this was 'just' one case, etc. And it is. One case out of hundreds I have witnessed, and many, many more I have heard about from others. I don't have the time or space to go into all of them.

You know, when I read your post, I realized something I hadn't thought of before. When you were a child, you didn't have much control over who you spent most of your time with. You went to the school your parents chose

I went to the Elementary school closest to my house. I went to the Jr. High School closest to my house. I went to the only High School in town. That's the way it was done. None of this 'pick your school' crap.

Perhaps you have a selection criteria for your jobs and friends that is unduly biased towards the lower end of the intelligence spectrum?

I work in a tech field (computers), so you'd think my coworkers would be at least in the top half of the spectrum.
2012-02-27 06:42:08 PM  

Two16: You are the first farker I've favourited.

I appreciate that, but I gotta build up a bigger Farkette following. ;)
2012-02-27 06:44:30 PM  
I don't know about society as a whole but I'm definitely getting dumber while reading this thread. Jesus Christo you guys are retarded.
2012-02-27 07:00:04 PM  

JackieRabbit: cgraves67: 2) we hold ourselves to a higher standard now than we used to. Functional illiteracy wasn't a barrier to being a functional adult in the industrial age and before when we were more agrarian. The kind of common sense that existed in that time would be of little use now. The modern world with its modern economy require more from a person, and we have a different species of common sense.

This isn't supported by the facts. Functional literacy has actually fallen in this country over the last three decades. Except in the poorest, most remote or dysfunctional areas, most children could read in the 19th century. Everyone I graduated from high school with could read at the college level. Yet my nephew, who graduated 20 years later (and who was considered a bright student, I may add) had terrible problems when he got out of the military and went to college. They discovered he could not read at a 4th grade level and had to take remedial courses.

Past generations were rather sophisticated in many ways -- ways that are lost to us today. Common sense will never become unnecessary, though it is a skill that seems to be being discarded. I believe that the modern economy requires less of us, not more. Most Americans today could not cope in and probably not survive the 18th century. We are too reliant on technology and have allowed it to replace the learning of basic skills.

You start off with the phrase "supported by the facts" and then give no facts whatsoever, only bald assertions and anecdotes. I'm not sure whether this means you failed to make your point or you succeeded brilliantly by being meta.
2012-02-27 07:04:36 PM  

Why are the headlines so NSS?

2012-02-27 07:10:54 PM  

Mr_Fabulous: Averse. The word is averse, not adverse.

No, I'm pretty sure the word I wanted was indeed adverse.
2012-02-27 07:27:05 PM  

hubiestubert: Two16: You are the first farker I've favourited.

I appreciate that, but I gotta build up a bigger Farkette following. ;)

Luckily for you, most Farkettes fit the bill.
2012-02-27 07:34:53 PM  

jvowles: My degree's in English & Communication...

That is all fine and dandy. You aren't the type of person I was talking about though. I was poking fun at the types that claim that you aren't educated, didn't learn any critical thinking skills, or don't know what is important in life unless you studied Liberal Arts. It is insulting, so I insulted them right back.
2012-02-27 07:45:59 PM  

MadAzza: LewDux: "Are People Getting Dumber?" = "Is my generation, me including is better and more special?"

Why am I the only one who has no idea what this is supposed to mean? "... me including is better" what the f*ck, over?

translation: Is my generation, myself included, better and more special than any other?
2012-02-27 07:52:26 PM  
Once again Widbey claims to know more than any other Farker. Those who claim great wisdom are often the stupidest amongst us.
2012-02-27 07:54:34 PM  

numbone: And some of us are able to take advantage of that fact.

[t3.gstatic.com image 197x256]

Has he ever trying on that hunter Thompson persona- it might just fit to the tee. Aviatar shades and a straw hat....
2012-02-27 08:02:14 PM  
i486.photobucket.comView Full Size

2012-02-27 08:09:52 PM  

Di Atribe: Lollipop165: hubiestubert: The dumb ones are certainly getting louder...

Naw, it is just that we can hear them better :-p They have more outlets to whine than they did many years ago.

Let's also not forget that they are not only given a megaphone for their stupid ideas, it's easier to commiserate with like-minded people. So they also get that validation that maybe they're not so wrong, after all.

See NAMBLA for ideas on exploiting this validation.
2012-02-27 08:48:38 PM  

limboslam: i486.photobucket.com

That has got to be one of the more idiotic anti protest arguments I've ever seen.
2012-02-27 09:14:58 PM  
Lotta dot edu guys in here.

2012-02-27 09:20:09 PM  

missinghiker: Lotta dot edu guys in here.


"Not I said the fly..."
2012-02-27 09:43:18 PM  

limboslam: [i486.photobucket.com image 640x429]

Yeah, because you should only protest in burlap sacks and barrels with suspenders.
2012-02-27 09:47:41 PM  

JackieRabbit: Dumber? No, I don't think so. Horrifically undereducated? Absolutely. We've always had an abundance of stupid people in the US. In the past, we were somewhat buffered from them and the ones we came in contact with could generally be ignored. But in the information age, we come in near daily (hourly?) contact with them. Today they have an audience: the internet

The problem is that nowadays unethical politicians pander to the stupid. Once, we could count on pols just ignoring and at the most, paying lip service to the dumbasses, because they were intelligent enough to plan for the future and the 'big picture'. Not any more. The current crop of bigoted, superstitious (they call themselves devoutly religious!), misogynistic and downright ignorant candidates on the right proves this out.
2012-02-27 10:58:23 PM  

SkunkWerks: fracas: Bill O'Reilly, on the other hand, would, and did, use "furled".

O'Reilly! His brows unfurled.

giantfreakinrobot.comView Full Size

/Shakka, when the walls fell.
2012-02-27 11:05:14 PM  
Through most of human history, it has been better to be alert than smart.
2012-02-27 11:46:46 PM  
Isn't this the Fark value proposition?
2012-02-28 02:03:18 AM  
it'll be a lot easier to talk about after the hippies die off, if you know what i mean...
2012-02-28 03:54:12 AM  
I think a simple 'Oh hell yea' would suffice.
2012-02-28 11:02:10 AM  

draypresct: fredklein: Display_Name: freedomguide.files.wordpress.com

Beer Online -- 12 a DAY KEEP DOC AWAY

'OW My Balls' - how is that substantially different from the plethora (that means 'alot') of 'Funny Home Video' shows that currently exist??

As for the adds on the screen- does anyone here even watch TV? They throw adds up align the edge(s) of the screen, overlaying the actual program. They trim scenes from syndicated shows to fit in more ads. They run ads over the credits. They play the end credits of one show under the opening credits of the next show, in order to fit in... more ads.

Idiocracy was supposedly 500 years in the future. in reality, it's more like 5.

Please tell me that was a joke.

Please tell me your misuse of "align" (I think you meant "along"), "adds" (I think you meant "ads"), etc. in a post about the decline in intelligence in the United States was meant to be funny.

Please tell me that you weren't serious when you used a television show as your primary example. Tell me that you do know that just because there are more television shows aimed at illiterates (e.g. Sesame Street), literacy rates have been increasing.

Please tell me that your irrelevant description of an increase in advertisements in a medium competing with pay cable was an example of surrealist humor, and not an attempt to bolster your argument with the point that, somehow, "more ads = dumber".


Why you don't have them ignored or set to a color to alert you that they're an idiot is beyond me. However, they're not joking. They don't have that capacity.
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