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1332 clicks; posted to Geek » on 22 Feb 2012 at 11:13 AM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-02-22 11:18:57 AM  
"earbuds" suck a$$. Give me a set of nice "cans" any day.
2012-02-22 11:20:57 AM  
Love my skull candy over the ear headphones, but I plan to go wireless in the near future.

/Ordered a Sony bluetooth.
/...maybe too soon, according to the article.
2012-02-22 11:36:26 AM  
Nice cans.

/You don't know what it's like to wear hard Bakelite cans for hours on end.
2012-02-22 11:41:49 AM  

dittybopper: Nice cans.

/You don't know what it's like to wear hard Bakelite cans for hours on end.

That's a cool link, thanks
2012-02-22 11:54:50 AM  
I recently treated myself to a set of Sony 7509HD's, and I'm a little disappointed in the low end. Super accurate and meant for engineering, so I suppose that's by design. Everything else is spectacular.
2012-02-22 11:59:04 AM  
I have two pair of Sennheiser HD 201s. They completely cover my ears, they sound great and they only cost $20. I don't get the appeal of Beats. Cost too much and they don't even look like they cover the entire ear. Waste of money.
2012-02-22 11:59:42 AM  
Link (new window)
Things are bombproof, but will eat your earlobes. There is a unique ear-sore that I associate with weapons loads. They're even better when you wear them outdoors in subzero conditions.

/I miss my old Sonar Shack Sony MDRs, those things were awesome. The pair I took when they decommed the boat don't work anymore, I broke the plug :[
2012-02-22 12:16:29 PM  
In increasing order of price/quality:

Sony MDR-V150
Sony MDR-V6 (out of production)
Sony MDR-7506

Though shalt have no other headphones before me.
2012-02-22 12:21:46 PM  
The 7506 is, indeed, a thing of beauty.
2012-02-22 12:37:14 PM  
i love my Sennheiser 280 Pros. they stick out pretty wide on top, so you look silly, but the sound is excellent, and they fit your ear perfectly.
2012-02-22 12:47:46 PM  
Sony is a joke and people that rely on their brand name are chumps.

If you want good cans, go here:

(Grado) Link (new window)
2012-02-22 01:00:02 PM  
are the beats by dr dre headphones even good? I assume with Monster making them the mark up started with them, and then Dr. Dre marked them up more.
2012-02-22 01:08:52 PM  
For just walking around, Sony MDR W08

No dangling ear bud cords to get in my way
Easy one hand removal
Decent frequency response
Under $10 a pop on eBay so when I break or lose them, no biggie

imgs.inkfrog.comView Full Size
2012-02-22 01:33:52 PM  

dittybopper: Nice cans.

/You don't know what it's like to wear hard Bakelite cans for hours on end.

Nerd98G-like typing detected.
2012-02-22 02:25:59 PM  
I just got some beats headphones and am wanting two no sum good songs to play on dem. Plz hlp?
2012-02-22 03:01:23 PM  

BretMavrik: dittybopper: Nice cans.

/You don't know what it's like to wear hard Bakelite cans for hours on end.

Nerd98G-like typing detected.

Son, I hate to tell you this, but I wasn't a Golf. Back in them days, before the great MI reorganization, intercept operators were 05's, and anal-cysts were 98's. And Golfs were strictly language intercept. It went like this:

05D - Direction Finding
05H - Morse Intercept
05K - Non-Morse Intercept
05G - Voice Intercept.

Some time after I got out, they reclassed 05 to 98, so for a while there were 98H Morse Interceptors, but as I understand it now they are reclassed as 98G with a Morse skill qualifier.

Let me tell you something, though: Ain't nobody can party like a hog.
2012-02-22 03:09:09 PM  
These are my headphones. They work just fine for me ;)

i42.tinypic.comView Full Size
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