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2001-11-10 12:10:24 AM  
Is that just another excuse to get wasted on beer? (like an excuse was ever necessary)
2001-11-10 12:22:10 AM  
just drink the damn beer
2001-11-10 12:24:15 AM  
I dunno. The beer seemed pretty passive. It look a long time for it to move.

2001-11-10 12:24:41 AM  
So this is how those russians learned chess...wonder how many beers it takes to be as good as Kasparov?
2001-11-10 12:38:26 AM  
Use shot glasses and stronger stuff!
2001-11-10 01:28:54 AM  
I like how they have to point out that the white-out isn't for drinking.
2001-11-10 01:42:12 AM  
but wouldnt the beer get warm like piss by the time you can drink it?
2001-11-10 01:50:42 AM  
you'll have plenty of time to think up drinking games when you're living IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!
[image from members.home.net too old to be available]
2001-11-10 01:51:07 AM  
2001-11-10 01:55:07 AM  
That pic looks like drew carrey until you focus more on it.
2001-11-10 01:55:55 AM  
tahahaha yes it does
2001-11-10 03:12:06 AM  
crazy uncle that was classic.....
2001-11-10 04:20:44 AM  
"If you're a chess monster, quit while you're ahead and let one of the losers drive you home."

Looks like I'd be getting a ride home...
2001-11-10 06:09:44 AM  
is it just me or is this not ironic considering it's from MEN HEALTH?
2001-11-10 09:56:49 AM  
ummmm... this is stupid, expensive, and time consuming to do, hence making it completely useless as a drinking game.

Beer pong is good... just take a door off it's hinges and drop it on a table, set up cups, throw ball... (at least that's how we did it)

Drinking card games... easy, just have a deck of cards.

Drinking Jeopardy (yes, my roomates and I were sick)... get a couple folks, beers, if you don't answer the question before someone on the show (including trebeck) you drink. Double for doubles, finish beer for final.

Drinking chess... just play chess, if you lose a piece, you drink a swig... play very fast, you only get a few seconds each turn, or else you drink (we'd have a timer, after ten seconds you have to "drink while you think")... hammered fast.

the point of drinking games is to get drunk easily with an amusing pretext, not spend time painting beer caps and hunting down coasters...

... and who the fark has 64 coasters, half dark, half light? I don't use a damn coaster unless my wife yells at me.
2001-11-10 12:31:14 PM  
This reminds me of that episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye and Trapper John were playing checkers with shots of gin. Every time one of them captured a 'checker' they'd drink the shot. Kings were crowned with an olive.
2001-11-12 03:41:59 AM  
I like pudding.
2001-12-06 10:15:06 AM  
big test
bold test
center test

2001-12-06 10:16:18 AM  
2001-12-06 11:13:16 AM  
2002-01-16 07:26:48 PM  
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