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(Some Guy)   One Of The Best Up And Coming Melodic Punk Bands!!!   ( divider line
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558 clicks; posted to Misc on 23 Oct 2003 at 3:33 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-10-23 6:57:31 PM  
Well, I hate punk in general, so I guess I won't be much help in reviewing your band. Sorry.
2003-10-23 11:16:46 PM  
In other words, there are no good up and coming melodic punk bands.
2003-10-24 12:27:02 AM  
Not bad. It's the kind of music I would generally give a favorable review to when I had the power to do so as a writer. Definitely alot of talent there. My only complaints are that the songs seem to be all the same tempo, even when they aren't and that the guitarists have to do something to change their sound between songs. Fiddle with the mid range etc., find a new distortion peddle.

Otherwise, sounds good.
2003-10-25 6:10:50 AM  
melodic punk?

so in other words, like, emo?
2003-10-25 1:31:45 PM  
Emo and melodic punk are 2 different styles....sorry
2003-10-25 1:52:48 PM  
Yeah, Ishkur, you should learn a bit about both.

For example, emo is about whining how much you are hurting on the inside.

Punk is now about singing about farking the Man, while jamming on your corporate LP SE II guitars.
2003-10-26 1:47:14 PM  
Emo and melodic punk
Hi, this is a message from an oldhead punker (the guy who looks like your dad at the clubs) and I think that I speak for the rest of the oldheads when I say,


You all sound like ninnies with your varying rigid mini-cliques. If you need to do this to feel important, than you are a moron. Next time you feel ANY NEED to correct someone because they mistakenly lump a 77' punk band that sounds like NOFX with the same genre as your favorite indie-rock ska band that sounds like NOFX, just SHUT UP. Eventually, you are going to see that all of these cheesy musical trends you slavishly follow are cyclical (in the late 80s/early 90s our At The Drive In was called Fugazi, all the garage rock now is rehashing the garage rock of the 60s in new and interesting ways). Save yourself some time and effort and group all music into two categories: MUSIC YOU LIKE and MUSIC YOU DON'T LIKE BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T BEEN EXPOSED TO THE RIGHT ARTIST YET. Unfortunately, these categories won't impress your trucker hat wearing friends, but you will be better in the long run for it. This will ALSO spare you the trouble of talking about how you were into the rebirth of GRUNGE (metal without the hair) before anyone else was.

(this message was brought to you by Brian 'a GRAVER is a disaffected GOTH scenester who became a RAVER' McGarry)

P.S. sorry Ish, didn't mean to do this again.
2003-10-26 7:20:23 PM  
I don't want melody in my punk.
2003-10-26 10:25:25 PM  
Not my bag, I'm a metalhead, but this is pretty decent. Definitely preferable to a lot of the Mainstream "punk" garbage out there. Your bass player rocks.

2003-10-26 11:13:57 PM  
Haha. Graver.

Half of me hopes you just made that up, half of me hopes it's true so I can laugh MORE about it, and half of me doesn't care.
2003-10-27 11:23:34 AM  
thanx Drfs
2003-10-27 4:29:07 PM  
SockMonkey: Here, Here.

BTW, I like Fugazi AND At the Drive In. Heard the new Mars Volta? Fantastic.
2003-10-27 7:40:37 PM  
Melodic Punk? Isn't that an oxymoron? Maybe an oxymormon.
2003-10-27 10:13:13 PM  
I hope your tourbus catches on fire.

Melodic Punk: Creating the illusion of creativity in order to attain the reality of 13 year old poon.
2003-10-27 10:48:46 PM  
Yeah, Sock Monkey speaks the truth. shut up. Don't start classifying rock like this or its gunna end up like Techno. Oh yes, Goa Trance Progressive Techno? I hate that, but I love Goa Trance Big Beat Techno! Shut up. Its absurd.
2003-10-28 12:25:25 AM  
Gonna? I just got into 'punk' last summer, and I thought it was SUPPOSED to be classified in all those various ways. Come to think of it, the analogy to techno descriptions is the best I've heard of.

Emo pop punk rock? WTF?
2003-10-28 3:37:48 AM  
Emo pop punk rock? WTF?
All varying of ways of saying, "We're beautiful and unique. No one does what we do." Which is all shiat but you understand. It's about as pathetic as all the bands refusing to be called metal because god forbid they accept that stigma of that label. No, they'd rather label themselves fusions of eight indistinct and utterly identical sub genres of whatever the label tells them is cool and will sell albums.. Moving on.

Only listened to one track, not my thing, but sounds pretty solid. You may have missed the boat by about a year but if it's what you dig, kudos. You have more dedication to writing music than I do.
2003-10-28 12:58:54 PM  
One Of The Best Up And Coming Overcapitalizations.
2003-10-28 2:57:25 PM  
So melodic means the vocalist doesnt scream as much... just a little less then normal? The quality of the recording is good but i havent heard anything catch me yet. Yes i review punk all the time, i am not sold on this.

I like riotgun.

Punk is an attitude not a sound.
2003-10-28 7:07:38 PM  
" melodic punk ".
give me a bloody break.
2003-10-29 10:50:28 AM  
here here.
i think the whole fusion thing has gone way too far. people are really bored and unimaginative these days.

melodic and punk do not go together. melodic implies too much effort and not enough of the visceral je ne sais quois that makes punk, well punk.

overproduced punk = pop = steaming grade a bullplop

besides the best punk stuff has already come and gone. most folks these days are pop acts or posers.
2003-10-29 11:49:46 AM  
Not bad, but I am more into Pop-A-Doodle.
2003-10-30 5:34:11 AM  
fark this shiat
2003-10-30 11:12:14 AM  
I have to agree with SockMonkeyHolocaust and Oowie has made the perfect statement: Punk is an attitude not a sound. Amen, b*tches.
2003-10-30 1:51:58 PM  
personally...when i think punk...i think the Ramones, the Clash, the Sex Pistols.....but maybe that's just me
2003-10-30 3:06:09 PM  
Emo, is different then Medolic, which is different from Skate Punk, which is different from Pop Punk, which is different from Hardcore, which is different then Oi....

Without all these lovely classifications you wouldn't be able to make fun of people for not really being "punk" because you listen to hardcore and they listen to emo.

Without music classification you also couldn't have the latest and greatest "cross-genre" hit.

Fark it, music has all become bloated and disgusting recently. Everyone has to create a new genre of music to cover up the fact that not many people have actaully created a new sound.
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