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(CNN)   Apple CEO Tim Cook announces plans to improve conditions at his slave shop. Wait a second, didn't he say just a week ago that nothing was wrong with them?   ( divider line
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2012-02-15 09:26:19 AM  
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bigpeeler: Tim Cook doesn't seem to be quite as good at damage control as his predecessor. It's all in the timing, Tim.

Uh, Steve Jobs just didn't give a shiat. Apple would release a statement saying "we know conditions have gotten worse, we're working on it" and the press would ignore the problem. Then a few months later another iPad would come out and everyone would forget about it.

Honestly, if Tim had just kept his mouth shut he would have Jobs "secret to damage control" down pat.
2012-02-15 04:04:42 PM  
1 vote:

thurstonxhowell: Cubansaltyballs: It comes off as a diversion. "Hey!! Why are you attacking us? We're not the only one doing it!!! If you're going to attack us, you have to attack everyone!!!"

Apple didn't say that, genius. That's a badly paraphrased version of what I said. Me. Down here. You can tell because it's not in the article. Or any other article. Just down here. With my name right above it. Just like it has my name above it last time I explained it to one of you morons.

This is not farking rocket surgery.

Yeah, that's the Fanboy line. They want Apple to be thought of as revolutionary for their products, but treated like everyone else when it comes to being responsible for how they're made.
2012-02-15 03:01:27 PM  
1 vote:

GreenAdder: sendtodave: It's probably as good a place as an unskilled migrate laborer could expect to work.

Migrant laborer? Did someone move to China from another country so they could get a sweet slave-labor manufacturing job?

Hukou system. People coming from the villages to the cities to work might as well be from another country. Or Mars.

Rural China is China's Mexico.
2012-02-15 02:40:16 PM  
1 vote:

LasersHurt: Cubansaltyballs: thurstonxhowell: Another article that leaves me wondering why we expect Apple, and only Apple, to answer for the labor practices at the largest exporter in China. I can't imagine the glee the people at Amazon feel as they watch Tim Cook roast for doing the exact same thing no one cares that they do.

Well, if they're all doing it, it must be ok, and if Apple is just like every other company they shouldn't be held to account.

It all seems sooo revolutionary.

Way to dodge the point. He didn't say it was okay, he just asked why all of the blame falls on Apple.

Because Apple's marketing push was, of course, that they're "different." The anti-"Big Brother", anti-establishment, "think differently" company, the one that used ethical distance as an advertising vector, is now protesting because we're not treating them the same as everyone else.

The blame for Apple's exploitation of cheap labor in China falls squarely, and solely, on Apple. Someone needs to remind them to remove the beam in their own eye before whining about the mote in the eyes of others, lest their whining turn public opinion against them.
2012-02-15 11:23:10 AM  
1 vote:
Have you never defended yourself in the heat of the moment only to go and reassess your character when you had time to think about it?

Arguer: You never listen to me!
You: All I ever do is listen to you! YAP YAP YAP, NAG NAG NAG!
Arguer: I wouldn't have to do that if you would just pay attention!

Then later you start to think about it and you realize the only time the arguer ever nags you is when you're engrossed in your internet or video game. Then you try to make a concerted effort to pay a little more attention to them. Maybe you pause the game, or take a break from Farking.

In this world, if you're making yourself better, you're getting worse.
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