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(CNN)   AeroMexico passengers may have killed drunken Austrian in their efforts to subdue him   ( divider line
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7135 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Oct 2003 at 4:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-20 05:02:55 PM  
Drunk austrian? That's redundant.
2003-10-20 05:04:12 PM  
Nice. I wonder if that ticket is refundable since he didn't fly the whole journey.
2003-10-20 05:04:46 PM  
Has anyone checked to make sure Ahnuld is okay?
2003-10-20 05:05:06 PM  
I know how this turns out cuz I saw the exact same story on CSI last week.

Nobody gets charged and the CSI guys have a debate about the ethics of restraining/assaulting an out of control passenger on an airline in the 21st century.

Also Michelle gets voted off the island.

- confusing my thursday nite TV shows...
2003-10-20 05:06:14 PM  
They should have just jettisoned his carcass over the Atlantic and spared everyone an unnecessary layover.
2003-10-20 05:06:54 PM  
Siess, who apparently was traveling alone and toting a bottle of whiskey

Bottle? That seems safe, let a drunk guy with a bottle of whiskey on the plane. I bet he stole everyone's peanuts too.
2003-10-20 05:07:18 PM  
"as many as 12 other passengers joined in a struggle to subdue him, then tied him up with belts and stockings"

stockings? Im glad those 12 passengers arrived safely to Paris for their bdsm conference.
2003-10-20 05:07:59 PM  
Flores de los muertos !
2003-10-20 05:09:24 PM  
there's plenty more where THAT came from.

g'day matey
(yes, I know)
2003-10-20 05:10:27 PM  
Hey, I saw this one on an episode of C.S.I.!
2003-10-20 05:12:28 PM  
Good, I'm glad the bastard is dead. He owed me $10, too!
2003-10-20 05:14:21 PM  
why does toting seem to be the thing to do with whisky?
2003-10-20 05:14:38 PM  
2003-10-20 05:16:00 PM  
AeroMexico frequent flyers get the non-leathal sedative and a free bottle of tequila for every 1000 air miles.

But I still fly skyhigh airlines.
2003-10-20 05:16:21 PM  
hey buddy, you mess with the bull and you get the horns!
wil [TotalFark]
2003-10-20 05:29:15 PM  
Counterpoint: He bought his ticket, he knew what it was getting into! I say, let 'em be subdued to death.

2003-10-20 05:30:57 PM  
Wil, you ignorant slut.
2003-10-20 05:31:50 PM  
This is why I don't drink and fly! Only got drunk on one trip to Germany and I can see this happening.Ya know ya get a little drunk and bored and you think,"Hell let's see what the captain is doin, I know that bastard is drinkin' too!!"
2003-10-20 05:38:27 PM  
Wow, the Mexicans are still pissed off about having an Austrian emperor imposed on them back in 1863.
2003-10-20 05:39:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Wil, you ignorant slut!

(now 60% funnier w/ HTMLey goodness...unfetchable my arse...)
2003-10-20 05:45:25 PM  
That sucks. He was just running a fever with some swelling of the brain, and the go and kick him to death.

The good news is, for whatever reason, it looks like Grissom is going to get laid out of the whole thing.
2003-10-20 05:49:25 PM  
People on planes are not putting up with much shiat these days...unruly passengers, drunks and terrorists beware.
2003-10-20 06:04:37 PM  

I did too.

Now I'll have to rifle through my CSI dvd collection to find it, and watch it Thursday night, because apparently CBS won't put first run episodes up against the World Series.
2003-10-20 06:15:42 PM  
Wasn't Wil quoting "Airplane!"?
2003-10-20 06:17:15 PM  
Ergh, I need some coffee.
2003-10-20 06:22:38 PM  
That was hilarious

Bill Wick's Friend
Before you call someone ignorant, be sure you aren't the one who is ignorant. Rent the movie Airplane! sometime for a revelation
2003-10-20 06:23:31 PM  
good thing they killed him. He might have taken control of the plane all by himself. Whew..are we lucky or what?
2003-10-20 06:39:29 PM  
CSI....what I thought of when I read about the story the first time. I wonder if the real CSI's can do the re-enactment as well as Grissom et al?

has a thing for Grissom and Warrick
2003-10-20 06:41:55 PM  
Yes, Wil was quoting Airplane and, yes, the "ignorant slut" line is from "point/counterpoint" on SNL's Weekend Update and, no, I didn't realize that you'd all be so frickin obtuse as to not be able to think laterally on your pop culture references.
2003-10-20 06:52:32 PM  
I didn't realize that you'd all be so frickin obtuse

Sir, you underestimate my aptitude for obtuseness.
2003-10-20 06:55:34 PM  
Its probably a regional thing. After all unruly people get killed on Southwest airlines too. :p

We dont up with that shiat in my part of the world.
2003-10-20 07:41:11 PM  
I didn't know the Queen had a morgue.
2003-10-20 08:21:12 PM  
Aww man.. I was hoping I'd get in here and be the only one to have seen that episode of CSI. Then I could make very witty and relevent commentary.

sulks away
2003-10-20 10:41:14 PM  
Charge the cockpit door = death.

So what's the problem here post-911?

Do you think if they were as successful as this in PA on 911 that we would have a bunch of asshat hijacker relatives sueing the airline? Probably.

I've advocated death by 3 inch pencil for anyone with airline rage or any behavior that jeoprodizes passenger safety. Want to know how it is done.. ask Gordin Liddy.
2003-10-21 12:32:45 AM  
The truth of the matter is that the circumstances surrounding this individuals death is still being investigated. Although it seems he was more of an obnoxious drunkard than a legitimate threat to the safety of the airplane. No doubt post September 11th fears agitated a situation that could have been resolved fairly rationally had it not been for passengers who felt that it was absolutely necessary to incapacitate this individual because of their own irrational worries.
2003-10-21 04:14:13 AM  
Good to see that post 9-11, assclownery is being dealt with. Hell, letting passengers deal with shiat like that on an aircraft is probably as good as having air marshals. You know that the next motherfarker that jumps up with a box cutter screaming "Allah hu akbar" is gonna get clipped one way or another.
2003-10-21 10:12:15 AM  
Good. the asshat got exactly what he deserved.
2003-10-21 02:07:10 PM  
On the one hand, the administered sedative may have interacted with the victim's blood alcohol and reduced oxygen levels to precipitate this medical tragedy.

On the other hand, nobody cares.
2003-10-21 05:44:48 PM  
I've been on a couple of AeroMexico flights... most frightening experience eva. Seriously... terrifying.
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