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951 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 30 Jan 2012 at 4:22 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-01-30 04:03:17 PM  
I hope to see this headline again in December. wtg Subby
2012-01-30 04:05:50 PM  
headline made me laugh. Good job, subby.
2012-01-30 04:08:41 PM  

Doesn't quite work as well.
2012-01-30 04:15:38 PM  
HOTY contender.
2012-01-30 04:18:58 PM  
HOTY finalist.
2012-01-30 04:25:10 PM  
Brilliant headline
2012-01-30 04:25:49 PM  
Fantastic headline!
2012-01-30 04:26:49 PM  
Subby is the winner.
2012-01-30 04:27:09 PM  
"Kisses On The Bottom"

2012-01-30 04:31:46 PM  
veggiemacabre.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Subby, you magnificent bastard! HOTY candidate.
2012-01-30 04:38:13 PM  

The file you seek could not be found, thankfully.
2012-01-30 04:45:55 PM  
2012-01-30 04:50:02 PM  
Very nice subby.
2012-01-30 04:50:19 PM  
Beautiful, subby.
2012-01-30 04:55:39 PM  
2012-01-30 05:00:59 PM  
You know you're looking at a great headline when all you can do is shake your head and say, "Damn, I wish I'd thought of that first."

Kudos, subby. Reveal yourself and take a bow.

2012-01-30 05:01:19 PM  
10: Naa, naa, naa, na-na-na, naa, na-na-na, naa, Hey Jude
20: GOTO 10
2012-01-30 05:01:30 PM  
Very nice headline.
2012-01-30 05:01:51 PM  
this should be on the main page, early lead in HOTY contest
2012-01-30 05:02:38 PM  
Very Nice Subby.
2012-01-30 05:04:49 PM  

It is interesting that he'll be doing videogames.
Why not? They've become an important media and the musical capabilities have come along way since bleep-bloop.
2012-01-30 05:06:20 PM  
One more for subby, +1
2012-01-30 05:11:03 PM  
I hope they don't have to nail Jesus down on the cross again to get Paul to write good music.
2012-01-30 05:11:38 PM  
Subby rocks!

2012-01-30 05:13:44 PM  
10: Starship 21ZNA9/

20: GOTO/VenusandMars/

2012-01-30 05:17:28 PM  
Very clever.
2012-01-30 05:18:58 PM  
Link (new window)
2012-01-30 05:20:40 PM  
Brilliant work Smitty
2012-01-30 05:25:01 PM  
Take a bow, subby.
2012-01-30 05:30:22 PM  
well played sir
2012-01-30 05:53:04 PM  
Another vote for HOTY and a deep bow to Subby
2012-01-30 05:56:33 PM  
HOTY easily.
2012-01-30 05:57:43 PM  
I hope some nostalgic exec at EA hires him on to do all of their major titles' soundtracks going forward.

For the Lulz.
2012-01-30 06:14:20 PM  
more love for subby...well done!
2012-01-30 06:38:23 PM  

PanicMan: "Kisses On The Bottom"


From the lyrics of an old standard that McCartney has recorded on his latest record (which is all old standards pretty much,) something about writing a letter with kisses on the bottom of it.
2012-01-30 06:39:59 PM  
Another vote for subby. Brilliant.
2012-01-30 06:47:17 PM  
Tempting to cough up five bucks to renew my TF just to +1 subby.

/+1 anyway
2012-01-30 06:58:13 PM  
Nice, subs. Very nice.
2012-01-30 07:05:45 PM  
Gotta say, I've been impressed with video game music more and more lately. LA Noire in particular had a fantastic soundtrack.
2012-01-30 07:16:19 PM  
First thing I thought: headline of the year.
I don't even know what it was last year, but none of them compare.
2012-01-30 07:26:11 PM  
Oh yes, very good. Very good indeed!
2012-01-30 07:26:48 PM  
"Kisses On The Bottom"


it refers to ending written letters (remember those?) with X's, or "kisses".
2012-01-30 07:52:32 PM  
Been done.

toplessrobot.comView Full Size
2012-01-30 08:44:01 PM  

PanicMan: "Kisses On The Bottom"


He's just being cheeky.
2012-01-30 10:05:05 PM  
Simply ha-ving a wonderful 'puter time.

/you're welcome
2012-01-30 10:24:41 PM  
+1 Subby.
2012-01-30 10:36:39 PM  
First off... Well played subby!

Secondly - I think this is a good thing. McCartney has been doing some fantastic solo stuff this past decade (the fireman, chaos and creation). He can still write amazing music so WTFN?
2012-01-30 11:17:38 PM  

I Mash Grains: C:\Moon

The file you seek could not be found, thankfully.

Also well played... But I kind of don't hate that tune.
2012-01-30 11:45:16 PM  
Boss headline, smitty.
2012-01-31 12:17:18 AM  
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