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2003-10-20 12:47:11 AM  
And spammers just loooove these lists when nobody cuts all those freaking headers off them.
2003-10-20 12:47:34 AM  
I think they just send them all to me.
2003-10-20 12:47:40 AM  
Yea, and its the same crap, 100 times
2003-10-20 12:50:00 AM  
should i feel good cause i dont get crap like that from my friends or feel bad cause i dont have alot of friends
2003-10-20 12:50:25 AM  
Usually I just delete those things, especially anything that says "forward this to 5 people or your wang gets cut off" or something like that.

We finally got my friends girlfriend to stop sending us those stupid chain e-mails. I don't mind the funny ones, except for the headers showing everyone who has received and sent the e-mail since the birth of christ.
2003-10-20 12:50:40 AM  
I can't tell you the amount of email addresses I've gotten off lists that business contacts have sent me but forgot to take off everyone elses....I guess I should thank the lord for making a plethora of stupid people.
2003-10-20 12:53:42 AM  
if I am feeling a bit evil i sometimes sign the person who sent it out for junk mail. And she wonders how they keep finding her.
2003-10-20 12:56:09 AM  
ladodger34 Here's how I stopped people (friends and relatives) from sending that chain letter garbage: I reminded them that I know a lot more about the internet than them and that I wouldn't hesitate to show them how it feels to be inundated with stuff you hate. I then reminded them of an ex-boyfriend who began receiving disturbing e-mails from old friends who were shocked to find out that he was gay (I gave him a nice little forwarding email from @gay.com or something like that, it was a while ago, but amusing for me never the less
2003-10-20 12:57:47 AM  
A friend of mine sent me a great "fwd about stupid forwards" email. I'd post it but I think it's a bit too long.
2003-10-20 12:58:24 AM  

I wouldn't even mind most of those things, but like I said, the headers irritate me. How hard is it to delete about a paragraph worth of text everytime you forward an email? When I get a joke thats more email addresses than joke, thats where I get pissed.
2003-10-20 01:00:30 AM  
These emails are why I hate AOLers...
2003-10-20 01:01:26 AM  
This crap has got to end.

Everyone, send out e-mails to all your frinds to stop forwarding chain letters. And don't forget them to email all of THEIR friends, just to get the word out.

2003-10-20 01:04:20 AM  
I agree with him 100%. they`re friggen annoying as hell.
2003-10-20 01:05:26 AM  
That story is quite informative. I am going to send it to everyone I know.
2003-10-20 01:07:40 AM  
I just set a filter up. If it has "Fwd: " in it, it gets trashed. If it's important, you'll cut & paste.
2003-10-20 01:13:52 AM  
My three sisters are notorious fowarders.
2003-10-20 01:18:26 AM  
Chain letters = shiat.
2003-10-20 01:18:34 AM  
In case anybody missed it, this means do not forward forwarded virus warnings or charity fundraisers or whatever.
2003-10-20 01:19:54 AM  
ladodger-yea, agreed, the worst part about those is finding the actual message. Getting 20k email with the only 'real' part being one stupid joke...20k, just for that. Sadly, I think that at least those of us on here (Fark) or any news group type thing, has advanced knowledge and perhaps too much awareness of things around the net. Just last week I got a forward (of course it was who knows how big seeing as how it was forwarded 100 times over) with the line 'POOR KID!' at the top and then those pictures of that supposed kid who was swallowed by an anaconda, etc, etc..... Sure, this somewhat interesting (although completely fake) like 4 FREAKING YEARS AGO WHEN I FIRST GOT IT.... I mean sheesh...get with the times people
2003-10-20 01:22:02 AM  
Have you ever noticed that those virus warnings are usually misinformed?

Like for example, someone sends you a horrible warning about the Blaster virus (just using it for an example), that says it is so bad and you should forward it to all your friends.

I always reply back to the people who send it with the real story. With the blaster example, I would have replied back "dammit, you don't even use XP or 2000", you don't have anything to worry about.
2003-10-20 01:22:51 AM  


Fwd's suck ass.
2003-10-20 01:23:18 AM  
Not usually. Always.
2003-10-20 01:25:20 AM  

I think your right about about the too much knowledge thing. Oh well, whatever. I probably get mails like this from friends that biatch because I put a firewall and virus scanner on their system. What a diack I am for doing that (oops, sorry, ranting here).
2003-10-20 01:27:17 AM  
Anyone else remember that FARK was created because Drew kept e-mailing funny links to his friends, and they got fed up with it?

Or something like that.
2003-10-20 01:29:05 AM  
how about the ones with all theose animated smileys and dancing things that look like something a pokemon puked up?
2003-10-20 01:30:11 AM  
Last time I read a forward was about 5 or 6 years ago. Some asshats kept forwarding the email as an .eml attachment, so I ended up opening attachment after attachment after attachment to get to the actual content - only to find out the joke was horribly lame. After that forwards went straight in the trash.

And don't forget for every person you forward this on to Microsoft will donate 5 cents to some child in Philadelphia with lukemia.
2003-10-20 01:32:50 AM  
I'm surprised I haven't seen this yet:
2003-10-20 01:34:58 AM  
Kaymon Yes, but I'm sure it was early enough in the day to not be the same links over and over again...... I mean it used to be great, back when people actually thought about what they were sending and who they were sending it to before they hit the forward button. Now everyone sends everything. But there is NO excuse for that chain mail stuff...
And ladodger Rant all you want..;-)
2003-10-20 01:35:52 AM  
"Passive virus" is what these chain emails are called. Benign texts that are passed from computer to computer by the user and not any program or executable file.
2003-10-20 01:37:10 AM  
Face it everyone, email is ruined. It was once a useful communications tool, now it is nothing but a huge pain in the ass.

Between forwards, viruses, spam, maintaining fake, semi-fake, and real addresses and trying to make sure my kids don't get porn in their inboxes I've lost all hope that it will return to its former useful glory any time soon.
2003-10-20 01:37:27 AM  
Thanks Kenzie:

Dude was blaiming his computer being slow on me installing a virus scanner. Nevermind that he has been running Shareaza non-stop.
2003-10-20 01:38:45 AM  
I've cured a few of my relatives and co-workers of chain forwarding (or they at least took me off their chain list, good enough) by making them look like idiots courtesy of Snopes.com and a few other websites.

I've received that "Teddy Bear Virus" warning from three different people, and I was always last out of about 30 or 40 people. So I hit reply all and congratulated them for deleting a perfectly harmless program, a Java Debugger.

Needless to say, after the original authors got 40 angry emails from everybody he "warned," it cured them of any further urges to forward.
2003-10-20 01:42:04 AM  
I still get the Nigerian Millionaire scam in my inbox weekly. Why don't they give it up already? Are there actaully people who haven't yet heard of this?
2003-10-20 01:43:08 AM  
Today I got a phoney picture of the 2003 blackout in North America.

I went to Snopes and found out of course that it is fake. Any forwared email you get is a hoax in one way or the other.

> Any line with ">" at the start isn't telling the complete truth.
2003-10-20 01:44:40 AM  
Sgt Otter

I've received that "Teddy Bear Virus" warning from three different people, and I was always last out of about 30 or 40 people. So I hit reply all and congratulated them for deleting a perfectly harmless program, a Java Debugger.

Needless to say, after the original authors got 40 angry emails from everybody he "warned," it cured them of any further urges to forward.

I made it a habit of replying to my idiot relatives who send me to the "email forward du jour" with the Snopes.com links debunking whatever the hell they were trying to foist off as the truth. I suspect they still forward all that crap, just not to me.

"Bill Gates is going to give you money. Forwarded because 'hey, you never know!'". Yeah, asshat, I know. You ain't getting shiat. I know how this stuff works and no one is tracking it because it can't be done. Stop being a moron before I come over there and smash your computer with a baseball bat because you are obviously too stupid to operate it properly.

The ruination of email by morons and assholes makes feetsza violently angry, because feetsza is a nerd and remembers back when email was useful and great.
2003-10-20 01:56:21 AM  
I solved my chain mail issues by setting a filter up to block all my relatives. It's not like they ever send me anything readable anyways.
2003-10-20 01:58:36 AM  
My mom sends me this shiat all the time. Occasionally, I'll send it back with the line , "If you're truly a Christian, you wouldn't be using guilt tactics on a person to prove themselves.

It shuts her up for maybe a week, then she starts in...with stuff she sent me last year.
2003-10-20 02:06:06 AM  
Either you keep your dumb friends, train them, or lose them. All tough to do.
2003-10-20 02:11:00 AM  
My next site update will have a breakdown of some of these spam chain letters/surveys. Hilarity will ensue.
2003-10-20 02:15:42 AM  
People are stupid.
2003-10-20 02:25:32 AM  
Hey I'm a Nigerian with millions of bucks somehow!

But I need your bank account number and a few grand to send you X% of my millions!
2003-10-20 02:36:59 AM  
Here, here. Always reply back with the requisit Snopes.com or Norton.com link debunking whatever urban myth/false virus scare they're trying to pawn off. I like to say "Do your research, first." Condesending bastard that I am.
2003-10-20 02:48:29 AM  
Feetsza, MailShell ( http://subversive.mailshell.com/ )does offer some protection against spam beyond what other email services do. The way it works is that you hand out a different key to everyone and if the key ever gets compromised by spam, you simply disable that key and you will never receive email with that key again.
2003-10-20 02:55:08 AM  
I just got a spam email from one of my old high school buddies. I told her that if she ever gives my email addres out to any website ever again, I'll farking kill her. Like, I'll gut her and then tie each of her limbs to a wild horse and masturbate while they rip her apart.

She hasn't written back yet.
2003-10-20 02:56:50 AM  
These email forward thingy the writer is on about. Is this something new? 'Cause I never heard of this problem before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
2003-10-20 02:57:41 AM  
I utterly loathe the "if you're my friend, you'll send this to all your friends and the person who sent it to you." I used to have a canned reply for those that said something like "look, you're my friend, and because you're my friend I don't send you obnoxious chain emails, I'm not going to send other people I actually like obnoxious chain emails, and if I really wanted to tell you what a great friend you were I'd sit down and write you an email instead of forwarding some crappy and badly-punctuated poem and guilting them into sending one back". I think I was nicer about it. Maybe.

And yeah, I reply to the virus hoaxes/urban legends with snopes.com too. Except that I get a lot of replies saying "yeah, I didn't know but I figured I'd send it just in case." Just in case *what*? Did you think it was a matter of such urgent importance that spending the 30 seconds to look it up was going to get someone killed before you could pass it on? People continue to amaze me, and not in a good way.
2003-10-20 03:05:45 AM  
Just in case? Hmmm.... I wonder if those people are the same people who "convert" to believing in the imaginary sky fairy of the Christians, just in case.... Hmmm, I wonder....
2003-10-20 03:06:00 AM  
I have no friends. Ergo. I have no chainletters.

Chain Letter problem solved.

Addressing much bigger problem of being horribly alone.

Solution pending.

can't win.
2003-10-20 03:14:30 AM  
I never get forwards (except those from virii), but my mother's sister constantly forwards all sorts of crap to her... However we have no idea what it is she's sending, cause my mother uses some crappy webmail that cant open the attachments and I'm running linux...
2003-10-20 03:58:19 AM  
if (length ($message{to} . $message{cc}) > 100) {Trash($message{id})}
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