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(NBC Miami)   1500 live turtles found in luggage at Indonesian airport. Security officials wary of yet another international shell game   ( divider line
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2012-01-28 08:17:35 AM  
They did not practice the art of invisibly.
2012-01-28 08:23:13 AM  
lh3.googleusercontent.comView Full Size
2012-01-28 09:04:50 AM  
I'll bet they stowed away at JFK.
2012-01-28 10:10:07 AM  
Turtles are becoming the next big smuggling item.

Seems that they are a big delicacy on China, and, the economic growth is increasing demand for turtles

In the SE USA, turtles are being hunted way over the authorized limits...mainly to be exported to China
2012-01-28 10:17:13 AM  
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2012-01-28 11:20:19 AM  
Hell of a headline, subby.

danacarvey.netView Full Size
2012-01-28 12:15:55 PM  
It's turtles all the way down.
2012-01-28 03:25:31 PM  
Indian and Chinese obsession with the rarest of rare cuisine and natural "virility boosters" is going to utterly destroy the ecology of the entire region. They're going through their version of our 1950s prosperity, everyone wants things that only royalty could have had a generation before, damn the consequences; at least in our case, American population was just plain too small at the time to do that much permanent damage. Quite a few shark, turtle, cuttlefish, and other relatively rare species are already suspected to be extinct, none being found in expeditions to their natural habitats recently.

For my part I've donated to charities dedicated to preserving SE Asian turtles, but I think it's a losing battle....
2012-01-28 04:03:54 PM  
They should cut one ball off of the smugglers and tell them if they get caught a second time they lose the other one. I think the smugglers would find a new line of work.
2012-01-28 05:51:57 PM  
+1 for the headline, subby
2012-01-28 08:10:43 PM  
If we drive turtles to extinction I am sure we would soon follow due to some karmic imbalance.
2012-01-28 08:47:44 PM  
/Feels their pain
2012-01-28 08:49:55 PM  
Let's try that again... Full Size

Feels their pain
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