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2012-01-19 01:25:39 PM  
6 votes:
All funeral/cremation/transportation expenses have been paid for 100% by donations from the Fark community. There are funds left over that will be rolled over into some type of account for his daughter to receive when she reaches the age of majority. There is a team of volunteers from the Fark community that work in financial advisory/investment fields that are working hard to research the best, safest way to go about accomplishing this. I would expect more specific details in regard to this effort to be posted later.

I remain in close, almost daily contact with his mother. She has asked that I post the following:

"I can't find words to thank them enough. I'm speechless and so proud to have had a son that they all thought so highly of. I've read and re-read all the nice things they've all said about him and it makes me cry but it also makes me proud"

She's talking about the comments about the original thread about his passing, which I sent to her. You all might also like to know that the vicar that performed his memorial service read the thread as well and used a lot of your kind words at the memorial service.

As for myself, I've seen the way the Fark community comes through for people before. You are some of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of "knowing" and I'm proud, honored and humbled to be a part of you.

No hyperbole here: I truly don't know what I would have done without those of you that have reached out to me and supported me and listened to me without judging. I can never repay you for the kindness shown to me and to Carl's family and memory.

Tl/dr: Thank you.
2012-01-19 01:28:49 PM  
2 votes:

casey.lurvs.bacon: Tl/dr: Thank you.

I'm sure that this time, that entire post will be read by everybody at least once, darlin.
2012-01-19 10:15:05 PM  
1 vote:
Tonight I'm sitting in a pub alone reminiscing the anniversary of my friend's death at 38. Even in my stint on TF, I was predominantly a Lurker so I don't recall ever interacting with RabidDog, but seeing his impact here makes me feel better about the online legacy my friend left as opposed to feeling sad about his "real life" obscurity. It's nice to get a reminder that online interactions can have a lasting positive impact.

Thanks to the Fark community for all your unintentional words of solace. Chalk up another positive to RabidDog's legacy.
2012-01-19 07:50:02 PM  
1 vote:


what would rabiddog want?

I can't and won't speak for someone who was obviously a good man but who I didn't personally know. If it were me, however, I'd want you to let my best friend and my mother (who it's been indicated more than once is reading the thread) to remember me in peace, without harassing them about something that's already been clearly stated more than once.

My condolences to the family for your tragic loss and thumbs up to Fark - you guys do manage to restore my faith in humanity some days.
2012-01-19 06:45:42 PM  
1 vote:

tenpoundsofcheese: here to help: Shyla: Seems to be more of a control issue honestly, but whatever. I think to the possibly hundreds of people that donated it would be the right thing to do.

uhhh... that's some pretty weird... logic?

Let's just remember how he lived. How he died is none of our business.

how he lived is our business, but not how he died? that is weird too.

what would rabiddog want?

I can tell you EXACTLY what he would have wanted. In his head, he would have said "I want you to pound sand up your arse" but he wouldn't have said it out loud because he wasn't rude. Out loud he would have said "I want curry and a beej, but I'll take BIE".

He was very polite.
2012-01-19 05:22:02 PM  
1 vote:

here to help: Shyla: So many people asking about the cause, but no response at all. Any reason for that?

Rabid was a great guy and 40 is too young!

I just think they don't want to discuss it. Probably too painful to talk about so it might be best to just put our curiosity aside.

Seems to be more of a control issue honestly, but whatever. I think to the possibly hundreds of people that donated it would be the right thing to do.
2012-01-19 04:46:47 PM  
1 vote:
I've been a member of Fark (and a TFette when I can pay) since 2006. I'm not a prolific poster, but I've been kicking around long enough... I can say that I've seen several threads where TFers have reached out to help our own, and each one has made me proud to be a part of this community.

I was unfortunately unable to contribute, but I sure as hell wish I could have. I'll have to PM Casey and see if there's any way to donate to his daughter's fund in the coming year.

Thanks to all the Farkers who donated and made it damn dusty in here. And thanks to Casey for being simply amazing.
2012-01-19 04:35:14 PM  
1 vote:

here to help: Oh thank goodness. I'm glad it all got worked out. Last I heard you guys were still trying to get him home and the college fund details hadn't been hammered out. Do you have a link to the donation page or some details? I'm pretty broke most of the time but I'd like toss a few backs at it every now and again.

He helped me with a lot of computer stuff and was just a decent dude in general. I owe him.

or should I just email one of you guys when I have some dough (casey and darkhorse that is)?

You are more than welcome to email either of us at any time. However, because of several other more pressing issues surrounding wrapping up his affairs, details on the child's fund are still not hammered out. Now that the funeral arrangements are finally all taken care of and paid for, the other few remaining issues are slowly resolving and more attention can be directed towards this issue.

In other words, as stated further up thread, " the financial professionals are working on a safe transparent means so Farkers don't have to just trust a middleman. They'll make a thread about it in the future, when things get hammered out."
2012-01-19 04:16:27 PM  
1 vote:
For being a class a group of folks are pretty damn cool.

I've only been posting on Fark for a couple years, but have been lurking through the forums for a very long time. I didn't know him, but from all the posts, he was obviously a great guy, and really sad to hear about his passing.

I'm glad to hear there are people looking after the future of his daughter, that's really awesome.
2012-01-19 03:43:40 PM  
1 vote:
We fight, call each other names, say hateful things, but at the end of the day, Fark is exactly like a family. Dysfunctional no doubt. But family just the same.
I'm happy to hear we as a Fark family covered all the expenses, and relived his real family of that burden.
2012-01-19 03:43:26 PM  
1 vote:
Im mostly a lurker on here but i have to say behind all those smartass/smug comments you guys have some decent hearts. good job
2012-01-19 02:56:21 PM  
1 vote:

Because People in power are Stupid: t eran_Carl_Wade.php (new window)

So I found that. What was it? Cancer? Lupis?

It's never Lupus.

2012-01-19 02:07:27 PM  
1 vote:

Lava Lamp Repairman: Thanks much for the update, and for getting this all rolling...he was one helluva good guy and deserved many, many more years.

Any chance this whole thing has been documented and saved for his daughter? She's so young her memories are bound to fade over the years...

/gotDAMN it's dusty in here...

I'm gonna work on that when I'm a less brittle. I'll have his ashes and an audio recording of his memorial service and I plan to put together some things for her for when she's 18.
2012-01-19 01:58:26 PM  
1 vote:

cowsspinach: casey.lurvs.bacon: cowsspinach: demonfaerie: I feel like I am lost, and that I do not remember RabidDog's passing. That sucks :(

WHAAaaaaT?!?!?! When was THIS?

I had no idea he passed away.

December 5, 2011

From what?

Here's the original thread from December 5, 2011 (new window).
2012-01-19 01:39:20 PM  
1 vote:
This should go green since the original did and I'm sure liters also contributed to the fund and would like an update.
2012-01-19 01:30:10 PM  
1 vote:

casey.lurvs.bacon: No hyperbole here

well i guess ill be on my way then
2012-01-19 01:30:08 PM  
1 vote:
I feel like I am lost, and that I do not remember RabidDog's passing. That sucks :(
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