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(TDC) Weeners Regis does show with pants unzipped. Wants co-host to warn him next time.   ( thedenverchannel.com) divider line
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2001-11-08 12:03:38 PM  
You guys: hurry up. I need a laugh.
2001-11-08 12:04:08 PM  
can't wait to get a shot of beaver country from Kelly
2001-11-08 12:06:18 PM  
Kelly told her co-host that the fly being down made her day because he's always so well groomed.
2001-11-08 12:06:43 PM  
Damn. My mind is blank ( I dont want to hear it). I cant think of any euphemisms about a man being unzipped. C'mon farkers lets hear yours.
2001-11-08 12:07:27 PM  
New Saudi punishment:
Tucking Regis' cock in.
2001-11-08 12:07:35 PM  
Next time she'll say,
"The pope is on the balcony."
2001-11-08 12:07:41 PM  
hey Reege, you got a license to peddle hot dogs?
2001-11-08 12:12:02 PM  
put a helmet on it soldier!
2001-11-08 12:13:28 PM  
Can you blow me where the Pampers is?

PS I'm quickly discovering that this quote is appropriate for over 50% of the stories on Fark.com. Exquisite.
2001-11-08 12:14:03 PM  
when they were searching for a co-host, they should have made beavis his sidekick.....

REGIS AND BEAVIS in the morning...

sort of has a nice ring to it don't ya think?
2001-11-08 12:16:43 PM  
Regis: Welcome to the show Tony. It's always a pleasure to meet the great Mr.Bennet. How have things been going for you?
Tony: Great, Reege, just great. Why just last week-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD what is coming out of your pants?!
2001-11-08 12:16:46 PM  
mmmm, Kelly is a babe
2001-11-08 12:19:08 PM  
Regis: Welcome to the show Tony. It's always a pleasure to meet the great Mr.Bennet. How have things been going for you?
Tony: Great, Reege, just great. Why just last week-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD what is coming out of your pants?!

Now that made me laugh out loud at work. I tried hard to stifle it, but to no avail. Thank you.
2001-11-08 12:21:21 PM  
and now its time to play, 'Who wants to Zip a Millionaire?'
2001-11-08 12:26:17 PM  
Dereliction: That was soooo funny. Thanks, I needed that.
2001-11-08 12:31:31 PM  
Hey Regis, your jolly dwarf is showing!!
2001-11-08 12:31:56 PM  
"And welcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy. Since that bastard Regis insisted on making a Celebrity Millionaire, I stand before you now, and battered and broken man."

2001-11-08 12:33:33 PM  
I think I could help ratings: Kathy Lee guest hosts, and has lez session with Kelly.

Special Guest: Portia de Rossi from Ally McBeal.
2001-11-08 12:35:54 PM  
Mr. Reiss got himself a new secretary. Maggie was young, sweet and polite.

One day while taking dictation, Maggie noticed his fly was open and, on leaving the room, she said "Oh, Mr Reiss, did you know that your barracks door is open?"

He did not understand her remark, but later on he happened to look down and saw that his zipper was open. He decided to have some fun with his new secretary. Calling her in, he asked "By the way, Miss Bolt, when you saw my barracks door open this morning, did you see a soldier standing at attention?" She was quite witty.

"Why, no, Mr. Reiss" she replied. "All I saw was a disabled veteran sitting on two old duffel bags."
2001-11-08 12:38:02 PM  
You know, i watch that show all the time and I missed it. Dammit. Unfortunately, I'm not sure any of us would've really noticed it.... Anyway, who wants to admit looking at a septagenarian's goodies?
2001-11-08 12:41:01 PM  
Joy is really laying down on the job here

2001-11-08 12:44:05 PM  
Maybe he was just trolling?
2001-11-08 12:45:56 PM  
Gelman captures Regis smuggling uranium in his pants
2001-11-08 12:56:20 PM  
Kelly to Regis in a frantic attempt to make him zip his pants the fark up!

The chicken is out of the coupe!
Your car is out of your garage!
The worm has left the hole!
The bird has left the tree.

OH MY GAWD.. zip that s|-|iat up...

*whole crowd gets silent*
and i mean do it the FARK NOW!!!!!!
*clow claps and applauses*
2001-11-08 12:59:54 PM  
But aren't there any pictures of him with his fly down? umm... nevermind.
2001-11-08 12:59:58 PM  
we've got a BLEEDER!
2001-11-08 01:05:15 PM  
ROFL OMAR... hehehehehee

I am umm stuck to my ummmmm self!!!!
2001-11-08 01:09:07 PM  
What can't get up can't get out.
2001-11-08 01:11:35 PM  
He had just finished masturbating with Benecol and forgot to pull up his fly.
2001-11-08 01:16:24 PM  
Hooray for old weeners.
2001-11-08 01:18:36 PM  
Elvis has left the building!
2001-11-08 01:24:21 PM  
She could always say, "Regis, the sausage has slipped out of the bun."
2001-11-08 01:38:00 PM  
"In the truth, an assembly made in the computer."
2001-11-08 01:48:26 PM  
Care to see my cloudy life-line of DEATH!?
2001-11-08 01:56:57 PM  
Just 'airing out' Little Reege.......
2001-11-08 02:01:53 PM  
breasts. thought it was gonna say boobies, didn't u? hehe.
2001-11-08 02:09:54 PM  
"Put the baloney pony back in the barn."
2001-11-08 02:21:21 PM  
"And special guest Jack Hanna with a one-eyed trouser snake...Kelly?"
2001-11-08 02:22:06 PM  
so.... Regis decided to let the Philben out for a bit of air.... *puzzled look* thought it would be an easy one to spoof on... ohh Fark it.....

2001-11-08 02:50:39 PM  
HeatMiser, PCU rules! I can't believe Comedy Central shows it on "Mastercheese Theater". It's a great movie.
2001-11-08 02:53:21 PM  
Regis shot back, "Nevermind, the tucking in, make sure it's zipped up."

2001-11-08 02:54:06 PM  
"All I saw was a disabled veteran sitting on two old duffel bags." LOL
2001-11-08 03:01:43 PM  
And now, the unveiling of the 4th lifeline...
2001-11-08 03:08:21 PM  
"psst, psst, XYZ " "examineyay oryay ipperzay!"
2001-11-08 03:24:00 PM  
Mr Regis man you are very unwise to unleash small eggroll of death when there is obviously no direct threat upon life.
2001-11-08 03:36:27 PM  
2001-11-08 03:58:11 PM  
Obviously, someone needs to get ahold of the episode and get a screen capture!
2001-11-08 05:19:30 PM  
I would just like to go on record to say that I feel this is an invalid use of the (ugly new) weeners tag.
It's like a Boobies tag on an article about Joan Rivers' blouse popping open on the red carpet. NO ONE wants to see that, either.
2001-11-08 05:31:38 PM  
Must be sweeps week.

I can imagine the old broads at the beauty shop squawking over this...
2001-11-08 08:40:27 PM  
Do you think he has enough to, you know, just . . fall-out?
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