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2001-11-08 12:01:31 PM  
2001-11-08 12:06:29 PM  
woohoo! My first article.
2001-11-08 12:12:26 PM  
"Oh, Muffin, you simply MUST have some at your next party! It's all the rage!"
2001-11-08 12:20:07 PM  
Gotta have em for midget tossing!
2001-11-08 12:21:08 PM  
and a moment of silence for Time Magazine's unofficial man of the year - Hank, the Angry Drunken Dwarf
2001-11-08 12:23:04 PM  
...and rightly so.
2001-11-08 12:31:07 PM  
Um, excuse me, but I believe the PC term for them is 'Goblins'
2001-11-08 12:37:25 PM  
From the article:

"Sean Rooney, spokesman for Jolly Dwarf, the N.J.-based company that manages Beetlejuice, says he and colleague Domenic Lucci (a.k.a. Big Pappa) like their jobs, especially with perks like limo rides and posing for photos with models. He also insists dwarves never get hurt, even when they're wrestling or hitting bowling pins head-first with a helmet on. "It's not demeaning to them. What else would they be doing? Stocking the bottom shelves at ShopRite?"

Half to admire the gall...
2001-11-08 12:44:38 PM  
"It's not demeaning to them. What else would they be doing? Stocking the bottom shelves at ShopRite?"

oh god, best quote ever.

Okay, honestly, if I could get payed 2,500 dollars for partying for 2 hours, and people would treat me like a celebrity... ummmmm ?
Add to that posing with models and being conveniently crotch-height....

why are people upset about this? Are they jealous?
2001-11-08 12:51:43 PM  
For some reason, this article reminds me of the South Park episode with the underwear gnomes.

Step Three: Profit!
2001-11-08 12:57:22 PM  
Baconfarker: LOL
2001-11-08 01:01:17 PM  
- any comment at all directed at beetlejuice

- "who, me?" beetlejuice.
2001-11-08 01:23:51 PM  
beetlejuice is the funniest bastard I have ever seen.

Me? I'm six foot four. Me? I weigh four hundred and fifty pounds.
Beetlejuice for Senator
2001-11-08 01:58:43 PM  
Hey.., little party people!
2001-11-08 02:53:38 PM  
"I'm not a midget. I'm a dwarf, you a**hole!"
[image from ak1.aka.eonline.com too old to be available]
2001-11-08 03:30:13 PM  
I miss Hank.
2001-11-08 03:42:35 PM  
ehh sigh..........goddamn dwarves
2001-11-08 03:54:32 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2001-11-08 05:42:45 PM  
"I've had it up to here with the likes of you people !!"
"Oh I'm sorry I thought you were circus midgets..."
2001-11-08 09:46:49 PM  
[image from jollydwarf.com too old to be available]
2001-11-09 12:16:22 AM  
"Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers"--Frank Zappa
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