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(Independent)   Pope may resign. Only other pope to do this was Celestine IV, who's claim to fame is introduction of a resignation option in 1294   ( divider line
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2003-10-15 11:51:20 PM  

Q. What term is used to say that a Pope has retired?
A. The act of resigning from office, retiring or renouncing a benefice or clerical dignity is called "abdication."

Q. Can the Pope abdicate?
A. In the 1980`s, concerned by the fact that medical advances can maintain a person`s life much longer, that there could exist the possibility of a Pope having to rule from a hospital bed, and in consideration of the arduous task of leading the Church, the Holy Father approved a revision to the Church`s Canon Law that now provides for the retirement of a Pope.

Should a Pope decide to abdicate, it must be voluntary. Since the College of Cardinals is responsible for the election of a successor, the Pope who abdicates must do so in the hands of the College of Cardinals.

Q. Have any Popes ever abdicated?
A. Yes. The following Popes have abdicated:

Marcellinus in 304 A.D.;
Liberius in 366 A.D.;
Benedict IX in 1045 A.D.;
Gregory VI in 1046 A.D.;
St. Celestine V in 1294 A.D.; and
Gregory XII in 1415 A.D.
2003-10-15 11:53:45 PM  
I got first dibs on the Popemobile!
2003-10-15 11:59:30 PM  
The Pope isn't going to abdicate. At least not willingly. He sees himself as being called to lead the Church until death. The College of Cardinals may push him out, but I doubt it would be of his doing, or with his full understanding.
2003-10-16 12:05:32 AM  
Lao Tsu, from the Tao:


Accept disgrace willingly.
Accept misfortune as the human condition.

What do you mean by "Accept disgrace willingly?"
Accept being unimportant.
Do not be concerned with loss or gain.
This is called "accepting disgrace willingly."

What do you mean by "Accept misfortune as the human condition?"
Misfortune comes from having a body.
Without a body, how could there be misfortune?

Surrender yourself humbly; then you can be trusted to care for all things.
Love the world as your own self; then you can truly care for all things.
2003-10-16 12:33:49 AM  
What's the problem with the current pope. The Mormon church was lead by a bed ridden vegetable for quite a while and it didn't affect their dogma any.
2003-10-16 12:48:16 AM  
It's "whose". But that's one of the more frequent grammar mistakes I make, so don't take it personally.
2003-10-16 12:50:27 AM  
Cool. Call this the Celestine Prophecy.
2003-10-16 12:51:03 AM  
CHOOSE ME! I will make sex, masturbation, sodomy, and drugs legal for all Catholics. And birth control.

Welcome your new Myrna overlord.

not on communion wine
not catholic
2003-10-16 12:51:22 AM  
Carl Weathers Vs. The Predator in the campaign for next Pope. Ahnold and Jesse Venture look up sharply....
2003-10-16 12:52:08 AM  
That Mr. Pope guy is supposed to pretty smart. It is said he can speak two languages!
Believe it...or don't believe it!
2003-10-16 12:53:06 AM  
"Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope, do you think he's a fool?" -Black Sabbath
2003-10-16 12:53:51 AM  
who's = whose

...but who's keeping track.
2003-10-16 12:54:58 AM  
How is this news any more recent than it's been for the past 5 or 8 years? Those cardinals have been calling on PJP to retire voluntarily for a long time due to his failing health. He's always told them basically, no fscking way I'm gonna retire, I'll die first.

His relatively young age doesn't make him a bad choice for your Death Pool, either.
2003-10-16 12:55:32 AM  
Why is this cool?
2003-10-16 12:55:36 AM  
Pope John XXIII had 6 weeks between his last appearance and his death.

No more public appearances/travel scheduled for JP2... October 16 + 6 weeks = just about time for my Nov. 21 date to hit in the office Pope pool!
2003-10-16 12:55:54 AM  
Its a shame, if he hadn't been SHOT he would have lasted alot longer.

I think he should stay till he dies. He's been a good Pope.
2003-10-16 12:55:57 AM  
Why is this cool?
2003-10-16 12:56:38 AM  
Yeah, why IS this cool?
Why do people submit crap?
2003-10-16 12:57:07 AM  
Why do people keep reporting shiat about a dying man leading a dead church? Who cares?
2003-10-16 01:00:22 AM  
maybe it got the cool factor because whoever posted this, and subsequently approved it, had no idea that the papal throne wasn't necessarily 'to the death.'
2003-10-16 01:02:03 AM  
Bartman, you magnificent bastard!!

I read your book!!!
2003-10-16 01:02:20 AM  

2003-10-16 01:02:23 AM  

On the first count drunk You could be a catholic priest.
On the second count not on communion wine You are not yet discounted as being a catholic priest.
On the third count not catholic That could be a sticking point (plus that whole not having a penis thing).

Feh, 2 out of 4 ain't bad.

BTW not catholic either
2003-10-16 01:02:54 AM  
I don't think the pope is quite there anymore. Everytime I see him he has a faraway look in his eyes. My grandma is more in touch with reality than him, and that's saying a lot.
2003-10-16 01:07:26 AM  
MyrnaMinkoff for president!
2003-10-16 01:07:32 AM  
It doesn't farking matter: the current worthless senile piece of human debris can hurry up and die so the next worthless senile piece of human debris can pick up where the last Paul left off: Going to desolate shiathole "third-world" nations to tell all the worthless human refuse to keep reproducing like flies because "G-d" wants them to.
2003-10-16 01:08:08 AM  
Bartman, you magnificent bastard!!

I read your book!!!

Now THAT, my friends, is a hilarious yet utterly nonsensical posting.

Patton would fire his ivory Colts in the air to honor you.
2003-10-16 01:10:51 AM  
Well, it would be nice to see the Catholic church reconsider its stance on birth control. That would really help a lot of places around the world.

I'm not sure if it would happen though. The church tends to be rather careful about directly conflicting previous edicts. Wouldn't want to appear like the pope is a human being and not a god-inspired mouthpiece.
2003-10-16 01:18:03 AM  
I wonder why Pope fashion props never caught on. Always wanted one of those super-big-hats. And those curly-toed shoes. Is those what Jesus used to hang in ?
2003-10-16 01:19:01 AM  
How does the pope relate to the church? thats one thing i never found out
2003-10-16 01:19:53 AM  
Feh, 2 out of 4 ain't bad.

I could go through the magic ceremony thingie. And I could buy a penis. What? It must be attached? Feh.

My grandma is more in touch with reality than him, and that's saying a lot.

So's my gramma. And she's dead.

I think the cool tag refers to the history-making aspect of the story, not necessarily to the fact that the pope is an old coot thisclose to going to God. It's never really cool when people get old and die. That's sad shiat.
2003-10-16 01:20:06 AM  
Thank you, Mr. Poo Pants...
2003-10-16 01:21:06 AM  
it's called a Mitre. Apparently you aren't a big crossword puzzle fan.
2003-10-16 01:21:12 AM  
Myrna, you look like that chick from SNL...
2003-10-16 01:21:22 AM  
I wonder why people who don't care about the Catholic church are even concerned with Pope John Paul II.

The church DOES approve of the birth control pill. However, it consists of holding an asprin with both your knees. :)
2003-10-16 01:23:29 AM  
The church DOES approve of the birth control pill. However, it consists of holding an asprin with both your knees.

That's only approved if you're unmarried. Or not fertile at that time of the month. The rest of the time you're supposed to fark like rabbits (but be careful not to enjoy it) to create lots of kids to tithe to the church and overwealm the heretics.
2003-10-16 01:24:41 AM  
I'm still waiting... for that ultimate cool day that i thought would always come once i became conscious.
2003-10-16 01:26:44 AM  
What kind of smoke comes out of the Vatican if the pope resigns?
2003-10-16 01:27:07 AM  
So I wonder if at least one of the cardinals suggested pushing him down the stairs vice having to mess around with that retirement messiness.
2003-10-16 01:27:36 AM  
I know it is horribly uncharacteristic of me, but:

"kekeke faithful rush yuo base ^____^"

The Catholic Church is a business, plain and simple. Ensuring that they have a future clientele is just a wise business endeavor, whether they are African pygmies duped into buying Catholicism or if they are people seeking absolution of responsibility for their own fate - which is essentially what religion is, much more than introducing some notion of a great significance of life into the uncultivated heads of the masses.
2003-10-16 01:28:53 AM  
going to God isn't sad at all
2003-10-16 01:29:51 AM  

Q. Have any Popes ever abdicated?
A. Yes. The following Popes have abdicated:

Marcellinus in 304 A.D.

Pope St. Marcellinus was accused by Donatist heretics of having handed over the sacred books. Some went so far as to accuse him of having sacrificed to idols. The Liber Pontificalis repeats this but adds that St. Marcellinus repented and died a martyr. Actually it is not certain either that St. Marcellinus weakened or that he was a martyr. St. Augustine denies openly that the Pope had weakened, and there is no conclusive evidence of his having been killed.

At any rate, St. Marcellinus did die a confessor of Christ in 304. According to the Liber Pontificalis, after his head was cut off, his body, along with those of other martyrs, was left lying on the street for twenty- six days to terrify the Christians.

ST. Marcellinus, 296 - 304 AD

Given the church's policy of distorting any and all facts at their disposal, I didn't even bother looking at the rest of the list.

However, on the Independent's article:

Celestine IV only lasted 17 days in 1241.

St Celestine V was the one who resigned/abdicated/saw the light in 1294.
2003-10-16 01:30:08 AM  
What a wimp.
2003-10-16 01:31:53 AM  
going to God isn't sad at all

Well, that's assuming that he isn't going to, you know, throw the guy/chick into eternal hell-fire. That would be pretty freaking sad.
2003-10-16 01:40:30 AM  
Six weeks ago he was near death, yet he appears in public a few days later.

Now he is going to resign?

Sounds like the press is just doing speculation.
2003-10-16 01:43:42 AM  
Perfect opportunity for a revamp in Catholicism! Catholicism Wow! Whoo!
Let's use some more of these !!!! k? Yeah.
2003-10-16 01:44:04 AM  
Myrna --

You have a helluva cute dog, as well as a balcony one could do Shakespeare from. (or is that an illusion from the camera angle?)
You got my vote fer pope, anyhow. A helluva lot cuter than Arnold...
2003-10-16 01:46:14 AM  
If anything, this deserves a Sad tag. Not only is the world closer to losing one of the best pontiffs ever, but his position is being fought over by a bunch of grown men who should know better. If the cardinals mentioned in the article were so devoted to their faith, they'd leave it up to God to see who becomes the next Pope, not their own politicking.
2003-10-16 01:46:55 AM  

Given the church's policy of distorting any and all facts at their disposal, I didn't even bother looking at the rest of the list.

after posting that i did see that bit you posted on another site. not being catholic (and a bit tired & drunk) myself i honestly didn't bother checking the rest. but considering the long and sordid past of the papacy i doubt jpj-dos resigning/abdicating/going awol would be the first.

i read a book awhile ago that was a brief history of the papacy. it was about 400 pages if memory serves me correctly. i don't remember the title. but considering the political shenanigans of the middle ages and the renaissance it was pretty interesting.

i think tomorrow i'm gonna dig into my 'abbingdon dictionary of living religions' and see what's what.

or maybe i'll drink a bunch of beer and watch tv. it's sort of a toss-up on the productivity priority list.
2003-10-16 01:47:06 AM  

More like, Sad.
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