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(OKHenderson)   "Republican candidates more interested in defeating Obama than rebuilding America" says known socialist Obama supporter Mike Huckabee (R-Arkansas)   ( okhenderson.com) divider line
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2012-01-04 01:59:01 AM  

Gyrfalcon: ipsofacto: Looks like Santorum knows his way around a caucus.

Did you mean coccyx?

No, I mean penis.

2012-01-04 08:08:41 AM  
The only way America is ever going to recover is by removing Obama from office.
2012-01-04 10:02:10 AM  

Car_Ramrod: [img36.imageshack.us image 524x212]

Way to fight the battle of ideas, RON.

Much like the newsletter that went out under his name for two decades, anything written that was improper was simply the unfortunate result of an overzealous staffer. Dr. Paul had no knowledge of the offending tweet and the matter is being handled internally.
2012-01-04 04:30:00 PM  

The Larch: Knara: "Class warfare" coming from a Conservative is a dog-whistle for those who think that, in spite of the fact that they're currently eating spam and ramen while working at the only job their GED will qualify them for, it's Obama keeping their "ship from coming in" with ethereal waves of Muslim Socialism.

No, it's not. The people on the second rung of the ladder know they're on the second rung of the ladder, and they know they're never going to move up very far.

But the people on the second rung also know who's on the bottom rung. "Class warfare" is a dog whistle word about making sure that the folks on the bottom rung stay in their place, and making sure they don't get all uppity and try to move up up a couple rungs.

Now, normally politicians like to stick to the dog whistle words like class warfare, because coming right out and saying who's on the bottom rung is a pretty bad idea. But sometimes a guy like Santorum will just came right out and said it out loud. The type of folks who are going to vote for Santorum are pretty close to the bottom, and they're never going to move, but they know who's lower, and Santorum promised to keep a boot on their head so they stay there.

IMHO, that was the main message of the final South Park episode of the most recent season, "The Poor Kid." Matt & Trey make all sorts of sociopolitical satire in almost every episode, and this one was no exception. You had the slams at agnostics, at the foster care system, at reality TV shows focusing on the misfortunes of others, etc., and many fans commented on those, but few seem to notice the bigger message:

Cartman was just fine with being the second poorest kid in the school, so long as he had somebody to look down on and rag on for being poorer still. When Kenny was taken away and Cartman took his place on the bottom rung, he couldn't stand it. When he found himself in Kenny's foster school, he found someone else he could rag on for being even poorer, complete with a twenty-minute musical number ending in fireworks insulting that kid.

Cartman in that episode represented the modern GOP base. The GOP leaders and Faux News, under the direction of the Brothers Koch, Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch (et al), manipulate them to keep them thinking that way, to their own detriment and ultimately the detriment of us all.
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