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52440 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2003 at 7:19 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-14 12:48:15 AM  
Dude needs to take a course in English before he goes and makes webpages.

1)Super Mario Brother's 3

2)Don't get me wrong I love the game. But the ending is super weak. you get to the final boss who is this cat like looking thing, and he is easy as hell to beat.

I rest my case.
2003-10-14 12:54:11 AM  
"Congratulations. Your all mission is all over.. Thank you for playing.. Your great player.. This game was ended"

That is classic.
2003-10-14 12:57:32 AM  
"Congratulations. Your all mission is all over.. Thank you for playing.. Your great player.. This game was ended"

That is classic.
2003-10-14 03:32:11 AM  
Wow the first five games were games I could never get (Always got stuck on world 2 in adventure island and on the boss of the fourth level on batman.
2003-10-14 07:22:43 AM  
A cool premise. Poorly executed.
2003-10-14 07:26:32 AM  
man why so much hatred for mario 2? I still think it was one of the best games for nintendo ever, was much better than the first, and IMO, better than the third, which seems to get everyone all moist.
2003-10-14 07:26:43 AM  
Best ending to an NES game goes to Bionic Commando. I swear to god the leader of the Avar Empire looked exactly like Hitler.
2003-10-14 07:27:19 AM  
soar spot?

/nuff said
2003-10-14 07:30:40 AM  
I played through Mario 3 on an emulator a few months ago at school in a couple nights and was reminded of how much the ending sucks. And to think I could have been studying at the time.
2003-10-14 07:32:14 AM  
I remember most of those. And yes, I'd get pissed off after spending hours playing a game and get rewarded with crap.
2003-10-14 07:32:22 AM  
"your skill has improved by your not a real hero. The end"

How tough is it to get the sentence correct when you have a screenshot of it right there?
2003-10-14 07:32:49 AM  

this game brings back so many memories for me. And not just Fred Savage memories. But I totally farking loved this game when it came out. I knew all the cheats and stuff, but I refused to use them, I wanted to win this on my own just like I did with Mario 1 ( Mario 2 however was a farking travesty, one of the worst games ever). anyways. It took me a while to beat this I'll admit. Since everyone else was beating it with their nintendo power codes, and calling the nintendo hotline for tips. But finally one day, I hunkered down, and managed to beat it. And when I got to the end I almost cried. It was the lamest, cheesiest thing I had ever seen. "Thank you but out Princess is in another castle.. Just kidding. ha ha ha Bye bye? " WHAT THE fark IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? I remember staring blankley at my TV for like 2 days waiting for something else. But nothing ever happened. Curtain came down, showed all thw worlds, then started over. To this day I still hold a soar spot in my heart because of this ending.

I think that all this video-game obsession is the cause of this guy's inability to spell or apply common rules of capitalization. I blame Mario.
2003-10-14 07:33:22 AM  
The owner of this site needs more English as a Second Language courses.
2003-10-14 07:34:54 AM  
While the inability to spell is annoying, it technically has nothing to do with your intelligence.

Unfortunately, the sentence structure is shi-ite and the guy sounds like he's ranting, not writing. I give it a thumbs down.
2003-10-14 07:39:26 AM  
DJDIMMY: Agreed, Mario 2 was an awesome game in it's day. I still liked Mario 3 better, but Mario 2 still took a lot of my childhood...
2003-10-14 07:40:17 AM  
Oops: it's = its in my above post before anyone attacks me, I'm not like the article writer I promise!
2003-10-14 07:42:01 AM  
Elwood : Illinois Grammar Nazis.

Jake: I hate Illinois Grammar Nazis.
2003-10-14 07:45:02 AM  
They should award porn clips at the end of hard games, or perhaps and hotline to call for somesort of rebate on your next game.

I dunno

Crappy endings didnt just stop with Nintendo. Most games have crappy endings. Porn and money, I want!!11
2003-10-14 07:45:15 AM  
Exactly how is this "cool"?

Cool is over-used these days.

(Much like 'ironic')
2003-10-14 07:46:10 AM  
speaking of bad games.. I just won halo..

oh.. bad ENDINGS... well speaking of bad endings, I just won halo.
2003-10-14 07:48:52 AM  
a* not and^^^^^ :D

poor grammar adds to the childishness of it, which adds to the reminiscing of childhood and the memories of frustratingly crappy endings

I dunno

I once pleasured myself when I unlocked Madden cards to reveal pics of cheerleaders
2003-10-14 07:52:34 AM  
I always thought the ending to Rampage for the NES sucked. You finally fought your way through like 200 cities, and it just said: Congratulations! You win! Or some BS ending like that...
2003-10-14 07:54:34 AM  
All your top xx lists are belong to suck.

Remember kids, "Winners don't do drugs".
2003-10-14 07:55:39 AM  
What the fark. Did Rolling Stone write this list too?
Where the fark is Karnov: "You beat it good?"

That kid is as l33t as a thumb tack.
2003-10-14 07:56:25 AM  
That was god damn worthless. Besides, it was an 8-bit console, what's he expect, farking Masterpiece Theater?
2003-10-14 07:58:32 AM  
Anyone completed Draken: Order of the Flame? It had the lamest ending ever, you've been trying to rescue your brother the entire game and then he turns into a monster (the final boss) and when you kill that ... The end!

Or what about Die By The Sword, where once you had rescued your sweetheart, you just go like "try not to be kidnapped so easily again" (or something similar)....

And what about Monkey Island 2? Jesus, at least the game was farking great, and the ending made sense when you played MI3, but when you were playing MI2 (on a Amiga no less) it sucked...

And American McGee's Alice? Gee, give me a farking break, I was expecting something more interesting when the game had been so interesting all the way through, and then this?!? *gags* At least the game play was great.
2003-10-14 07:59:07 AM  
if you think this website Check out the section on worlds worst websites... now those are bad.

mario 2 was the best mario in my opinion, but what would I know I have never owned a Nintendo

2003-10-14 07:59:22 AM  
Tis not the ending, but the journey that matters.
I can't really think of any real good memorable endings on the NES, they didn't start getting good until the SNES in all of its 16-bit fury. I was young at the time and didn't care what the actual ending was, just as long as I beat the game before they did.

I wanna see a list of NES games with the greatest replay value. Right off the top of my head, I played through River City Ransom at least 5 times. That was a good game.

2003-10-14 08:00:08 AM  
THEOHTERBILLY I was totally going to post that. Bionic Commando was the best. The guy looked exactly like Hitler. And then his head explodes!!!! I was 10 or so at the time and I was like "No way!!! That was sweet!!!!" And Super Mario Brothers 2 ruled also.
2003-10-14 08:02:06 AM  
And what about Monkey Island 2? Jesus, at least the game was farking great, and the ending made sense when you played MI3, but when you were playing MI2 (on a Amiga no less) it sucked...

Noo, the ending was excellent!

"Guybrush... help me remove this mask..."
2003-10-14 08:04:39 AM  
DJArcas, I was so dissapointed at the ending when I played it, but once you play MI3 it all makes much more sense. =)
2003-10-14 08:04:45 AM  


You beat the FARK!

Thank you for playing!


2003-10-14 08:05:15 AM  
Apparently, the author never played Ninja Gaiden 3...
2003-10-14 08:05:20 AM  
This needs the
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag. He was making fun of the inability of japanese programmers to speak english, yet he speaks it poorly even by fark standards. Or maybe this was just
img.fark.netView Full Size
and it's too deep for me.
2003-10-14 08:07:42 AM  
That story may have sucked, but there's a funnier one down further on Linux users.
2003-10-14 08:07:42 AM  
DjArcas - Amen.

The Monkey Island series was a work of Genius... the ending to Monkey Island 2 was brilliant! I still to this day play monkey island 1, 2, 3 and 4 when i feel i have nothing better to do!
2003-10-14 08:08:47 AM  
Ahh, this brings back memories....
2003-10-14 08:08:53 AM  
Castlevania should have been on there. One of the best games ever, ruined...well, not completely ruined, by the worst ending ever.
2003-10-14 08:09:00 AM  
Sweet buttered Moses! Was there ever an ending for a Nintendo game that wasn't a congratulation screen and some crappy image?

Was this guy expecting some Oscar calibre wrap-ups Super Mario 3? You're rescuing a damn princess! Do you really expect a complex ending to such a simple concept? Rescue the princess!!!!

Not to mention he forgot Castlevania, which for an extremely difficult game had a really poor ending. It was just a shot of Dracula's castle with some cheesy credits listing Christopher Lee as Dracula.
2003-10-14 08:09:21 AM  
Your article is very nice, Billy, but the assignment was "How I spent my summer vacation"...
2003-10-14 08:12:14 AM  
That webpage ended with disappointment.
2003-10-14 08:16:02 AM  
2003-10-14 08:16:21 AM  
Geez, reading that page hurt my eyes. I seriously hope this guy didn't actually play all those games to the end.

And why the "cool" tag? I'm thinking more along the lines of
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-10-14 08:18:13 AM  
This just reminded me of the time I was 6 and told my friend that if you beat the original Mario Brothers the Nintendo spits money at you. Ahhh back when any one would believe anything
2003-10-14 08:19:50 AM  
I LIKED the SMB3 ending
2003-10-14 08:22:30 AM  

That's because the end boss in Bionic Commando was Hitler. The game, released in Japan, was called "Total Attack: Resurrection of Hitler" and dealt with you fighting Hitler and destroying him. Obviously this didn't fly with american ( or european) audiences, so they changed the swastikas to those eagle things. If you look in the game manual, they changed the collective name of the baddies to the "Nazz's".

/Godwin's law invoked
2003-10-14 08:23:13 AM  
You which ending sucked....?

and it may not me SNES but I still think it is worth same rant...FFX..

I played and played...level up after level up..even got the magical weapons...killed jecht in 2 hits and all other end bosses with the same amount of press x to kill boss ...yeah cool that one does 25000 - 99999 damage whith the celestrial weapons....not cool that the end bosses are made for normal weapons...
2003-10-14 08:26:50 AM  
The wizard password is moby.

2003-10-14 08:27:40 AM  
Bionic commando's boss _was_ hitler.

EMP stole the "A winner is YOU!" line :( I was going to use that. Oh well, its from "pro-wrestling."

I really liked the ending to super mario 3.

Id also like throw a shout out for the ending to MDK. That wacky european music video was a riot.
2003-10-14 08:30:37 AM  
Worst endings?

I hated the games that never ended (I.E. Tiger Heli). Flying around blowing the same city up 11 times is not fun.
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