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2001-11-07 03:55:17 PM  
Actually, the article gives reason for the elimination of *each* team, not just the Yankees. Yet another dumb, inaccurate headline makes its way into Fark.
2001-11-07 03:58:30 PM  
Why did he have to write so much about the Rangers? That guy sucks!
2001-11-07 03:59:43 PM  
"Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Fill in your own punchline."

In fact, fill in your own punch line for every team because nothing this guy wrote was even remotely funny. I hate it when sportswriters think they're comedians.
2001-11-07 04:01:35 PM  
Don't kill the braves, just Chipper. At least they still have $15 seats at turner field.

...maybe they should vote to get rid of pinch hitting?
2001-11-07 04:03:23 PM  
yeah, that was pretty lame. hardly the usual news-worthy material you usually see at fark. I agree, get rid of the expos and the twins too.

"the best things to come out of minnesota are Prince and kirby puckett!"
2001-11-07 04:04:40 PM  
Expos yes. But the twins? Get rid of Expos and Marlins or D-Rays.
2001-11-07 04:05:37 PM  
As I said the last time this article was posted, the Expos are a major-league farm team.
2001-11-07 04:06:07 PM  
Don't even think about farking with my [image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available].
2001-11-07 04:10:49 PM  
I agree. Expos without a doubt and either DRays or Marlins.
2001-11-07 04:10:56 PM  
I am a Yankee hater, but I hardly think that getting rid of the Yankees would solve anything. Tell me you're getting rid of Yankee fans and I'll tell you you're on to something.
2001-11-07 04:12:28 PM  
2001-11-07 04:13:09 PM  
26 World Championships in 75 years in existence. Better than a championship every three years. Some of you can't get laid with that frequency.

As a side note, how long did it take you guys to figure out that the Montreal Expos symbol was NOT "elb"? Just figured out it was an M last year.
2001-11-07 04:15:59 PM  
Fb-: Go Krogering.
2001-11-07 04:16:07 PM  



2001-11-07 04:16:07 PM  
75 years in existence? What are you smoking?
2001-11-07 04:16:54 PM  

you said "krogering"
2001-11-07 04:19:50 PM  
Dump the Expos, merge the Marlins and Devil Rays and put them in Tampa (the stadium is terrible there, but Joe Robbie is worse).

Move Pittsburgh from the NL Central to the NL East to replace Montreal. Put Tampa in the NL East to replace Florida. Move Arizona from the AL West to the NL West. If Colangelo fights, call in all those loans that MLB has thrown his way. The fat bastard will withdraw his protest quickly. And don't cry about how they just won the world series and it wouldn't be right (traditional) to do this. If you are willing to lop off 2 teams, you don't have anything to back this argument up.

Detroit returns to the AL East and Texas goes to the AL Central (which makes their fans and owner happy because now all of their divisonal road games won't start at 9:30 Central time).

The lineup would be:

AL East: Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, New York, Toronto
AL Central: Chi., Cleveland, Kansas City, Minnesota, Texas
AL West: Anaheim, Arizona, Oakland, Seattle

NL East: Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, TB Central: Chicago, Cincinatti, Houston, Milwuakee, St. Louis
NL West: Colorado, LA, SD, SF

One thing that ticked me off about Selig is how he said moving a team wouldn't solve a problem. Moving a team like Montreal to a place where they can increase their revenue (say Northern Virgina or New Orleans) changes the equation entirely.

Baseball isn't a traditional business, otherwise all of the teams would set up shop where it is most profitable (NY, Chi, Boston, LA, etc.) so don't cry about that. I agree with the author, move a team to Northern NJ and that will do more to hurt the Mets and Yankees than anything else MLB can do.

By the way, here's a good article about how contraction makes no financial sense:

2001-11-07 04:20:30 PM  
Go Reds Go Krogering is an ancient commercial. you farkers probably just think I'm crazy like always.
2001-11-07 04:20:46 PM  
This article was stupid.
2001-11-07 04:21:49 PM  
Yeah as a Montrealer it's sad to see the Expos go but frankly no one gives a shiat. You know why? Because
It's only fun when something's on the line, like the world series. I've been to a few Expos games and I don't think I ever could actually pay attention to the game. Only when there was a home run or something for that moment I'd know who was batting, the rest of the time it was biatches and b00bies.
2001-11-07 04:22:04 PM  
[image from greenapple.com too old to be available]


[image from jtmfoodgroup.com too old to be available]


[image from espn-i.starwave.com too old to be available]

A Winning Team!
2001-11-07 04:22:44 PM  
hell i thought that was hilarious.. but then again i am not a baseball fann :-\ oh well :-D
2001-11-07 04:23:36 PM  
Don't forget Johnny Bench plugging Krylon and 5/3.
2001-11-07 04:25:45 PM  
More crack for L, dammit!! More crack, stat!!
2001-11-07 04:26:22 PM  
what a stupid headline.
2001-11-07 04:27:47 PM  
Fb-, how about subtracting Griffey and getting back the good players that they gave to Seattle? That might complete the equation.
2001-11-07 04:30:52 PM  
Baseball in Cincinnati is like mother's milk

[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2001-11-07 04:30:58 PM  
I say we contract Gwinny..stupid biatch.
2001-11-07 04:34:01 PM  
I dont know what I love more, Yankees domination of MLB or seeing people pissed because of it. I love it!!!! MLB sucks Yankee dick
2001-11-07 04:35:55 PM  
Having Griffey back here is kismet. It cannot be farked with. There is so much good pitching going free agent this off season, the Reds will get a couple good arms. Plus, we'll get rid of Pete "Albatross Around My Neck" Harnisch (He even sucks on video games). Look the fark out, Adam Dunn is the next superstar player, I expect some good years out of Casey, Jr, Pokey, and Gookie, and if we can hold on to him, Dmitri Young is gonna be a hell of a player. When our offense starts firing on all cylinders we'll be able to pull fans out of the stands to pitch.
2001-11-07 04:35:59 PM  
As I said, rid the world of Yankee fans...
2001-11-07 04:41:03 PM  
eyes welling with tears of pride Reds fans will farking REPRESENT!

We miss you Paul O'Neill, come back home and help out with the grounds crew.

Fb-: It is kind of crazy, every postseason I play a little game called Count The Former Reds. The number is always above 15.
2001-11-07 04:43:19 PM  
thats an M?
i will always see it as elb
just like i will always see the big fancy D in Disney as a G
it looks like a farkin G damnit
2001-11-07 04:43:38 PM  
Mudfoot, your trolling is really just beyond belief sometimes.
2001-11-07 04:50:55 PM  
More American than apple pie? Yes!

[image from sportserver.com too old to be available]
2001-11-07 04:52:10 PM  
Errrrr.....Kirby Puckett didn't come out of Minnesota. That's where he wound up. He's from Chicago.
2001-11-07 04:52:44 PM  
You have been owned by the REDLEGS!

[image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available][image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available][image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available][image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available][image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available][image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available]
2001-11-07 04:53:55 PM  
I just hope the Yankees end up with Vladamir Guererro. That Canadian can play!
2001-11-07 04:55:48 PM  
What exactly happens to the players of contracted teams? I hope they kill Bud Selig, he's a tool.
2001-11-07 04:55:50 PM  
Gwinny, your crybaby comment was out of control.
2001-11-07 04:58:51 PM  
I think they will be put into a dispersal draft... and I swear I will shoot someone if Vlad ends up on the Yankees... but I'll tell ya those canadians sure can play, what with Vlad, Jose Vidro, Pedro Martinez all coming from Montreal.
2001-11-07 05:00:37 PM  
Randy Johnson started in Montreal too.
2001-11-07 05:01:15 PM  
why can't they nix the Cubs instead and put me out of my misery
2001-11-07 05:02:34 PM  
Randy Johnson is a canadian too! Good Lordy! Larry Walker was in Montreal too methinks... man I could make an All-Star Team just outta canadians.
2001-11-07 05:06:25 PM  
If there is a draft, the Yanks will pick near the end and won't come close to touching Guerrero.
2001-11-07 05:08:50 PM  
So long Expos. Looks like the remaining clubs are going to have to develop their own talent from now on...
2001-11-07 05:09:15 PM  
When the two teams go bye-bye, look for lawsuits from the following:

(1) Players' union
(2) Northern Virginia/DC baseball organisers
(3) Angry fans (yes, I imagine the Expos could get together a few hundred angry fans.)

Also Congress will remove baseball's exemption from anti-trust laws. I think this won't mean a 3d major league (The Xtreme Baseball League, snicker) but it will impact the labour negotiations.

My opinion? Get rid of Montreal, and move Tampa Bay or Florida to Washington. The DC area has grown significantly since 1972 and Angelos has done more to impact the Orioles than any DC club ever could.

Shawn Pickrell
2001-11-07 05:13:24 PM  
the hatred of the NY Yankees here in the states is the same as American Yankees being hated world wide: envy of a legacy of greatness. deal with it. NY will have revenge on this infernal desert organization, also know as the diamondbacks.
2001-11-07 05:30:03 PM  
Now, I haven't been a real baseball fan for years, but I have a question for the real hardcore fans here at Fark:

Does everyone hate every team? I mean, that guy was bashing anyone from the Yankees to the Astros and anywhere inbetween. Are there any teams people actually like? Or does a person pick one team to be fanatical about, and then HATE with a VENGEANCE every other team around?
2001-11-07 05:34:10 PM  
Methinks he was being sarcastic, Buckshot
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