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2011-12-18 08:39:39 PM  
101. The Boogens
2011-12-18 08:41:02 PM  
Liquid Sky
The Quiet Earth
The Man Who Fell to Earth
2011-12-18 08:43:02 PM  
Withnail and I?

NFD: Hardware

2011-12-18 08:43:46 PM  

tumy4me: TROLL 2!

And Cabin Fever?

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2011-12-18 08:44:02 PM  
102. Triumph of the Will
2011-12-18 08:44:52 PM  
103. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

/it had a cult, right?

104. The John Frum Biography
2011-12-18 08:46:51 PM  

Fano: FirstNationalBastard: GAT_00: Didn't get past the first listing. 2001 is not a cult film.

IOverrated, yes. Cult? No.

Other questionable "cult" films?

Bride of Frankenstein, Casablanca, Dirty Dancing, Fight Club, Godzilla, It's A Wonderful Life... STAR WARS?! THE WIZARD OF OZ?!?!?

Okay, you know what, over half this list seems to be mainstream and popular films. Where's the cult films? Where's UHF? Where's Head? Where's Cannibal: The Musical or Orgazmo? Those are cult films, not THE WIZARD OF FARKING OZ!

Please tell me Gone with the Wind, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Citizen Kane and Casablanca are on this list of "cult" movies

Only Casablanca.

But, Wizard of Oz is there.
2011-12-18 08:47:43 PM  

FriarReb98: GAT_00: Didn't get past the first listing. 2001 is not a cult film.

This. There's at least a dozen on the list that fall into the "i don't think you understand what 'cult film' means" list. My personal favorite "WTF is this doing on this list" one is the Star Wars saga. Not the 1977 film mind you, the SAGA. Oh, and The Wizard of Oz and It's a Wonderful Life are on the list too.

That being said, the blank in the headline, by this list's line of logic, is Office Space. By a farking mile of red Swingline staplers.

This. How the fark do you forget Office Space? Didn't they get the memo?
2011-12-18 08:48:53 PM  

Ordinary Average Guy: I am the rocker, I am the roller, I AM THE OUT-OF-CONTROLLER!

Approves. (new window)
2011-12-18 08:51:55 PM  
Amazon Women on the Moon
Nekromantik 2
Santa Sangre
2011-12-18 08:52:18 PM  
Aside from ones already mentioned I would think Ravenous.

2011-12-18 08:54:24 PM  
Big Trouble in Little China
Killer Clowns from Outer Space
They Live
2011-12-18 08:54:38 PM  
Withnail and I.

Hilariously funny, beautifully elegiac for the end of an era.
Watch it while drunk/stoned. You'll cry at the end.
2011-12-18 08:54:52 PM  

Fano: 102. Triumph of the Will

Birth of a Nation.

/You have to belong to a cult to be a fan.
2011-12-18 09:01:58 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2011-12-18 09:03:48 PM  

FrankTheYank: I know there's something on this list that would be perfect for me to watch tonight, but I can see that many of them are terrible ovies that are fun to talk about but no fun to watch.

thattitanguy: Seriously, if there is any film in the world that says "cult film" it's Star Wars. People eat, breathe and shiat Star Wars... I say again: Cult status is about how obsessive their fan base is; not about whether or not there are a lot of fans or a little.

Not every religion is a cult. Cult means marginal. People think Star Wars and Star Trek fans are a little weird and obsessive, but they're normal weird, just like believing Jesus rose from the dead is normal weird. To be cult, you have to be weird weird, like believing in body thetans.

A film really only needs two things to qualify as a cult film:

1. It needs to have a niche appeal. We might want to believe differently, but when Star Wars came out it was most definitely a marginalized genre. 20th Century Fox didn't even have faith that it could compete with the Smokey and the Bandit's release despite their execs enjoying the film.

2. Fans of the film need to become passionately connected to the film in a manner that goes beyond normal appreciation of a film. That includes going to conventions, cosplaying, midnight viewings, fan communities or continual reviewing in both larger and smaller scales that help foster a sense of belonging.

I get it... people want cult to mean completely marginal, but it just doesn't. Let's look up the definition of "cult" shall we:

1 : formal religious veneration : worship
2 : a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
3 : a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents
4 : a system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator
5 a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad
b : the object of such devotion
c : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion

All these things properly define "cult" and it's that devotion that people have for movies like Star Wars that make it a cult. A cult film transcends the normal devotion a movie typically garners and it doesn't necessarily matter how large of a fan base the movie can claim. It doesn't matter if it was made by a major studio. It doesn't matter if it was successful or not. The only thing that matters is the affection of it's fan base and their need to express it socially.
2011-12-18 09:05:49 PM  
THX 1138

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2011-12-18 09:06:59 PM  
Surprised I haven't seen "The Car" listed.

What's better than an unstoppable phantom demon car tearing up a mountain before the most over-the-top explosion ever filmed. Lol
2011-12-18 09:07:31 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

I. Want. This. Film LISTED!
2011-12-18 09:11:32 PM  
Where the hell is Bubba Ho-Tep?
2011-12-18 09:17:25 PM  

AbiNormal: Where the hell is Bubba Ho-Tep?

this, too
2011-12-18 09:21:43 PM  
i41.tinypic.comView Full Size

Surely I'm not the only one??
2011-12-18 09:24:38 PM  

Crackers Are a Family Food: [i41.tinypic.com image 400x300]

Surely I'm not the only one??

That should definitely be top 10.
2011-12-18 09:26:23 PM  
Well that list fails completely! No Rocky Horror, no Dark Crystal, no Labyrinth. The Lord of the rings is on there, the new ones from 2000. Star Wars seriously! List sucks!
2011-12-18 09:26:45 PM  
The Crow, Howard the Duck. that is all.
2011-12-18 09:29:14 PM  
103. Wicker Man
104. Kentucky Fried Movie
105-200 The works of Corman
200+ Everything John Waters Ever Did
Infinity and Beyond: Every Thing Russ Meyer Did
2011-12-18 09:30:32 PM  
Zap Rowsdower disapproves of this list
2011-12-18 09:30:55 PM  
I counted 33 movies on the list that I have--although a lot of them don't count as cult movies. On the other hand, there's quite a few cult movies I didn't like or don't want.

If you like The Producers, you might also like A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (it's basically a play by Plautus who stole it from an early Greek comedy--the same plot was stolen later by Shakespeare from Platus).

The original Little Shop of Horrors was Jack Nicholson's debut film (he was 19). It is charmingly stagey.
2011-12-18 09:32:08 PM  

GAT_00: Didn't get past the first listing. 2001 is not a cult film.

Neither is Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast. Foreign language does not mean cult.
2011-12-18 09:33:40 PM  
To me, cult films are films shown at midnight showings.

With that in mind I'd add:

Heavy Metal
The Song Remains the Same
Pink Floyd' The Wall
A Clockwork Orange
Army of Darkness
Toxic Avenger
Amazon Women on the Moon
2011-12-18 09:35:33 PM  

Fano: 104. Kentucky Fried Movie

Good one. Also, I am not sure if this is a cult classic but I loved it and think it should be if it isn't but Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
2011-12-18 09:36:26 PM  
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains
2011-12-18 09:37:10 PM  
Airplane! should be on that list.
2011-12-18 09:37:30 PM  
Donnie Darko

2011-12-18 09:37:48 PM  
List Fails without

A clockwork Orange
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Blue Velvet
The Life of Brian
The Wall
2011-12-18 09:38:46 PM  

Macular Degenerate: List Fails without

A clockwork Orange
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Blue Velvet
The Life of Brian
The Wall

Ah Xanadu how could I have forgot that!
2011-12-18 09:39:09 PM  
Sixstring Samurai no where to be found
2011-12-18 09:41:35 PM  

Crackers Are a Family Food: [i41.tinypic.com image 400x300]

Surely I'm not the only one??

Uhf are not.
2011-12-18 09:41:35 PM  
Ghost in the Shell
2011-12-18 09:41:56 PM  

Daddy's Big Pink Man-Squirrel: Meet the Feebles (nsfw window) should be on there.

If only to let people know what Peter Jackson was up to before the D&D midget porn.

Bad Taste did make the list. I agree that Meet the Feebles should also have been there.

that bosnian sniper: FirstNationalBastard: I thought it was more of a clan film.

Hey, not just those guys like it, you know. White nationalists, skinheads, neo-Nazis, the list goes on. That movie's a lot more popular than you think it is!

Or anyone who loves film. It's a work of cinematic genius despite its repellent politics. The same goes for Triumph of the Will. Genius.

MadMonk: I'm pretty drunk so I might have missed it, perhaps it's not considered cult but I would think Pink Floyd The Wall would be a big cult hit. Or does rock movies not count?

I could see it, though personally I would have gone with Urgh! A Music War. Atrocious title but fantastic performances. I think it depends on individual taste in music. Quadrophenia could count as well. Also Head could have a place, if nothing else than for the Monkees deconstructing themselves.
2011-12-18 09:41:58 PM  
faber.co.ukView Full Size

2011-12-18 09:43:27 PM  

vudukungfu: I spit on your grave

Born losers.

Inferno [desert heat]

Le Bossu (new window)

WTF passes as "cult?"

I've been looking for Born Losers forever. Had the soundtrack for years.
2011-12-18 09:50:22 PM  
Wizard of Oz? Star Wars? Why not just put Gone with the Wind and The Godfather on the list?
2011-12-18 09:50:30 PM  
Some other contenders:

Dead Man
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
King of New York

I second Shakes the Clown and Freddy Got Fingered.
2011-12-18 09:51:47 PM  
Put me down for Valerie & Her Week of Wonders, if no one else has cited it yet.
2011-12-18 09:52:25 PM  
2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, 1968
Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo, 1988
Bad Taste, Peter Jackson, 1987
Begotten, E. Elias Merhige, 1991
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Russ Meyer, 1970
The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, 1998
Blade Runner, Ridley Scott, 1982
Brazil, Terry Gilliam, 1985
Casablanca, Michael Curtiz, 1942
Dawn of the Dead, George A. Romero, 1978
Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly, 2001
Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton, 1990
Emmanuelle, Just Jaeckin, 1974
Enter the Dragon, Robert Clouse, 1973
The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi, 1981
Fight Club, David Fincher, 1999
Freaks, Tod Browning, 1932
Ginger Snaps, John Fawcett, 2000
The Gods Must Be Crazy, Jamie Uys, 1981
Godzilla, Ishirô Honda, 1954
Harold and Maude, Hal Ashby, 1971
Hellraiser, Clive Barker, 1987
The Killer, John Woo, 1989
The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson, 2001-3
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, George Miller, 1981
Man Bites Dog, Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel, Benoît Poelvoorde, 1992
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, 1975
Near Dark, Kathryn Bigelow, 1987
Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero, 1968
Pink Flamingos, John Waters, 1972
Piranha, Joe Dante, 1978
Plan 9 from Outer Space, Ed Wood, Jr, 1959
Re-Animator, Stuart Gordon, 1985
Repo Man, Alex Cox, 1984
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jim Sharman, 1975
Showgirls, Paul Verhoeven, 1995
Star Wars, George Lucas, 1977-2005
Suspiria, Dario Argento, 1977
Tank Girl, Rachel Talalay, 1995
Tetsuo, Shinya Tsukamoto, 1989
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hooper, 1974
This Is Spınal Tap, Rob Reiner, 1984
The Toxic Avenger, Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman, 1984
The Vanishing, George Sluizer, 1988
Videodrome, David Cronenberg, 1983
The Warriors, Walter Hill, 1979
The Wizard of Oz, Victor Fleming, 1939

Inexplicably Missing In Action (meaning that even the director isn't on the list -- i.e. I'll forgive the exclusion of Time Bandits since Brazil is on the list and if you include both you'd have to include 12 Monkeys and so on):
Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Warner Herzog, 1972
City of Lost Children
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
, Peter Greenway, 1989
Labyrinth, Jim Henson, 1986
Forbidden Zone, Richard Elfman, 1982
UHF, Jay Levay, 1989

And many more that aren't coming to mind immediately.
2011-12-18 09:54:27 PM  
And I know it's far from obscure, but Dr. Strangelove...

One of the most quotable movies of all time.

/no fighting in the war room!
2011-12-18 09:55:25 PM  
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
2011-12-18 09:56:03 PM  

GAT_00: Didn't get past the first listing. 2001 is not a cult film.

There were at least a dozen (maybe 20?) on that list that aren't cult films.
2011-12-18 09:57:08 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: Where's UHF?

UHF wasn't on there. fark that. I'm not even RTFA now. That list is meaningless without UHF.
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