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( Video Using radio gear, pranksters videotape themselves taking over the frequencies of a Taco Bell drive-thru   ( divider line
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23597 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2003 at 6:23 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-10-09 1:25:54 PM  
That is a pretty cool stunt!
2003-10-09 1:51:18 PM  
But they're they ones at the drive thru. Are they pranking themselves?? It would be better to take over the intercom when some stranger pulls up.
2003-10-09 2:07:09 PM  
And once again, I have to post this somewhat related comic:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 2:07:46 PM  
Which is related to a thread completely different from this one. Silly me.
2003-10-09 2:31:16 PM  
listen to other crap at website, very funny!
2003-10-09 3:48:42 PM  
Ok, where can I get a copy of that "I like tacos" song they're playing during the intro?
2003-10-09 4:02:45 PM  
"This is something I will probably never release on the PLA TV page for fear of the Taco Bell Nazi's coming after me, but here it is for the forum users!"

I wonder how he would feel about the fark community... Probably more Taco Bell Nazi's here than on the PLA TV page...
2003-10-09 4:35:42 PM  
PSA. Universal McDonald's drive thru frequency is 35.020. Not that i would ever advocate farking with them.
2003-10-09 6:08:28 PM  
Yo, rbcp, excellent work on this one.
2003-10-09 6:27:49 PM  
Now, if we could just get someone to take over the cooking...
2003-10-09 6:32:47 PM  
The thing I hate most about the Taco Bell drive through is the voice that comes on and says "Welcome to Taco Bell, would you like to try a Grilled Stuffed Drunk Chiauhua with the Runs Burritodilla today?", then you say "No, just give me a Chicken Quesadilla with red sauce, two tacos, and a Mt. Dew", and then someone else comes on of a completely differant gender and nationality and asks if they can take your order. I hate that stupid recording. It's the drive through equivalent of saying "Hi!", waiting a few seconds, saying "how ya doing?" on your answering machine.

2003-10-09 6:34:43 PM  
Still laghing...
Need transciever..
2003-10-09 6:35:24 PM  
Good idea.
Weak implementation.

I think it would be hilarious to be placing an order to this. I'd probably think I was on Spy-TV or something.
2003-10-09 6:36:03 PM  
Although this was kinda funny, y'ever notice it's always chubby, zitty faced virgins that pull off these pranks?

Not that I'm putting down chubby, zitty faced virgins, it's just that dudes that are actually getting some never have the time to pull off these pranks because they're always too busy getting laid.

Good pranks.

POWER to the chubby, zitty faced virgins of the world !!!!
2003-10-09 6:36:07 PM  
I have a buddy really into 2ways that does this shiat with drive-thrus all the time. He doesn't fark with them long enough for cops to get involved...always sounds like to me the kids working the drive thru get off on it.
2003-10-09 6:36:26 PM  
In addition to laghing, I am also laughing..
2003-10-09 6:37:49 PM  
Farked??? Can somebody mirror?
2003-10-09 6:38:48 PM  
Wow, they must have been pretty technically advanced to videotape themselves with radio gear...
2003-10-09 6:39:21 PM  

Does anyone know where I can obtain a net stream of the roy horn attack. Word on the street says it has been playing on vegas TV?
2003-10-09 6:39:51 PM  
i think someone was doing this at my old work once... someone was going "i found a walkie talkie. i'm in the bathroom, you can come have it." haha all our managers were running around to every bathroom in the building.
2003-10-09 6:40:19 PM  
is the video URL farked?
2003-10-09 6:40:20 PM  
farked already? or is it just me, anyone getting thru to it after this post?
2003-10-09 6:41:00 PM  
This time it was all fun and games, but think of the consequences if a terrorist organization were to hijack our fast food industry. The image of 100 million overweight Americans running amok, eating anything in their path, is enough to wipe the smile off this patriot's face...
2003-10-09 6:41:04 PM  
if it were on tv in Vegas, you'd certainly not have any problem finding it. I doubt it is on tv.
Not saying there isn't a video somewhere (which I would watch) just doubting that it is on telly anywhere.
2003-10-09 6:41:13 PM  
Does anyone know where I can obtain a net stream of the roy horn attack. Word on the street says it has been playing on vegas TV?

I live in Vegas and I think the word on the street is wrong. I haven't seen it.
2003-10-09 6:41:14 PM  
2003-10-09 6:41:37 PM  
Buy a Taco or we cut off your johnson!
2003-10-09 6:42:17 PM  
It might be the inner childish nerd here but I REALLY would like to do this to the McBots working in the burger mines here.

Kudos. That was hilarious! :D
2003-10-09 6:42:46 PM  
and the dude in the car needs to learn to talk like a man.
Little whiney voices irritate me.
2003-10-09 6:43:34 PM  
Not saying there isn't a video somewhere (which I would watch) just doubting that it is on telly anywhere.

I'm sure there is a video. The Mirage, like all casinos here, videotapes every square inch of the building 24/7. But they would never release something like that to the public. Someone on the inside is gonna have to steal a copy for it to be seen.
2003-10-09 6:44:47 PM  

Anybody else notice on the latest Jack in the Box commercial the guy holding the que card has a band-aid and a black eye when they cut to the "southwest"?
2003-10-09 6:45:28 PM  
Yep, Epsilon. I doubt they let people take camera's & shiat it. I couldn't take one into the farking dolly parton stampede thing near knoxville.

No, I'm not gay. We went there for the bowling tournament and were trying to find something interesting to do. That was as close as it got without having to hang out in a boring redneck bar.
2003-10-09 6:46:23 PM  
If i can't find a toilet, its free. lmao are you kidding me?????
2003-10-09 6:46:41 PM  
what happened to the video of the guy who went to the doctors with a bandaid over his pucker asking the doctor 'where that hole came from'. That dude had poise to keep that joke going.

and small balls.
2003-10-09 6:47:32 PM  
2003-10-09 6:47:35 PM  
SUUURE you were just there for the bowling tournament
2003-10-09 6:48:33 PM  
2003-10-09 6:48:39 PM  
SUUURE you were just there for the bowling tournament
Not that there's anything wrong with that!!
2003-10-09 6:48:45 PM  
Too funny, hopefully others will take this idea and abuse the hell out of it.
2003-10-09 6:48:49 PM  
Okay, I want a YAKSU or whatever that little gadget is.
2003-10-09 6:49:38 PM  
I was able to grab the video. Since their server sucks I'll upload it to mine and post a link in a minute...
2003-10-09 6:49:41 PM  
OLD. That shiat was funny when people were doing it like 10 years ago or more.
2003-10-09 6:49:51 PM  
Will someone please mirror?
2003-10-09 6:50:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
this link is TOAST
2003-10-09 6:50:25 PM  
The site's farked and I didn't get to watch the video, but as for the song...

try: Never Heard Of It - The Taco Song

2003-10-09 6:53:07 PM  
Here it is, let's see if my server gets farked. Right-click and save it. 3.64MB

2003-10-09 6:54:48 PM  
But I'm taking it down tomorrow.
2003-10-09 6:55:06 PM  
"Hey Fool.. This page done blowed up dog.. Farked? Slashdotted? or just some assholes?"

Yep. We be the fool yet they don't know how to host a website.
2003-10-09 6:55:19 PM  
Ok, that's not the same song... but the "never heard of it" taco song is pretty farkin hilarious anyway =)

Thanks a ton for the link Epsilon!!!

2003-10-09 6:55:37 PM  
That link got [image from too old to be available]
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