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(ESPN)   Bud Selig with a conflict of interest in regards to folding the Twins?   ( espn.go.com) divider line
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2001-11-06 04:46:54 PM  
Sounds like a conflict of interests to me...

That would be kinda like George Bush Jr. moving to open up thousands of acres of federally protected land to oil drilling--
2001-11-06 04:47:56 PM  
oops, let the cat out of the bag there...
2001-11-06 04:48:13 PM  
I hate sports... I hate espn (except when they play the X-games)... and I REALLY hate when ESPN gets posted on fark.
2001-11-06 04:49:55 PM  
[image from celebritybattles.com too old to be available]
Someone fold these twins!
2001-11-06 04:55:25 PM  
Why not just move the Twins to DC or Northern Virginia, and the Expos to Tennessee or Kentucky?
2001-11-06 05:00:15 PM  
Bud Selig says "I have no conflict of interest"
The Brewers VP of Marketing, his son-in-law, concurs.
So does the Brewers President, his daughter.

Well, I'm certainly convinced.

So, lets see... Milwaukee has a smaller market, a consistantly worse ball club and a history of lower fan turnout than the Twins. They also are geographically very close to two other teams, wheras the closest team to the Twins is, well, the Brewers.
And we're considering folding the Twins instead of the Brewers why? Oh! Yeh. Because Selig is Commissioner-For-Life.
2001-11-06 05:02:28 PM  
I am so dissapointed. I thought the article would be about the fun, jubbily twins (like Brit's)
2001-11-06 05:07:20 PM  
Instead of contracting, why not move one of the teams to D.C. A stadium is there that they can use (RFK was a baseball stadium in the late 60's early 70's) and the financing is there for a new stadium.

As for the Twins, they've proven their ability to draw fans and field a competitive team. Why not kill the Devil Rays and/or Marlins? Or that's right, the President's brother would be cheesed, hurting baseball's chances of keeping their anti-trust protection. If baseball combines the Devil Rays and the Marlins (put them in Tampa, Joe Robbie is a terrible baseball stadium), they can still keep a team in Florida.

However, with an owner eager to get more to fold up shop and get more from MLB than he could be selling the team, I don't like the Twins chances.
2001-11-06 05:18:26 PM  
No... this would be like a President putting two states together to help him in the next election.
2001-11-06 05:18:42 PM  
And selig wants to win more fans back to baseball...killing the twins will do the exact opposite.

getting rid of the expos seems somewhat logical..elementary school plays draw bigger crowds than that team.

Bleh, I really like baseball and will continue to do so, but he is getting on my nerves.
2001-11-06 05:21:35 PM  
I am so sick and tired of Jesse Ventura shooting his big ugly ass mug off. If you are so upset about Milwaukee benefiting, then do something to try to save the Twins, for chrissakes!

The Devil Rays can go, the Expos can go. But the Twins have a history behind them, and it would suck to see an exciting young team bite it because of greedy assholes like Peter Angelos, George Steinbrenner, and Don Fehr.
2001-11-06 05:41:11 PM  
Does anybody realize that the Twins' owner has volunteered the Twins for retraction? It's not like this is happening against the Twins' will.

Further, they play on/in an embarrassment of a field, they are not going to get a better stadium because 90% of the residents supports it, and only 10% of the residents think that the Twins leaving would be a big deal anyway.

I'm real sure that Minnesotans will be driving 4-5 hours to Milwaukee for Brewer games and I'm sure that Brewer games will be televised in the Twin Cities.

This is all crap spewed by whiny people. The North Stars left. The Twins are toast. The Vikings may leave. Nobody cares about the Golden Gophers. Minnesota is not a sports state. They only care about shopping in the Fall of America.
2001-11-06 05:48:19 PM  
I wish everyone would stop with the "move a team to DC" crap. It's not going to happen! You have a team in your market - the Baltimore Orioles. They won't want another team taking their revenues (gate and TV)

That said, the idea of combining the Devil Rays and Marlins is quite good (either one of those teams should go). All I can say is the Expos need to go, and it would be a shame if the Twins were eliminated.
2001-11-06 05:52:03 PM  
On top of all that, they can't drop the Brewers because we have that shiny new steel-worker killing stadium (Miller Park).

Which is a pretty cool place to go and get a burger & fries at the enclosed TGIF's if there is no game going on.
2001-11-06 05:56:23 PM  
Montreal is gone. It was a fruity idea to put a team there in the first place.
2001-11-06 05:59:48 PM  
[image from sportsillustrated.cnn.com too old to be available]

Anyone else think Bud Selig looks like Stephen Hawking?
2001-11-06 06:00:38 PM  
[image from curtin.edu.au too old to be available]
2001-11-06 06:03:26 PM  
Wow, you guys sure don't know what you are talking about. First of all, there probably IS going to be a team moving to DC, that was part of the proposed contraction. Second, in response to Ham, the North stars did leave...and were replaced by the wild, the new minnesota team....the vikings aren't going to leave, the support for them up there is fanatical....oh yeah, and lets not forget the T-wolves, one of the more popular basketball teams in the NBA. The main reason the Twins are up for elimination is because Pohlad(the owner) is a greedy, money-grubbing scrooge...for gods sake, the guy got his start as a banker collecting debts during the depression.
2001-11-06 06:06:04 PM  
Washington DC has already lost two baseball franchises.

I would prefer to keep the Twins around because they are one of only two teams that I hate. But it is foolish to imply that Selig is considering this in an effort to increase the Brewers' value.

And Miller Park didn't kill anybody. The wind did.
2001-11-06 06:06:21 PM  
I take back my statement about a team not moving to the DC area (I've been re-reading all of these proposals). I will instead say that it is a stupid idea.
2001-11-06 06:09:27 PM  
The Twins wouldn't be in this position if the residents would pony up for a non-embarrassing place to play.

What is so different about the Vikings now? They still play in a lousy dome. NFL was hesitant to put them in a division with the Packers, Bears and Lions next year because it was assumed that they were going to San Antonio. Just because SA fell through doesn't mean that another city won't come along.
2001-11-06 06:19:58 PM  
all i can is that if vladamir gurrero winds up with the yankees, i'll piss blood for a week.
2001-11-06 06:44:33 PM  
Rmdw - If baseball combines the Devil Rays and the Marlins (put them in Tampa, Joe Robbie is a terrible baseball stadium), they can still keep a team in Florida.

... and Tropicana Cavern is a better stadium? Yikes. South Florida needs a new stadium, for sure. Hope a team sticks around long enough for that to happen. The Rays need major organizational help (and a new stadium certainly wouldn't hurt, either).
2001-11-06 06:49:00 PM  
Selig is a fool!
Indoor baseball sucks!
I love the Twinkies but the dome is by far the worst place ever to host a baseball game.

Twins should stay in Mpls with real ownership and a real stadium. If Bud is so concerned about baseball he should fold the Brewers to show how non-partisan he really is.
2001-11-06 07:16:26 PM  
2001-11-06 07:26:56 PM  
Hey RancidPlasma, is this what you had in mind?
[image from pigseye.kennesaw.edu too old to be available]
2001-11-06 07:48:33 PM  
Vikings to LA? Yeah right. News flash, LA doesn't give a rat's ass about having a pro football franchise.
2001-11-06 08:09:23 PM  
I think tostfeld is correct, LA doesn't even have a stadium suitable for pro football, they aren't going to get a team until they do.
2001-11-06 08:40:41 PM  
well, the article does say "to play in a new stadium." i remember that when the league was deciding between LA and houston for the new franchise, the group from LA had a stadium plan all laid out. they ended up choosing houston because the houston group was better prepared, and the plan seemed more solid. if i remember right, there was a problem with the location of the proposed stadium - the LA group didn't actually own the land, and the group that did own it didn't really seem like they wanted to sell. a major deal-buster in the nfl's eyes.

i'm well aware that the city of los angeles doesn't much care about having a team. as the second largest tv market in the country, however, they will eventually have another, whether they like it or not.
2001-11-06 09:32:58 PM  
To all of you who are whining that the Vikings aren't leaving, lemme put it nice and simple: If they don't get a new stadium, say hello to the L.A. Vikings. (I've even heard about making them the Mexico City Vikings)

Its an obvious pattern. A team whines about not having a good enough stadium, and they end up leaving (Oilers, Browns, etc.) Yeah you might eventually get yourself a shiny new expansion team along the line, but ONLY after the public funding is there for the stadium.

I mean jesus! It has already happened to you guys. Remember the North Stars? You only got a team because AFTER the Stars left, you (the taxpayers) FINALLY paid to have the Xcel Energy Center built.

Oh and about DC already losing 2 teams. Well, NYC has "lost" the Dodgers and Giants and they got the Mets. Thats just faulty logic.
2001-11-06 09:43:14 PM  
2001-11-06 10:07:27 PM  
Mary Kate and Ashley will be 15 on June 13th! Yay!!!!
2001-11-06 10:08:31 PM  
the Barbie twins.. they are way over 15 yrs old
2001-11-06 10:15:26 PM  
The Mexico City Jalepeños. ¡Caliente!

I don't think anybody is getting a new arena until the economy picks up. If there is more of this musical franchise crap, I'm going to stop watching pro sports altogether - at least the Packers aren't going anywhere.
2001-11-06 10:21:48 PM  
The Giants and Dodgers went to California, taking advantage of the huge, untapped media market. They both had great attendance in NY. The same thing happened to Milwaukee when the Braves left for Atlanta to tap into the media market of the southeast.

The Senators went to Minnesota in 1961 because the attendance in Washington sucked. That same season a new team was placed in DC to replace the one that fled to Minnesota. 10 years later that crew had to flee to Texas. Unlike NY, DC already has two strikes against it as a market that cannot support MLB.
2001-11-06 10:35:28 PM  
Ham: Well, yeah that's true. But the Senators were a monumentally horrible franchise through most of their 50's existence. Don't think they finished above .500 once.
2001-11-06 10:36:49 PM  
There is a website devoted to bringing baseball to Northern Virginia with a page that allows you to give suggested team names.

My entry: Virginia Rednecks
2001-11-06 10:39:01 PM  
That's pretty much true. Other than a 78-76 1952 season they could be counted on to lose around 100 games. If your team sucks or your park sucks it's pretty tough to draw a crowd.
2001-11-06 10:42:14 PM  
I used to live in Suburban Maryland, and I really think the idea of a Washington ballclub is ludicrous. The suburbanites won't go into any section of Washington you could possibly build a stadium, much less cruddy RFK.

But then, Washington is full of loony ideas. There is a group still trying to get statehood. Folks, get over it. It will never happen.
2001-11-07 12:06:05 AM  
Hey goodfella nice political ref. No one bit. It was like the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving. We all heard it, but no one cared. Good try. Needs a little work. Try harder next time.
2001-11-07 12:14:42 AM  
Bigpeeler you are an anti dentite bastard.
2001-11-07 07:42:59 AM  
Contraction is a silly idea to begin with, and in the timeframe that they want to do it in is a little too close for comfort IMO. MLB wants to contract for 2002, but with the player's union and potential lawsuits that would ensue, the timetable would be moved back a year or two, or may not happen at all. Personally, I think if not for the greedy owner of the Twins, we would've even be talking about them at all right now. As for the Expos, they'd have to go anyways. But perhaps Washington isn't the place for them to move on to. But then again, there aren't many places that could currently hold an MLB team (Buffalo, New Orleans and Washington are the only ones that could legitimately have an MLB team in terms of an actual stadium, although I think they've have better luck in North Carolina). If contraction actually does happen, look for the trend to continue, to the point where 3 of the 4 major pro sports leagues would be down to 24 or so teams (the NFL seems to be financially successful enough in most markets due to the way their salary cap is to continue to support 30 some odd teams).
2001-11-07 07:50:10 AM  
Also, if it was not for the way the minor league system in baseball is set up, they could always do as they do in Europe and bring in relegation.
2001-11-07 08:27:26 AM  
It's kinda funny how people around here seem to be snatching up Twins merchandise. I'm gonna find some boxer shorts with the Twins logo, wear them during a 3 day beer and greasy food binge and then mail them in to Bud Selig.
2001-11-07 09:14:20 AM  
I wish everyone would stop with the "move a team to DC" crap. It's not going to happen!

Where the hell do you think the Twins came from?
2001-11-07 09:39:50 AM  
Schmee: And look where they are now. If DC could support a team they wouldn't have lost two already. Besides, DC has a team - they are the Baltimore Orioles.
2001-11-07 11:51:05 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Any baseball fan who thinks Selig is a fair and honest commissioner is
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2001-11-07 12:01:16 PM  
The Orioles being DC's team is a bad argument. On that logic why not contract the Mets and Angels then? Hell, NYC already has a kick ass team. True, Washington lost it's team a while ago. But so did Milwaukee and Seattle and a crap load of other cities in various sports. Each city has a replacement team.

The Twins should stay in Minnesota (and have a new stadium built), and the Expos should move to Washington or North Carolina (both places are willing to build a stadium). No one in Canada (or anywhere for that matter) is gonna miss them except for the robot guy I saw on TV last night. Bud is just being greedy, and the fans in Minnesota are gonna pay for it one way or another (either losing their team or building a new park). Just remember the nice and easy formula:

New ballpark (no matter where it is) = More money for MLB
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