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(NBC San Diego)   Family angry over 500-pound woman's burial: "They asked me to lay on the top of the casket to try to get the lock down"   ( divider line
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2003-10-04 12:50:02 AM  
mmm takeout.. /me goes for KFC :)
2003-10-04 12:55:46 AM  
Here's a tip: if you want to fit in your coffin when you die, don't become a 500 pound fatass.
2003-10-04 12:58:58 AM  
So, anyone want to take bets on how much Oktoberain weighs?
2003-10-04 12:59:39 AM  
When I die I want the mortuary techs to suck all the fat out of me and stretched & trimmed my skin to make me look like I exercised every day.

They could donate my fat and skin to a summer camp. I hear you can make awesome soap and candles from fat...
2003-10-04 01:03:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-04 01:05:45 AM  
I've never quite understood the assertion that some people can gain weight really easily, and yet find it amazingly hard to lose weight.

It's simple mathematics, my friend. If your body burns more calories than it gets, then it has to get that excess energy from somewhere. If you weigh 500 pounds, perhaps you should EAT LESS, and then, by the laws of LOGIC and COMMON SENSE, you have to start losing at least a little weight.

I guess it's possible that some people have wacky thyroid glands that allow them to survive off of 50 calories a day..? Maybe they're invincible, a new race of supermen who could eat a cupcake a day and yet still magically gain weight! We'll have to redefine the laws of thermodynamics! GOD BLESS YOU, FATTIES!
2003-10-04 01:36:05 AM  
I will certainly not discount the fact that some folks are more susceptible to weight gain due to genetics or the (very) slim chance of a glandular problem. Those people are definitely not the norm, nor do they even begin to be a measurable portion of overweight individuals.

I think it's become fairly obvious that obesity is an illness, but more in the sense that alcoholism or any other addiction is an illness. Although they want to blame genetics or a "slow metabolism" (which can be increased incredibly through even moderate exercise); the truth is more simple. The obese eat to fulfill a need other than hunger alone, just like any addict. Under close scrutiny, even those that claim to eat the same as everyone else, do not.
2003-10-04 01:36:58 AM  
Bull. Farking. Shiat. ALL of it.

Saying that you should do something before you die at 500lbs does not support this fictitious "trend" of anorexia. There is no trent of anorexia in the USA. More than HALF of the USA is more than 10 lbs over-weight. Over 20% of the USA is Obease.

Even if this woman had a health problem that made it hard to lose weight, there is NO HEALTH PROBLEM IN EXISTANCE which will make you weigh 500 lbs and leave you no options to stop it. I have a health problem that makes me gain weight. So you know what I do? I EAT LESS. I eat one meal and a salad per day and I weigh 175.

And don't even start trying to compare long hair with 500lb people. Long hair is an athetic choice. And you know what? If I wanted a job in that situation... I'd cut my farking hair!
It was naked prejudice then, and it's naked prejudice now. How American of you.
Damn straight! When did people start thinking that prejudice is bad? When did people start thinking that we don't or shouldn't have it in the USA?
If you're an idiot you don't get hired to be a rocket scientist, that's prejudice. If you're a fatass you don't get hired to be a gym instructor, that's prejudice. If you're ugly you don't get hired to be a supermodel, that's prejudice. If you're so big that you can't use elevators without breaking them, so big that you can't fit through double doors, so big that you bottom out the springs on a pickup truck, so big that you would not even be able to LIVE without constant support from several other people... then you don't get to do alot of things, and there's nothing wrong with that. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVERYONE ELSE!

Anyone who's seriously dealing with that kind of obesity generally doesn't leave their house, because of the scorn and ridicule they meet in public.
No, they don't leave their house BEACUSE THEY CAN'T WALK.

Do you honestly believe people choose to weigh 500 lbs?
YES. Nobody goes from 120 to 500 instantly. It takes years to gain that much weight, even with some strange health disorder.
It's a choice to sit inside instead of going out for excercise.
It's a choice to keep eating fattening foods, and tons of them.
If a fat person hides inside because people make fun of them, then they are choosing to do so. Even without exercise, they could change their diet to lose weight. I'm not saying it'll make them "thin" but it'll make them under 250, maybe even under 200.
If a fat person lets other people dictate how they feel about themselves, then they are already a waste of space.

Not everyone can survive on celery sticks and water.
Bullshark! Well nearly. ANYONE can survive on medium sized portions of celery, eggs, beef, and romaine. With only water to drink. They may not enjoy the hunger pains. They may not like the taste. They may never feel "full". But they will survive. More than that, they will lose weight. Like I said, I have one meal (two eggs and a 4oz steak) and a salad (one pound of romaine, mustard greens, brocolii, and cauliflour) per day. I don't like it much, but I like it better than being a lardass, so I do it. It's very healthy.

Fat people don't deserve to be humiliated and jeered at because they can't lose weight without starving themselves.
Nobody can lose weight without starving themselves. That's the thing all those diet programs are hiding from you. The ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you burn. So you exercise more to burn more calories (which makes you hungry) or you EAT LESS, so as to take in less calories (which leaves you hungry).
It's the choice of a fat person: The discomfort of being fat OR the discomfort of losing weight.

Perhaps if people were a bit more tolerant toward the differences and shortcomings of their fellow human beings, fat people could get out and exercise without feeling frowned upon or stared at.
Oh get over your victimhood. Go out and exercise ANYWAY. Don't let others dictate how you feel.

You assume that everyone who's fat deserves to be fat, or did something wrong to become that way.
Damn straight yet again! At some point (200? 250?) you look in the mirror and go "wow.. I'm fat". And then you either do "the right thing" and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, OR you "do something wrong" and don't change your life.

I think that's disgusting, immature and completely counterproductive.
Why? Because it advocates people being responsible for their actions? I think it's disgusting to let yourself get to be 500lbs. I think it's immature to hide in your house because "Some people make fun of me". I think it's counterproductive to complain about something you are obviously unwilling to do anything about. Because if you are willing to do something about it, you can fix it. If you say you can't, you're lying to everyone, including yourself.

Not everyone can afford a home gym or a treadmill, so as not to offend your perfect selves with our imperfect bodies.
Home gym? Treadmill? Try eating less/different and doing jumping jacks and situps. Try running laps around your block. And anyone who is offended by the fact that you're fat... FARK 'EM
2003-10-04 01:41:29 AM  

Alcohol is a chemical dependency. So is cocaine. Some people are predisposed to addiction to substances, but you have to actively eat youself fat. I know. At my heaviest I weighed a good 220 pounds. After a nasty wreck I slimmed down to 160 and then started working out for 2 hours a day. Now I weigh around 180. Anyone that whines about losing weight needs to apply themselves. Don't go on fad diets and for god's sake, go work out and jog. You'd be amazed how fast the weight drops off.
2003-10-04 01:52:12 AM  
Well, I was going to respond to Oktoberain, but Amaranth, doctor, and Halitosis pretty much summed it up. Here's how I'd sum it up in a single sentence; people may have weaknesses and be succeptible to certain things, but many (most) of their problems are still due to voluntary choices they made.
2003-10-04 01:58:27 AM  
As an aside I would like to point out that even those with a predisposition can choose to avoid the substances they are or may become addicted to.

I also need to say that there are chemically addictive foods. Sugar is a major one, as is the caffine in many drinks. Even carbohydrates can be addictive if you have certain genetic markers. This is where cravings often come from. I know I'm addicted to potatoes. That's why I choose not to eat any potatoes.
2003-10-04 02:01:58 AM  
hahha Oktoberain is fat
2003-10-04 02:12:01 AM  
Please don't misunderstand; I think regardless of the addiction, or what led up to it, personal choice and self-control can overcome those problems.
2003-10-04 02:31:13 AM  
We all have souls and we all deserve dignity.......even the ones making asshole comments here. Think about it.....strain your brains for a change. Ewwwwwwwwww you are SO going to burn in hell folks.
2003-10-04 02:38:15 AM  
This family had a goldmine at their feet and threw it into a casket! They could've made so much soap or candles from her that they'd put Dove and Dawn out of business!

/sit railroad car on the Choo-Choo express train to hell
2003-10-04 02:41:51 AM  
Thin may be in;
but FATS where it's at...

/yes, that'll be me luxuriating in the double-wide basket, in the express line to hell.
2003-10-04 03:08:29 AM  
As for the article, I do have to agree with the family (if they are telling the truth). They paid to have their mother buried in a respectful manner, and if the funeral home couldn't do that, they shouldn't have accepted the contract. That means this could very well be a valid lawsuit.
The argument that all fat people are fat because of genetics is bullshiat. Sure there is a very small percentage of people with honest-to-god medical disorders, but 99.9% of the lardasses out there are fat because they don't have the willpower to take in only as many calories as they put out. I've hardly a model for self restraint myself, but in the past year I've lost twenty pounds due to some simple lifestyle changes (mainly not drinking pop and not eating desert with every meal). And as for people who say that they are embarresed to go work out because they are fat, go spend 2 dollars and buy a jump rope and work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If all the fatasses of the nation would simply do some excersize and not eat huge portions, obesity rates would fall like a stone.
2003-10-04 03:10:15 AM  
Quoth Oktoberain:

"Not everyone can afford a home gym or a treadmill, so as not to offend your perfect selves with our imperfect bodies."


if you cant handle the ridicule, tough shiat!!! its YOUR OWN FAULT!

/cant decide which is worse, stupid people or retarded fat people.
2003-10-04 03:11:00 AM  

haha.. im fat. i dont like it. im not gonna blame anyone else for my farkin problem, but damnit! i do computer shiat so im lazy! haha.. it's my own fault i dont get out on my skateboard a little more often to burn a few, and im sure this can of easy cheese isnt the greatest midnight snack.

plus, all the cases of anorexia ive seen personally were chicks who were thin to begin with, and had emotional issues stemming far beyond someone calling them fat.

i can make a joke out of someone calling me fat. shiat, my self deprecation is the best man, i can make a crowd of people laugh and reinforce the fact that i DO need to get my tubby ass out of the house a little more.

man that cheerleader im seeing is farkin hot. personality goes a long way.. and sideburns.

/douche-nozzle: word of teh y34r.
2003-10-04 03:12:15 AM  
There were no fat people in the concentration camps.
Dr. Phil is doing a whole series on fatties. He's moving them into a big house and making them lose weight. You should call. Time to get real.
2003-10-04 03:17:17 AM  

It sounds like you're eating 500 calories a day. That's too low for most people. I don't know your situation though. Most people won't gain weight before around 1800 cals/day. My point is, be careful about starving your body. Because when starved, the body goes into famine mode and do everything it can to get fatter.

Enough finger waving and thread jacking.
I'm just waiting for Oktoberain to post a photo. Remember to use the wide lens. hahaha.
2003-10-04 05:14:11 AM  
Sure, i laughed at the fat jokes.
Sure, I giggled at the "she'll never rest in peace, now" bit.
Sure, I'm goin' to hell.

But the fact of the matter is: The funeral home said, "Sure, she'll fit!!", and she didn't. They are salesmen. Lying, cheap salesmen who, like automotive vendors, will say anything to get you to sign the deal.

They could've gotten a bigger casket, they could've opened her up and lypo'ed her down to the dimensions necessary for the box they thought would work.

What did they do? Just packed her in and said "Screw the family! What'll they do? Sue us? The insurance policy's in the deceased name! We got our money!! Yay for us!"

/happy to live in a country so dedicated to the compassionate service of the bereaved
2003-10-04 05:57:22 AM  
She was hugely fat, she suffered during life, and we make fun of her in death.

How great we are.
2003-10-04 06:02:55 AM  
I often wonder how anyone can get to 500 pounds. Then I was speaking to a collegue at work. He had been to America and said in certain places it was common to get a 36 ounce steak. Unfamiliar with what 36 ounces would look like I asked So how big is that. He said probably 2 dinner plates. Considering a steak should only be about 2 inches in daimeter that might explain why there are so many fatties.

I cannot help but believe that at some point in the fatties life they must have forced food down their throughts. They must have continued eating despite feeling sick and stomach crap because they were full.

How the hell does any human get to be able to eat a 36 ounce steak.
2003-10-04 06:24:00 AM  
How the heck can Americans, as a society, frantically persecute drug addicts, and yet pander to the obese? Both are the obvious result of common behaviours, both are essentially victims of an essentially private vice that, pretty much, harms only the indulger.

When's the War on Fat starting? Who's gonna be first to go to jail for possession of a 1/4-lb hamburger obtained solely for personal use?
2003-10-04 06:28:21 AM
2003-10-04 06:41:18 AM  
True story. My grandma used to babysit a girl who's mother was huge. She raised her daughter to be fat. "Eat everything on your plate and leave no food untouched." I swear to god I saw this girl suck leftover ketchup out of a ketchup packet. She knows that her daughter gets made fun of, and how miserable she is. The girl's mother knows how big *she* is, and that people make fun of her. Yet, she still lives this lifestyle, and forces the same lifestyle on her daughter.

Don't know what my point was in posting this. I guess to explain the "fat families" phenomenon.
2003-10-04 07:27:05 AM  
it seems to me that America's consumerist culture greatly encourages mass consumption, aeschenkarnos. many Americans in general seem to have a genuine problem with moderation.. it's a foreign concept to them.

someday, something will happen that will cause Americans as a whole to either be unwilling or unable to ceaselessly try for more more more more.. but until that point, a lot of us are gonna be lard-asses with 7 cars, 12 kids, a huge house, BLING BLING out the butt, and an addiction to oil.
2003-10-04 07:41:56 AM  
*sniff sniff* Oktoberain I smell a fatty in the crowd

Holy shiat, I can say that I generally don't like fat people. You can't trust them, you know the shifty looks and all.

NEWSFLASH: There's no fat people in Africa, unless you are a warlord, and even they know that being fat, gives a bigger target for the missle to home-in on.
2003-10-04 08:26:48 AM  
It's pretty easy not to get fat, you don't even need to exercise. Just get into a routine of eating stuff that isn't crap... and that doesn't even necessarily mean eating vegetables and that kind of shiat. Some kind of cereal for breakfast is a good start. Remember, you don't actually have to get fit or healthy to lose weight.

I am quite pleased with myself in that I have no addictions to speak of... I don't have coffee, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; so I can eat whatever the fark I like and not get fat since I'm not compounding it with anything else (and I don't actually want to each that much anyway).

I worry that the rise of obesity in America and Americas cultural influence (especially over the english speaking world) will result in a move away from the Hellenic model of beauty to the 'big is beautiful' model, if the appearance of ill health finds its way into aesthetics it could have dire consequences.
2003-10-04 08:55:58 AM  
One more fat person dead.

Everybody rejoice.

Oh, and Amarath, how many times a day do you vomit?
2003-10-04 09:05:49 AM  
What....Americans are fat bastards...I already knew that.
2003-10-04 09:23:42 AM  
the oob.

I think that is a bit simplistic. I'm not saying your wrong but a few question

What isn't crap?

No I think basically what people should do is this.

1. If it is less than 1 mile away walk. Unless its an emergency and only the threat of death or extreme physical injury is an emergency .

2. Do not have a drink with meals. It only allows you to stuff more in. Have a large glass of water before it will make you eat less. Also do not eat one mouthful after you start and I mean start to feel full.

3. Make sure 3 times a week you do cardiovascular exercise. That is jogging or bike riding even if it is for only 5 to 10 minutes. yes do improve on that ie if starting at 5 two weeks later you should be going for 10 etc then a month later 15 minutes. No walking is not good enough unless it is extremely fast power walking.

4. EAt good foods. Basic is make it yourself ie pasta sauce do not buy it in a jar. Buy the tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano which you should grow on your balconey fresh garlic and make it yourself. Cook your meals. 60 should be vegtables , 20 meat and 20 starch.

Do that and I believe you will be fine
2003-10-04 09:58:06 AM  
I joined Curves about 3 weeks ago because I need to get rid of about 50 of the 180-some pounds I'm hauling around. 30 minutes three times a week. I've lost 8 pounds and 5 inches so far, and I still eat whatever I want, just less of it (and not because I'm trying to eat less of it -- I just don't have the desire to eat like I used to, thanks to the exercise). This shiat is EASY.
2003-10-04 10:30:02 AM  
There is a simple way to lose weight - when you go to that combination Baskin-Robbin/Dunkin' Donuts, don't get the banana split and the dozen donuts. Get the banana split or the dozen donuts, but not both. If you get both, then you will end up at 500 elbows, and you will never have sex again. I guess it doesn't surprise me much when I go to Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin' Donuts, and all I see is heifers. Moo!
2003-10-04 10:53:13 AM  
i saw this white rapper dude Cex a few months ago.. he was hell-arious.. he was like "this next song is called stop eating, it's about don't put food in your mouth"

it made me giggle..

he also had a song about fisting.. the catch was "fingertips-fist-wrist-forearm-elbow"

hellz yes
2003-10-04 11:50:24 AM  
2003-10-04 12:03:23 PM  

I'm not discounting that there are foods that can be addictive, but there should be a point, say, when, you can no longer sit in a theatre seat, when you think that maybe you should consider hitting the treadmill.
2003-10-04 12:49:00 PM  
Oktoberain: HEAR, HEAR!

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by perfect people. I DO agree that one should try to take control of one's weight BEFORE the 400-500 lb. mark. However, the knee-jerk "HUH HUH, she's FAT!" reaction is just as stupid.
2003-10-04 02:45:13 PM  
I'm so glad I have lean, strong body with a super-high metabolism!

I can't eat enough!
2003-10-04 03:01:43 PM  
Bring out your dead.
Bring out your dead.

No,not her I'm not going to try and put that fat biatch on my wagon.
2003-10-04 03:10:30 PM  
Oh yeah, I, like totally did an investigation of the gravesite, ok? Mrs. Norris was pleased that they, uh, left the casket open wide enough for Satan slip her a couple White Castles. Awesome!!!!

/God hates phat people!
2003-10-04 05:17:56 PM  
Guest said "How the hell does any human get to be able to eat a 36 ounce steak. "

Actually the most common sizes are between 9-16 oz.
Your friend must have gone to a restaurant that specializes in extra large steaks and probably has a reputation because of it.
/11 year restaurant veteran.
2003-10-04 06:08:15 PM  
I don't care why or how and I am uneasy around large people but that is, to my embaresment, my problem. But if the family asked for a larger casket and were adimit about it, then by all that is good they should have gotten a bigger dam casket.

Besides there is a bigger proffit ti a bigger casket.

2003-10-04 08:59:15 PM  
Couldn't they do lipo real quick to extract some of the fat? It would be good practise for interns I would think.
2003-10-06 09:58:24 AM  
I know this may sound cruel, but... she's dead, folks. I don't think she's gonna mind a little dirt. Dignity probably isn't her main worry now. It's not like the funeral home was deliberately desecrating her body or something. Get over it.
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