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29358 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Nov 2011 at 7:54 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2011-11-08 7:45:48 PM  
That was well worth my time.
2011-11-08 7:53:54 PM  
2011-11-08 7:55:25 PM  
Brings a tear to my eye.
2011-11-08 7:58:34 PM  
Best thing I've read on Fark in weeks. Thank you, Subby.
2011-11-08 8:09:44 PM  
My takeaway from his story is that if you want to get set up with a job in a tough economy, it helps to have killed some Germans or Japanese at some point.

/So I'm good
2011-11-08 8:16:04 PM  
i was expecting it to end with "and then the subprime crisis wiped out my retirement, i'm typing this at a library computer while i wait for the shelter to open, FFFFFFFUUUUUUU!!!!!"
2011-11-08 8:24:22 PM  
That was so poignant. It should have gone green. +1, subby.
2011-11-08 8:25:55 PM  
2011-11-08 8:28:31 PM  
Also, that must have been so cool for him to see Metropolis restored. I definitely remember bits and pieces of movies I saw when I was three, and it's an amazing feeling to encounter them again 25 years later. I can only imagine that the feeling is multiplied when it's eighty-three years later!

/I will now get off of his lawn.
2011-11-08 9:21:44 PM  
That was great.
2011-11-09 4:21:07 AM  
2011-11-09 9:30:19 AM  
Wow! This inspires me to have my residents at the nursing home where I work write their own stories. I'm going to read this to them as soon as I get a chance. Thanks, Subby!!!!
2011-11-09 1:46:49 PM  
That was great, the last panel cracked me up. I wonder if these people are on Fark.
2011-11-09 2:02:27 PM  
That changed forever the way I view life. I mean, damn.

Mods: You should re-consider that red light.
2011-11-09 4:36:11 PM  
Well, looks like it's still stuck on red despite the efforts of so many people.

Thanks for all the positive responses. I saw this and had to share. It made my day yesterday, and I hope you find it worthwhile to pass it on yourselves.

2011-11-09 6:21:16 PM  
Is it dusty in here?
2011-11-09 7:37:18 PM  
That's pretty damn cool.
2011-11-09 7:54:02 PM  
This is the greatest comic I've seen. I am humbled. Thank you for posting it.
2011-11-09 8:50:26 PM  
I mean, wow. Really. SIX Herman Cain greens today, with a total of +2 votes (0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1).

And truly compelling, interesting things with +30 votes just sit there.
2011-11-09 9:22:38 PM  
I saw the graphic and thought tl;dr.
Then I changed my mind and read it.

I'm glad I did.
2011-11-09 11:47:55 PM  
Why is this still red?

/thanks subby
2011-11-10 1:42:50 AM  
This made my day.

/Vote it up for the green
2011-11-10 1:47:10 AM  
I'm re-hosting this shiat. Epic.
2011-11-10 1:47:32 AM  
Wow... I am saving that.
2011-11-10 1:59:47 AM  
I spent some time visiting a relative in a "memory care" old folks home last weekend. farking senile dementia is totes cray-cray shiat. I think I will probably shoot myself if I ever get diagnosed with that shiat.
2011-11-10 2:00:44 AM  
That was great.
2011-11-10 2:01:12 AM  
2011-11-10 5:31:10 AM  
2011-11-10 7:22:48 AM  

Smokey the Bare: Why is this still red?

No reference to boobies, cures for cancer, or dogs wanting steak.
2011-11-10 7:35:38 AM  
Now that I finished reading it...

It may not have gone green because it's too serious. It does send a positive message, but Fark is more about the lulz than about being preachy (IMHO). Maybe it came off that way. I dunno.

fragMasterFlash: I spent some time visiting a relative in a "memory care" old folks home last weekend. farking senile dementia is totes cray-cray shiat. I think I will probably shoot myself if I ever get diagnosed with that shiat.

That's what my grandmother has.


/also, a +1 from me, as well
2011-11-10 7:59:12 AM  
That was... boring? I kept waiting for the punch-line, but it never came.

Just an old guy talking about his life. There's nothing amazing about that.
2011-11-10 7:59:18 AM  
Octogenarian creates the most amazing RageComic you will never read, ever

//had no idea what "rage comic" referred to until I clicked the link
///Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia are funnier than those things
////it's time to wake up and I haven't fallen asleep yet
//not that you care about any of this
2011-11-10 8:02:25 AM  

violentsalvation: That was great, the last panel cracked me up. I wonder if these people are on Fark.

Redditors on Fark? I'd upvote you if I could!

2011-11-10 8:03:44 AM  
Hooray for the greenlight! Apparently a mod sobered up.
2011-11-10 8:04:31 AM  
Thanks, Subby, for the tear and smile.
2011-11-10 8:05:55 AM  
I clicked the link, saw how big it was, closed it, read Fark comments, opened it up again, read it, and now I've got to find out who's cutting onions.
2011-11-10 8:06:46 AM  
Everyone should do stuff like this. Especially old people
2011-11-10 8:07:17 AM  
2011-11-10 8:08:30 AM  
An excellent way to start the work day...somehow doesn't seem as dismal as it did five minutes ago...
2011-11-10 8:09:34 AM  
Perfect. Just perfect.
2011-11-10 8:09:47 AM  
Nice news article there subby. Oh wait
2011-11-10 8:10:11 AM  
i'll never get to retire and do headshots.
2011-11-10 8:10:22 AM  
that was great
2011-11-10 8:11:13 AM  
Cool story, bro.
2011-11-10 8:11:13 AM  
This man's comic will be on the internet for a million years.
2011-11-10 8:11:40 AM  
That was great! It takes the sting off the idea of getting old when you hear about an 80-something just hanging around playing video games.
2011-11-10 8:12:12 AM  
I saw it a few days ago and re-reading it still brings a bit of a smile.

What's awe-inspiring is somebody living long enough to see something that we'd joke around as being as ancient as Metropolis ... and then seeing it restored in its glory so many years later. Can you imagine a seventy+ year gap in something that you were around for? I don't know, I just get a sort of feeling of "damn" whenever I read/hear about old people who do cool things with time.
2011-11-10 8:12:26 AM  
Definitely a cool story. My grandmother, a nurse in WWII, died in 2008 after years of Alzheimers. About ten years before her death, she recorded a series of audiotapes in which she talked about her life, her family, meeting my grandfather and all that. It is one of the most precious artifacts of her life that my family has, and it's amazing to listen to. I wish the rest of my grandparents would've done the same thing.
2011-11-10 8:13:08 AM  
thanks to subby ...and thanks for the green light

it's this kind of stuff that balances the trolls, lulz and snark and makes fark what it is and why i've come back for the past 5 years.
2011-11-10 8:13:41 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

Seroiusly though.. its not even particularly poignant its just some old guy's retrospective in a stupid format. why the hell is everyone getting so teary about it.
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