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(Wired)   Planetariums upgrade their laser shows and begin playing music other than "Dark Side of the Moon"   ( divider line
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2003-10-01 11:40:50 AM  
i like pink floyd?
2003-10-01 11:41:49 AM  
Just saw a laser DSOTM show last weekend, it was pretty cool. The guy said soon they were going to do a Doors/Jimi Hendrix show.
2003-10-01 11:42:09 AM  
Pink Floyd > Moby
2003-10-01 11:42:21 AM  
Saw "Laser Bowie" in Toronto in 1990. In some ways, it was more real than his stage show.
2003-10-01 11:42:39 AM  
The change in music is nice and all, but what in the hell does the song "Lola" have to do with the stars ?
2003-10-01 11:42:40 AM  
I hate 50 cent
2003-10-01 11:42:52 AM  
the highlight of the last planetarium show i saw was the giant projected bear.

2003-10-01 11:43:10 AM  
The only one I saw played Tangerine Dream -- the good TG from the early 70s, back when they still added a bit of ominous flavor to space-capades -- and this was 1983. (NYC)
2003-10-01 11:43:39 AM  
2003-10-01 11:44:45 AM  
That's funny because the last time I saw a laser show in a planetarium it was 1989 and it was the Dark Side of the Moon show.
2003-10-01 11:46:16 AM  
We have something like that down here....really just some guys with flashlights and Freebird on repeat.
2003-10-01 11:47:26 AM  
Actually, I found it to be quite enlightening if you do it right. During "Us and Them", while Dorothy is showing her shoes off after the Wicked Witch of the East dies, they say "Round and Round", show the shoes, show the witch, "and Round" and show the shoes again. Not the only convincing part, but it sure freaks you out....
2003-10-01 11:47:34 AM  

Ah, Tangerine Dream. I really loved that music. Still remember the first time I heard it. Someone had put it on one of those huge audio laser discs - probably back in '82 - I was totally blown away.

God, I'm old.
2003-10-01 11:47:37 AM  
Mojo heard the same about The Wall. Never been motivated enough to try.
2003-10-01 11:47:38 AM  
2003-10-01 11:49:31 AM  
Man, Roger is going to be pissed when he hears about this!
2003-10-01 11:50:20 AM  
Surprised they aren't playing some Allan Parsons Project with their "laser."
2003-10-01 11:52:12 AM  
There is no dark side of the moon you know? As a matter of fact its all dark.
2003-10-01 11:52:42 AM  
Set to open to the public Oct. 3, SonicVision features a musical score with tracks from Radiohead, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, the Flaming Lips, Stereolab, Fischerspooner, Boards of Canada and Moby.

But what about the Fischer-Price music? That's what I'm waiting for!!!!
2003-10-01 11:52:54 AM  
The need to do some Ozric Tentacles for their shows. That would rock.
2003-10-01 11:53:16 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-01 11:53:25 AM  
Radiohead - good
Coldplay - shiat
Queens of the Stone Age - excellent
David Bowie - excellent [probably Life On Mars?]
Flaming Lips - excellent
Stereolab - excellent
Fischerspooner - uhm..
Boards of Canada - excellent
Moby - shiat
2003-10-01 11:53:27 AM  
Am I the only one who is completely bored by laser shows?
2003-10-01 11:53:38 AM  
Laser Radiohead, d00ds...:)
2003-10-01 11:53:52 AM  
Heh. The last thing I could call a planetarium that I've been in over the last decade is probably that Alien ride in Disneyworld. :/
2003-10-01 11:54:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Plana - arium"
2003-10-01 11:54:36 AM  
Ozric Tentacles would kick ass - I'd love to hear "Chinatype" blasting out of those speakers!
2003-10-01 11:54:54 AM  
Planet Airium.
2003-10-01 11:56:46 AM  
It's just not the same without Yanni.
2003-10-01 11:58:05 AM  
i really couldn't care less
2003-10-01 11:59:41 AM  
The Museum of Science in Boston has a sweet Radiohead laser show.

2003-10-01 12:00:33 PM  
Yeah, Chemical Brothers would be cool, as would The Crystal Method.
2003-10-01 12:01:45 PM  
Laser Loggins at the Plane-arium tonight only! Footloose!
2003-10-01 12:02:44 PM  
mmmmm, have you ever gone to a laser light show with music accompanied by Radiohead, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, the Flaming Lips, Stereolab, Fischerspooner, Boards of Canada and Moby.... ON WEEEEEEED MAN?
2003-10-01 12:03:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

that's pretty cool looking. that might even be entertaining without chemical additives.
2003-10-01 12:03:37 PM  
Laser Starland Vocal Band kicks ass.
2003-10-01 12:03:40 PM  
Pink Floyd is teh gay
2003-10-01 12:03:54 PM  
Laser Kenny Loggins!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-01 12:04:50 PM  
oh come on, Michael Bolton and Barney (The Dinosaur) on vocals while Kenny G and John Tesh take care of the instrumental...When will my dreams come true? Of course to really spice things up get the dude with the pan flute.

/wondering if medication is having side effects?
2003-10-01 12:04:55 PM  
"Laser Radiohead"

WORD! That would be f*cking sweet.
2003-10-01 12:08:34 PM  
After looking at the pictures, I'd have to say:

Smoke the pot, take the acid some other time.
2003-10-01 12:09:50 PM  
MojoFilter007 it works for me. I use the Albums (because that's what I have) It may work better that way if you can keep a 35 year old turntable on track.
2003-10-01 12:10:53 PM  
So do the police just wait outside the door of these shows
to pick up the stoners?

And isn't a planatarium laser show just another form of drug paraphanelia?

John Ashcroft! Save us! Imprision the evil, plotting, mostly-sleepy stoners and the pinko planatarium laser show operators!
2003-10-01 12:12:45 PM  
Going from Pink Floyd to Moby is [i]not[/i] "upgrading".
2003-10-01 12:12:55 PM  
Dark side of the womb?
2003-10-01 12:13:00 PM  
I'm sorry, is this the movie 'Thief', music by Tangerine Dream? I don't think so.
2003-10-01 12:13:06 PM  
Stupid Ravers.

"Hey, if you swallow the contents of that glow stick, your tongue'll glow in the dark. I swear dude, fer true, PLUR man pluurr.."
2003-10-01 12:14:55 PM  
WTF did I just do?!
2003-10-01 12:15:23 PM  
Laser Radiohead...

Well, the music would be good, but I couldn't stand the gathering of intellectuals who think they know everything...

Oh, hi fark.
2003-10-01 12:20:59 PM  
Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz is available on kazaa.

Search for "Dark side of the rainbow".
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