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2001-11-04 11:32:29 PM  
2001-11-04 11:33:03 PM  
Fark the Yankees. Take that, you bloated carpetbaggers. Luis Gonzalez is your father
2001-11-04 11:33:13 PM  
2001-11-04 11:33:17 PM  
this should have a redundant tag..we already have 2 posts on this..have a lil heart
2001-11-04 11:33:25 PM  
We are the champions . . .
2001-11-04 11:34:37 PM  
Hell yeah!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!!!
2001-11-04 11:34:43 PM  
Mets stink, Red Sox stink.. once again... every D'back fan is in Arizona... all of your teams were watching the game from their homes... thx

2001-11-04 11:34:53 PM  
more headlines on the same topic than sept. 11. It's only a game folks!
2001-11-04 11:35:08 PM  
That was fast...did anyone notice the D-Backs owner looked like he was soiling himself?
2001-11-04 11:35:45 PM  
Tomveil: he was having a "happy moment" :-)
2001-11-04 11:35:59 PM  
Good,they sure were quick with printing those hats and T-shirts with the world series winning D-backs on them.I mean,Wow printed in nanoseconds
2001-11-04 11:36:02 PM  
The Yanks owed it to NYC to win that game... they should have never pulled Rodg.... fark
2001-11-04 11:36:39 PM  
well, im a huge yankees fan, but i must admit, with both randy johnson and Curt Schilling pitching in the same game, the d-backs wanted to win. they deserved it.
2001-11-04 11:38:08 PM  
Illini, Bears, and Dbacks all win!
What a great weekend in sports.
2001-11-04 11:38:32 PM  
Congratulations, Mariano! You are now the official GOAT of New York City!
2001-11-04 11:39:03 PM  
It's amazing how much the Diamondbacks dominated in this series. Apart from a couple of last-minute homers, they controlled every game except #3 and #7.
2001-11-04 11:40:41 PM  
The funny thing about all you idiots that think you won. Is that none of you ever took a swing and most likely are so out of shape walking to the fridge gets you short of breath.
2001-11-04 11:41:02 PM  
NEWS FLASH: Byung-Hyun Kim puts gun down
2001-11-04 11:41:14 PM  
Gotta love trolls. It's called being a fan, jackass.
2001-11-04 11:43:15 PM  
lick my balls. Your not a fan your a troll.
2001-11-04 11:43:26 PM  
wow, co mvps. they both deserve it
2001-11-04 11:43:43 PM  
Yankees can lick me testes... Derrick Jeter is an ass. Muahaha... I get bragging rights at work tomorrow.
2001-11-04 11:43:44 PM  
Newsflash: Byung-Hyun Kim withdraws application to formally change name to Bill Buckner
2001-11-04 11:44:05 PM  
look at all the new diamondback fans.........

surprise, surprise, surprise
2001-11-04 11:44:18 PM  
Who cares....Yankees are still the best team in baseball.
They'll be there next year with Bonds along for the win.

Shoot farking Rivera....send him back to picking bananas.
2001-11-04 11:45:10 PM  
Stupid crap-ass baseball interrupting the Simpson's premier.
2001-11-04 11:45:39 PM  
The D'back are one win "Anomalies". Not going to even come close next year. The "Marlins" syndrom.
2001-11-04 11:46:33 PM  
Newsflash: Bung Kim hands gun to Rivera.. shoots self immediately...doesn't want to live like Scott Norwood.
2001-11-04 11:47:07 PM  
I was about to comment on Bmr68, then I realized that it wouldn't be worth it cus he would do the old I'm rubber your glue trick and make me look stupid.
2001-11-04 11:49:28 PM  
Welstradamus: Damn straight. Best three and a half minutes in Bears history.
2001-11-04 11:49:40 PM  
No your just an idiot. That is justice enough.
2001-11-04 11:49:53 PM  
I win fark you Yanks!!!!!!!!!
2001-11-04 11:50:39 PM  
Well, ok, the Super Bowl Shuffle is the best three and a half minutes in Bears history.
2001-11-04 11:51:04 PM  
Wolfanoz, you had me until you went racist.
2001-11-04 11:51:37 PM  
one win?
easy to say now.......
but they did smoke the all mighty Yankees........

2001-11-04 11:53:02 PM  
Talk to me after they've won a couple. They deserve the congrats, but they've got a long way to go before they are a dynasty, and before you can stick a fork in the Yankees. The Marlins are in danger of being eliminated by league contraction. That little experiment worked out pretty well.
2001-11-04 11:53:06 PM  
You can't call yourself a fan unless you STICK TO ONE GOD DAMN TEAM!

Jeebus, you people that root for anyone that plays the Yanks make me sick.
2001-11-04 11:54:32 PM  
EQAddict: Sorry, Im just pissed off right now.

So Peeler, jumping on the Arizona bandwagon?
2001-11-04 11:55:25 PM  
Wolf: I hear ya. Rivera is the official goat of the city right now. Of all the games to blow, it's game 7.
2001-11-04 11:56:39 PM  
I can't wait to see if the Yanks take Giambi or Bonds. Gonna be a big tossup.
2001-11-04 11:56:44 PM  
2001-11-04 11:57:46 PM  
Please, do not think that the entire team choked. Rivera's awesome, but he can't do it all the time. It's a shame that fate dealt him this.
2001-11-04 11:58:22 PM  
Good...maybe they can give Rivera to the Cardinals. Maybe when the game is on the line, he'll choke for them too.
2001-11-04 11:58:30 PM  
kibo have a fun offseason! I won!
2001-11-04 11:59:29 PM  
Call it rebuilding. We're losing Paul O'Neill and probably El Duque. We need replacements, and you can't do that without money.
2001-11-04 11:59:42 PM  
Peeler: Where else will you find women dressed as men and the dogs running scared. I'm proud to be from here!
2001-11-05 12:00:47 AM  
EQ... It will most likely be Bonds. When he was interviewed by Roy Firestone, it looked like he already had his mind set that he will be a Yankee next season.
2001-11-05 12:01:51 AM  
I for one am a die-hard New York Yankees fan, but was glad to see the Diamondbacks go all the way. They were clearly more talented the Yankees and frankly, New York has had enough celebrations.....it's time to share :).

GREAT series, by the way! The best I've ever seen.
2001-11-05 12:04:00 AM  
The real test for Phoenix is if they riot or not. Most cities can't handle being a winner and trash the place.
Right L.A.? Detroit?
2001-11-05 12:04:40 AM  
This was a pretty good game with the bonus of the Dbacks winning it.

I want to see if NYC is going to destroy Rivera for this rare shiatty performance.
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