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(Fox News)   Student burned U.S. flag, startied fire, burned 2 acres and his upper body   ( divider line
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2001-11-03 01:26:06 PM  
who thinks it serves him right?
ah hell i dunno if it does.
poor kid.
2001-11-03 01:28:03 PM  
2001-11-03 01:33:10 PM  
There is not enough time in the day to laugh at this idiot.
2001-11-03 01:33:30 PM  
so he burned down two acres and charred pieces of an american flag were found within that two acres. that's pretty damning evidence, i'd say. expecially considering that everywhere i've been since september 12th has had no less than two american flags within a fifty-foot radius.
2001-11-03 01:33:43 PM  
Oleg S. Asserin, now that is a funny name.

What a blithering idiot.
2001-11-03 01:46:22 PM  
we had a huge flag burning party here last weekened, it was a blast, good thing our state (hawaii) has no laws against it... as for 48 of the other 49 other states, how the hell can they have laws if the superme court said that it was protected free speech!?
2001-11-03 01:49:23 PM  
The american flag is cursed.. seems to me the ones who burn it comes back on them.
2001-11-03 01:50:39 PM  
Oh shiat... he doesn't qualify for a Darmin Award. He loses twice :-)
2001-11-03 01:51:46 PM  
He did get what he deserved, but not because he was burning a flag because he's a dumb ass.
I think burning the flag is stupid and spitting on all the graves of anyone who died to protect your right to annonce your idiotic theories out loud. However freedom of speech (and symbolic speech) does have to swing both ways for there to be real freedom.
2001-11-03 01:51:53 PM  
Well when lumber prices get high enough, at least we know American flags can be used as construction materials and firewood! right guys? am I right?
2001-11-03 01:57:22 PM  
Playa hatah, you are wrong. that wasn't even funny.
2001-11-03 02:10:47 PM  
First, Get the fark out of my country.

Second: Asserin? Your asserin big trouble now. haha.
2001-11-03 02:18:09 PM  
Is it just me, or does the U.S. flag have it's own secret defense mechanism?
2001-11-03 02:24:55 PM  
Old Glory always fights back!
2001-11-03 02:25:41 PM  
Hope I meet a flag burner one day.
2001-11-03 02:31:15 PM  
2001-11-03 02:34:07 PM  
Students are all flagburners and pinkos and tree-huggers and should be slain immediately.

Anybody with education above pre-school should be slain, actually.
The author of this headline is obviously not going to be slain, of course.

Keep on slaying.
2001-11-03 02:43:30 PM  
I don't think that there is enough information here to convict they guy. There was a flag there...That does not mean that he intentionally burned it! If he did, may he burn in hell! If not, then give the guy a break! The fire may have been accidental. Nothing says for sure what the cause is, or what the "rest of the story" might be. Everybody has there head up right now because of recent events. If this would have happened prior to 9/11, it most likely would not have made a fark worthy item!
2001-11-03 02:43:47 PM  
wordman, nah, you're just being lame.
2001-11-03 02:47:43 PM  
It's time for some Police logic!!: Burned guy+ Fire in area + Charred U.S. flag in proximity - all logic and sceneros that would assume man was caught in natural fire alonng with a decorative Flag that was in the area= A Flag Burning! Hang the bastard!!!

Also it should be noted that since he was an immigrant and an intellectuall (Not those good law abiding immigrants who like good aliens don't speak our language, remain ignorant of our countries actions, and happily work for less than minimum wage picking strwberries or flipping burgers) He must be a terrorist!!
2001-11-03 03:01:20 PM  
Oleg S. Assinine
2001-11-03 03:04:18 PM  
It is so comically ironic that those protesting America sure love to push the envelope of freedom that they would never get whereever the hell they complaining for. I think that every flag burner should be given a plane ticket and a bag of rocks, so they can join their "good fight" (whereever that maybe) and not be forced to live in the oppression that is our 500 cable channels, 24hr fast food, hot women (who don't wear cloaks and shave in the right spots), and modular sectional (with two built-in recliners) society. We can send them with 100 flags to burn; they may need them to heat their cave.
2001-11-03 03:14:39 PM  
doesn't serve him right cause it is the flag, but it does cause he must be an idiot.......

welcome Darwin award runner up.......
2001-11-03 03:29:58 PM  
I post the following link instead of the 93k picture, out of respect for you puny dial-up users.

It he doesn't deserve being burned for what he did, but he does deserve it for being stupid enough to be set on fire....
2001-11-03 03:31:00 PM  
Ah! I have found a bug in the forum! if you put a bold tag before a link tag, and then close said bold tag after the aforementioned link tag, it completly screws your post! Huzzah!!
2001-11-03 03:32:02 PM  
also remove the "it" from the second statement. Grammar = hard
2001-11-03 03:34:00 PM  
I will kill him from 200 yards away. WITH MIND BULLETS! That's telekinesis, Kyle.
2001-11-03 03:38:48 PM  
It's just like that movie "Firestarter" only without the psychic powers and conspiracy.
2001-11-03 04:35:24 PM  
They don't make a HA-HA big enough for this one
2001-11-03 04:48:25 PM  
THe only problem I do have with this article is that is doesn't say he burnt his genitals off. Boy, I hope he did.
2001-11-03 04:50:02 PM  
FifthColumn: That's not a bug. It's a feature. Get it right, or MS will disable your OS.

As for the "police logic" arguments, I would hazard a guess that the local officials have a bit more information than we do, seeing as how we got ours third-hand from Fox News via Fark.

And if he did burn the flag, send him back. We guarantee free speech, including flag-burning, to our citizens, not to just anyone.
2001-11-03 05:19:37 PM  
Woody: I would assume the local cops would be thinking along our lines. anything that does not entail gay bashing, stomping on womens rights, or advancing ultra conservative ideas, Fox News labels as 'Un-American"
2001-11-03 05:45:03 PM  
Fault is right, you know.

"Free speech" does include having messages that other people don't like.

This includes the right to burn the flag of a political organization that you don't like.

Of course, if you set fire to YOURSELF in the process, everybody else does reserve the right to laugh at you.

oh, and those spouting the "those who died" line? Knock it off. Seriously, can it. It's old, it's tired, and its seems to forget that people died on the OTHER side of the battle line too.
Wanna know how many people died for Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Hirohito, George III, or Lee? Nahhh of course not, they were on the wrong side and got their asses kicked, so they don't count. Right?

and yes I'm still cranky from when some mainlander got pissed off because the Waikiki hotels didn't instantly sprout a festoonment of American flags the week after the 11th.
2001-11-03 05:53:11 PM  

Kent Willis, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, said the flag-burning law, enacted in 1960, is unconstitutional and that the ACLU will seek to have the charge dismissed if prosecutors don't drop it.

the ACLU will someday BURN, America..WAKE UP

2001-11-03 05:54:30 PM  

Get a valid point, and you might be listened to.....
2001-11-03 05:59:27 PM  
You guys are all dumbasses.
2001-11-03 06:02:30 PM  
"Your country"?


of course the ACLU will burn. They spend too much time making sure *gasp* people are free to dissent! And that Bush won't be able to change his last name to Orwell!

ya see this is the real problem with America.

Too many Big Pussies who think they own the place.
2001-11-03 06:03:16 PM  
"the ACLU will someday BURN, America..WAKE UP"

So you're saying America should become like the Taliban?
2001-11-03 06:09:41 PM  
Yes!If he is not a naturalized citizen,send him back!
2001-11-03 06:14:57 PM  
Kilgore: you mean, taking up a state-sanctified point of view and killing or deposing anybody who disagrees with it?

Hmm ACLU fights against that sort of crap, Big Pussy chants "Love it or Leave It."

which is the REAL American here, the independent free thinker who isn't afraid to say "the system sucks!" or the Pavlovian Patriot?

You know what I mean by Pavlovian Patriot? Ring a bell, they drool. Wave a flag, they chant jingoistic slogans. "My country, right or wrong, and if you don't like it, go to hell."

"Besides, it's American to be pissed off! The Revolutionaries weren't a bunch of people who were satisfied with England!" --Gallagher
2001-11-03 06:23:19 PM  

Get a valid point, and you might be listened to.....

Another common put-down, I note. No originality, of course.
Now, it's true, I do myself not listen to people that I feel do not have a valid point. Religious fundies, for example, get ignored outright. However, I am also usually prepared with a counterlist of why their points are full of crap. So, B.P., have you a counterlist of why my points are invalid? Let's review my points.

1. Flag burning is an expression of free speech. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant, it's a mode of expression.
2. Free speech is all about saying things that other people(such as you) don't like. You don't like the message-tough. You're not the only one with the freedom to speak.
3. You, of course, maintain the right to your own opinions.
4. The previous does not mean you can abridge the rights of others. See 1 and 2.
5. "Remember those who died" is jingoistic, because people died for the opposing causes as well.

Counterpoints. Now.
2001-11-03 06:50:56 PM  
Another funny case of somebody that hates the US, but gets an education and enjoys the freedoms.

Shoot him for treason I say.
2001-11-03 07:11:21 PM  
Mr. Ass-Searing, a foreign student, here enjoying OUR civil rights, should be shot like Fb- said. Not for treason, cause you cannot shoot a foreigner for that. Just for being a PUBLIC ASSHOLE!

Oh I love the smell of ass searing in the morning!
It smells like - Osama!

Castrate him and drop him in heavy surf near The Island.
2001-11-03 07:13:27 PM  
2001-11-03 07:22:40 PM  
Too bad he didn't burn two acres of his skin.
2001-11-03 07:41:06 PM  
2001-11-03 07:56:05 PM  
right, our country.

but, technically, since i live here, and am an american, idiomatically, it is "my" country. Kinda like that "my country tis of thee" thing. If I were australian, and i were referring to australia, it would be my country. Or any other country.

Sorry if it offends you.
2001-11-03 08:25:08 PM  
What kind of name is Oleg?
2001-11-03 08:54:02 PM  
I guess it's okay for me to wear a ninja costume and bomb the Pearl Harbor museum then.
2001-11-03 08:55:07 PM  
From a hang glider, no less! With a kamikaze attack, I could break a windshield or bend a parking meter! MOOHOOHA!
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