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(BBC)   French try to convince pope to remove gluttony from list of seven deadly sins. Pope mumbles incoherently, France surrenders   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2003-09-28 01:30:04 AM  
hahahaha, religion sux0rs!!!!!!11!1!!!
2003-09-28 01:30:26 AM  
2003-09-28 01:30:46 AM  
I watch every episode of "Teen Girl Squad" almost daily. Does that make me mentally ill?
2003-09-28 01:30:49 AM  
The french.....such an utter delight.
2003-09-28 01:31:10 AM  
2003-09-28 01:31:13 AM  
What? The French? Who?
2003-09-28 01:35:21 AM  
This is nothing, what I want to know is, is it still okay to receive Gwynneth Paltrow's head in a box ?

[image from cinefile.biz too old to be available]

2003-09-28 01:36:16 AM  
"Reclassify" is "remove" in newspeak?
2003-09-28 01:36:46 AM  
"God is never in France this time of year" -- Dorleac, The Count of Monte Cristo
2003-09-28 01:37:17 AM  
I love the headline. "Pope mumbles incoherently, France surrenders" It's funny, my little sister's teacher was doing a search on the web for "French victories" and it responded "zero matches. Are you sure you didn't mean 'French surrender'?"
2003-09-28 01:38:55 AM  
Every time you bake a cake, god kills a kitten
2003-09-28 01:40:51 AM  
Michelle, ma belle
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
Tres bien ensemble
2003-09-28 01:44:39 AM  
Honestly though, there is nothing wrong with gluttony.

or Sloth for that matter.

We surrender.
2003-09-28 01:45:13 AM  
It's nice to see a religion finally tackling a heavy issue, instead of followers getting bogged down in sophomoric fluff.
2003-09-28 01:47:55 AM  
Read the article.

The catholic church uses the french word for gourmet in their list of the seven deadly sins. The chefs just want it changed from french from Gourmet to French for glutton.

-4 points for not reading the article, +1 point for a good headline.
2003-09-28 01:48:59 AM  
The Google phrase was "french military victories".
2003-09-28 01:50:38 AM  
Beer151: Those are God's words, don't try changing them because of semantics or you will be struck down with a roasted pig.
2003-09-28 01:51:37 AM  
Bocuse is an arrogant prick.
Change the thousand year old religious doctrine, becaus the defination of another language's word has changed in the last century or two. Yep, sounds like French arrogance. Too bad they're irrelevant any more.

/former 7 year 3-4 star hot-line veteran whose run a line.
2003-09-28 01:53:21 AM  
"Honestly though, there is nothing wrong with gluttony.
or Sloth for that matter."

That's the American way though.
2003-09-28 01:54:29 AM  
Change the thousand year old religious doctrine

Wait, it's been gourmet in french for 1000 years? whoa...
2003-09-28 01:56:21 AM  
A group of French. . .intellectuals

Mutually exclusive?
2003-09-28 01:59:02 AM  
I love the headline. "Pope mumbles incoherently, France surrenders" It's funny, my little sister's teacher was doing a search on the web for "French victories" and it responded "zero matches. Are you sure you didn't mean 'French surrender'?"

Boy was that an old one you tried to pass off as yours..and wrong, as Nytmare points out
2003-09-28 01:59:36 AM  
France Surrenders!

OK, I had to get the obligatory remark out.

Now, the fact is that this is yet another asshat article that hardly deserves the term "news" in the first place. And why don't the farking french just change their word and be done with it? Why petition the church?

Stupid asshattery. I still want to know whom is blowing whom to get these asscrappy articles posted. Can I get a hallelujah? (Probably not. Maybe bannination)

/never gets any farking articles posted...
2003-09-28 02:02:58 AM  
Bung, Fark is full of people whining about how their articles never get posted, but attacking other people's is just poor form. Toe the line, and stop clinging to the ridiculous delusion that people will care more if you post in more threads.
2003-09-28 02:03:33 AM  
Oh, those wacky French.


Oh, whack those French.

Take your pick.

/got nothin'
2003-09-28 02:05:06 AM  
wow, good point bung_howdy whom could it be. people whom use whom all the time are so incredibly smart. Whom would have thought the French were this arrogant.

Whom is used where her or him or them is used. It cannot be the subject of the sentence. The second use of it was good. But whom is blowing, I mean come on.

/Grammar NAZI
2003-09-28 02:05:35 AM  
Looks like God hates fat chicks.
2003-09-28 02:06:15 AM  
France is cool. America sucks.......big time. Buncha stupid sheep.
2003-09-28 02:08:33 AM  
marklar: Sieg Heil grammar nazi. I appreciate the tips-

/stormtroop on-

g2v: Understood. Just a little venting is all. I still think the quality of articles leaves something to be desired. Nothing personal to the person who sent it in-
2003-09-28 02:12:45 AM  
Considering 60% of Americans are obese, I figured it would have been the US. French people are actually in pretty good shape.
2003-09-28 02:15:21 AM  
bung_howdy, nothing personal, but I live in South Dakota, and they seen the football players play good. So it gets annoying. My tips were not complete, there are a few more rules, but I am tired.
2003-09-28 02:20:14 AM  
xtremehkr I could not help but notice in your bio that you are a realist/ atheist. R0x0r. You should go to my website(?) and sign the guest book. Since I sux0r at things on the internet, here it is:
2003-09-28 02:27:43 AM  
This article is a classic...

I can't wait until Winsconsin asks something along similar grounds
2003-09-28 02:30:24 AM  
Ok guys, for one thing. STOP IT.

The French military victories turning up french military defeats is a PRANK. When you get the suggestion page, LOOK AT THE WEB PAGE NAME. www.albinoblacksheep.com. A prank site. It's a mock google page. Enough jokes. Just because France didn't want to be slaughtered by an obviously outnumbering German force doesn't mean they are weak cowards. That is childish talk and you know it.
2003-09-28 02:36:52 AM  

signed, good luck in your endeavour.
2003-09-28 02:40:11 AM  
That is childish talk and you know it.

What site have you been reading??
2003-09-28 02:51:19 AM  
Bung Howdy: Just for that little outburst, I will point out this was my 100th. Neener neener.

/rubs salt in wound.
2003-09-28 02:53:30 AM  
"Boy was that an old one you tried to pass off as yours..and wrong, as Nytmare points out"

I was not trying to pass one off as my own...my younger sister told me this. So let's think this out, shall we genius? Is it possible that my sister's teacher was trying to pass off an old one as her own, and I happened to get caught in the crossfire? Asshat.
2003-09-28 02:57:46 AM  

You're right. I'm sure America would have laid down like a little biatch too.

Go eat some cheese.

/flame bait
2003-09-28 03:25:55 AM  
Just accept the fact that you were the ignorant one, and move on, instead of attacking me.

2003-09-28 03:45:03 AM  
Or accept the fact that you are an arrogant asshat, and sit here and laugh at you. I shall start now. Hahahah. Hahaha. Look at the little arrogant man who has to be right. Oh wait, but he's wrong. Too bad for him, eh?
2003-09-28 03:56:42 AM  
That was truly a spectacular retort! Did your younger sister's teacher give you that wittisism as well?
2003-09-28 04:41:20 AM  
wow, once again someone posts a subject line that doesnt' relate to the article.

do farking moderators even read the link submissions?
2003-09-28 04:43:23 AM  
Bill Frist: Probably, but it wouldn't make any difference.
2003-09-28 04:43:30 AM  
"The Google phrase was "french military victories"."

for some reason i'm getting 106,000 matches... and not zero.

People who think that France has never had military victories or has been a coward in war efforts should be beaten to death with a history book, just as an example.
2003-09-28 04:51:00 AM  
Bill Frist

Totally agree. Funny how people who bash the French for 'surrendering' in WWII forget that the British/Canadian EF escaped coming *this* close to being beaten into a bloody pulp at Dunquerqe by the very same Germans.

They fought, and they fought well. Can't blame poor planning at the defence department on the troops in the field.
2003-09-28 04:51:05 AM  
the kids on this thread....
"Change the thousand year old religious doctrine,"

doccm9: They are not asking them to change religious doctrine, do you not know how to read?

"Too bad they're irrelevant any more."

really? The fourth largest economy in the world is irrelevant?
2003-09-28 04:53:05 AM  

well I think maybe you can blame them for poor defense planning. But just because they got their ass kicked (and yes it was an ass kicking, not a simple surrender, go read up on how many french soliders died) along with ALMOST EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN EUROPE should not allow people to claim theat France has never had military victories...

I mean we are talking about the country that conquered all of europe except Russia and England.
2003-09-28 04:57:26 AM  
Bill Frist: It's just an old joke, nothing to get so worked up over. Also, if you have a complaint about the articles that are selected, the people you want to biatch at are the admins, not the mods. However, I recommend you not do that.
2003-09-28 05:04:37 AM  
I didn't make any complaint about the articles being selected,

I just hate reading misleading subject lines. The article is fine with me, the subject was a lie (the French chefs were not asking for one of the 7 deadly sins to be removed. They were asking for the catholic church to update their terminology to more accuratly fit the modern french language)
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