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2001-11-03 08:20:21 AM  
Obvious. Psychics are about as credible and have as much ability to predict the future as the bible.
2001-11-03 08:35:45 AM  
http://www.jilldahne.com also has her mistakes on her site.

I think, The site is farked now, but last time I was there the mistakes were there.
2001-11-03 08:43:23 AM  
The Magnificent C-Bass predicts that he will die by the year 3000!!!
2001-11-03 08:47:06 AM  
37: John Travolta should be careful flying his plane in February.

How is this even a prediction? Should he avoid cutting himself with a kitchen knife in March? Should he try not to drive drunk in July?
2001-11-03 08:58:59 AM  
Bobbie Battista will retire from CNN in December
2001-11-03 09:02:02 AM  
she should have taken the nostradamus route. say your prediction will come true in the future, be as vague as possible and use a lot of imagery, then wait for retards to make you famous
2001-11-03 09:08:52 AM  
"NASA finally cuts back on the space program realizing that every time they send up a space vehicle they are tearing the ozone layer."

Is the ozone layer made of tissue paper?
2001-11-03 09:12:41 AM  
Prediction: Scott Brosius is going to rip one in the 7th in game 6 but, he's going to blame it on Derek Jeter.
2001-11-03 09:18:17 AM  
Jeter will, in his blameless shame, hit a homerun in the ninth.
2001-11-03 09:49:21 AM  
my favourite:
"Democrats will win the election with Bill Bradley, with close competition from the Reform Party. "

yeah, right.
2001-11-03 09:53:24 AM  
lol! That ozone prediction was the kicker for me!
She's about as farking dumb as a soccer mom!
2001-11-03 09:59:35 AM  
Bobby Battista of CNN will relinquish her eye to Alan Colmes of Hannity and Colmes on FoxNews.
2001-11-03 10:05:44 AM  
# 23 The midwestern U.S. has a big uprising because of some kind of polluted waste hazard. This has not been recognized at this point, but begins to surface around branson.

Insert your own country music joke here.
2001-11-03 10:06:48 AM  
*What the world needs now is another dumb psychic, like I need a hole in my head.*
2001-11-03 10:20:47 AM  
Actually, the waste hazard is in Paducah, KY!
It's already started oozing out of the ground in places.
There is supposedly enough there to irradiate the
country for the next 3000 years if I remember correctly.
If the New Madrid fault were to unleash a powerful
enough earthquake to bust open those bunkers that
all that crap is stored in, we could be a glowin' for
2001-11-03 10:23:40 AM  
13. There will be extensive monitoring of the internet that will be imposed to govern and reduce indiscriminate pornography. This will be drastically different from the filtering software available now, along with harsh regulation.>>

Thank God this one was crap.

There will be a definite crackdown by the Federal Government regarding frivolous lawsuits. This has been bantered around for a while, but now a definite crackdown is imposed>>

Damn, this one is good. Just wishful thinking, I guess.
2001-11-03 10:28:20 AM  
My Predictions for 2002:

1.Clinton will say "I almost got Osama" for the 100th time.
2.Stupid people will have more babies.
3.Stupid people will vote.
4.Stupid people will mistake soap for Anthrax.
5.Stupid people will call Miss Cleo.
2001-11-03 10:32:35 AM  
My prediction......

The Quickening is upon us!

So, laissez les bon temps roullet!
2001-11-03 10:34:25 AM  
Ooooh Elizabeth Taylor ends up in rehab....that's a tough one.

How 'bout Scott Wylin of STP will end up strung out again.
How 'bout Jimmi Hendrix will still be dead at the end of the year.

Where's Ms. Cleo when you need her, she'll save us from these lame psychics!!!
2001-11-03 10:35:35 AM  
Here's some more - at http://www.sylvia.org/home/2000plus.cfm - for the distant future, although she tells us that "Peace will last from 2050 until 2100, and then I see nothing beyond..." - so this all happens in the next 99 years.

Babies will be birthed in water all the time, with music, incense, and green and lavender lights.

There will be no US Presidency; our government will go back to a Greek Senate structure.

Atlantis will begin to show itself by 2023 and be fully visible by 2026.

By 2055 most people will live in domed cities due to poor atmospheric conditions. (How lonw will it take to build a dome over a city?)

Toward the end of things, the veil separating our world from The Other Side will thin, so much so that most people will see decease loved ones and speak with their Spirit Guides.

Aliens will begin to show themselves in the year 2010, they will not harm us, they simply want to see what we are doing to this planet. They will teach us how to use anti-gravity devices again, such as they did for the pyramids. (The aliens taught the pyramids?)
2001-11-03 10:35:49 AM  
I'm not going to trust the predictions of anyone who looks like that woman. Gawd is she ever hideous.
2001-11-03 10:39:10 AM  
yea those pyramid dudes are real smart like.
2001-11-03 10:49:16 AM  
I have seen her on Montel. She speaks to the audience' dead relatives and also takes calls whilst poor Montel worships at her feet. Verrry Sad, that people are that gullible.
2001-11-03 10:58:31 AM  
"In June a major airline disaster is averted"

this depresses me for some reason
2001-11-03 10:59:40 AM  
'Seattle area, around Olympia, gets a 4.9 earthquake around June. None of these earthquakes above are devastating.'

Close... you biatch!

although she saw Bradley being the President.
2001-11-03 11:10:01 AM  
No way that's a woman. It's got to be a man in drag. Check those shoulders ! Ick.
2001-11-03 11:15:46 AM  
I'm beginning to think all "female" psychics are just guys in drag. Check this one out.
2001-11-03 11:24:56 AM  
I'm amazed that despite all the amazing, other-worldly skills these psychics claim to have, not a single one predicted the most devistating event in American history. 9/11.
2001-11-03 11:29:53 AM  
Sylvia had agreed to take the 1 Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge on Larry King Live a while back. James Randi, the famous skeptic who has debunked many charlatans in the past, is the one that has the Paranormal Challenge ready for Sylvia to take. But Sylvia is scared because she knows she will fail. James Randi has a countdown clock on his site that shows the number of days that have passed since she accepted to take the challenge.
2001-11-03 11:31:40 AM  
Come now, Fb. It's obvious that Nostradamus got to them first and threatened legal action if they tried to claim his predictions as their own.
2001-11-03 11:57:47 AM  
[image from sylvia.org too old to be available]

I predict this biatch will reveal herself as a man in drag.
2001-11-03 12:08:25 PM  
I bet she has a lovely collection of beenie babies back in her trailer home.
2001-11-03 12:24:07 PM  
11. As in the 1940's and 50's, we are going to see a lot of small businesses flourish like the old Mom and Pop operations.

LOLOLOLOL, yea, right. RIAA anyone? Microsoft? AOL-Time Warner? Nice "mom and pop" operations goin on there.
2001-11-03 12:39:21 PM  
Qermaq: Maybe those aliens who show up in 2010 should teach us how to clean the atmosphere, so we won't all have to live in domes in 2055.
2001-11-03 12:49:28 PM  
Air travel reaches an all-time high, but because of overbookings and poor service, the airlines will need to revamp their scheduling practices.

2001-11-03 01:00:10 PM  
[image from sylvia.org too old to be available]

img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-11-03 02:04:38 PM  
41) The sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow, there'll be sun.
2001-11-03 02:29:32 PM  
Giant fruits and vegetables will be grown in hothouse environments. The nutrients will be synthesized into a highly condensed injection.

This biatch is forgetting that people like to eat and injections suck!
2001-11-03 02:41:32 PM  
Neither Warren Beatty nor Donald Trump has any success in politics.

Holy shiat you guys - she was right!!!
2001-11-03 02:43:08 PM  
The one about the Olympia earthquake is close...there was an Earthquake around Olympia, but it was a 6-pointer, it did quite a bit of damage in Olympia and downtown Seattle, and it was in March I think.
2001-11-03 02:44:41 PM  
With the Yankees down 30 to 1 in the top of the 9th Bob Brenly will pull Johnson and put in Kim to redeem himself.

Yankees win 31-30....
2001-11-03 02:49:29 PM  
Please tell me that this is bbspot in disguise....
2001-11-03 03:04:48 PM  
"Temperatures along the East Coast become milder and along the West Coast colder and more damp and also due in part to the polar tilt."

The polar *what*!?
2001-11-03 04:10:13 PM  
Shi'te Muslims - The Kinder, Gentler Religious Fanatics.

And do all organized religions have to do with this Christ guy?!
2001-11-03 04:10:30 PM  
There will be small earthquakes that hit around the Northern California area in January and February, nothing of significance.

Woah! She *must* be a psychic to predict small earthquakes in California.
2001-11-03 04:11:05 PM  
"Organized religion becomes gentler and kinder and more liberal, which goes along with spirituality and in keeping with Christ's words."
shiate Muslims - The Kinder, Gentler Religious Fanatics.

And do all organized religions have to do with this Christ guy?!
2001-11-03 04:36:01 PM  
New electronic companies are in the making now, but will really burst on the scene by late Fall. This is as a result of not only technical advances but also genetic research.

Uh-huh. That's why a good portion of the tech workers on FARK are looking for a job.
2001-11-03 04:58:49 PM  
Whoo-Hooo!..Any IT spots open?
2001-11-03 05:00:51 PM  
Most average people just making guesses can at least 10% accuracy in their "predictions". I didn't see a single one on there that was even close to being accurate.
2001-11-03 05:24:13 PM  
those predictions were lame.
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