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2011-10-12 05:53:28 PM  

The Flexecutioner: texdent: The Flexecutioner: interesting, why was thor attacking cap in that clip?

Maybe Thor is attacking Skrull Cap?

yeah, that's what im hoping for. but knowing whedon, i hope it's not some "Cap isn't used to the modern day and thinks Thor is a villain" plotline.

Could just be that you put enough protagonist together, realistically they are going to start butting heads.

but there are a dozen reasons, Skrull Cap, Skrull Thor, Loki posses cap, loki posses Thor, misunderstanding, Alpha male postering, some kind of disagreement, Thor or Cap being confused when Thor returns to Earth, Or just the typical fight then team up cliche.
2011-10-12 11:50:32 PM  

FightDirector: Eustacia Vye: FightDirector:
//Tom Hiddleston (Loki) is a bro

I know it's way late for a follow up on this, but I am so curious! Gimme a story about Tom Hiddleston being a bro, pretty please?

Just my impression. I'm sitting there ALL the way in the back on a particular crowd scene, while he's been walking through the crowd. We get to the end of the shot and he has to hold position while he's right next to me. It's taking a really long time because the next shot is this bizarre receding crane shot; like "45 minutes standing and kneeling in the same place"long. So he and the assistant DP and I start up a conversation about weird crap we've seen on sets. 5 minutes into the conversation and it's not like "here's an extra, the ADP, and the talent standing around", it was like sitting around a pub table sharing "no shiat, there I was" stories.

He was just cool about it. Not to mention he was a gentleman about repeatedly driving his crotch into a kneeling woman's face at the end of the previous shot (which was out of frame - it was just the way he ended up hitting his mark walking through a kneeling crowd). ;)

Thank you! I didn't know if you meant good bro or like an annoying bro who would pop his collar if he wasn't wearing armor. Love it.
2011-10-12 11:51:09 PM  

kalysto727: I haven't been following too closely with released information on this, but I'd been hoping that since the Cosmic Cube was the MacGuffin for this one that Thanos might be the archvillain for this one.

Not to possibly spoilerize, but I've heard that SHIELD's fiddling around with the cube (because of Loki's meddling) has caught the attention of The Skrulls, who want it for themselves as a weapon against the Kree.
2011-10-13 02:10:16 PM  

ActionJoe: Captain America was a disappointment. Half the movie was Captain being boring and not doing anything. Then there was some over the top action scenes. Then a really stupid ending. All of that would have been fine if the enemy was actually someone we cared about. Red Skull never seemed threatening and was never a foil to Captain. It seems like he was just put in and hoped everyone watching would know he was a big bad guy we should care about.

The ending would have been better if the romance between Captain and Peggy meant something. But it just felt flat and Captain not being able to return to her just didn't have the emotional weight the movie seemed to want.

Avengers looks like a fun movie though if they avoid the failings of Captain America.

The thing that bothers me, as a mid-80's through early 90's comic book nerd, is why does Cap have a machine gun? In WWII, sure, with the Howling Commandos, sure, but not in the Avengers. Just don't happen.
2011-10-13 07:39:40 PM  

ThisNameSux: Loki is the only bad guy? Thor kicked his ass all by himself, how does he pose a threat to the entire farking team?

So who wins in a fight between...

Iron Man
Captain America

Also, who wins a slap fight between Black Widow and Hawkeye?

i89.photobucket.comView Full Size

/also, if anyone here hasn't seen The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, get your ass on netflix and watch it instantly
//Now. What are you waiting for? It's great!
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