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21345 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 05 Oct 2011 at 2:57 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-10-05 06:37:20 PM  
2011-10-05 06:38:20 PM  

Trapper439: She's making the most of the little she has, and I respect that.

I once saw an absolute she-beast I knew get a similar makeover. Same body type and everything. She went from Kill It With Fire to pretty darned sexy within about a month. A girl whose self-confidence has risen that much in such a short time can radiate a level of attractiveness that doesn't necessarily come across in photos.

In short, I'd hit it.

I wholeheartedly agree with you... in a normal person. But in this case, your referring to a vapid, entitled twat.
2011-10-05 06:43:34 PM  
img401.imageshack.usView Full Size
2011-10-05 06:46:18 PM  
I'm guessing about an hour after your eye doctor told you that "You're farking blind."
2011-10-05 06:49:47 PM  
celebslam.celebuzz.comView Full Size

You must be this long to ride me.
2011-10-05 06:59:06 PM  
Sorry subby, she is FAR from being hot.

And yes.......current girlfreind,,, blah, blah, blah.

Pic in profile.
2011-10-05 07:04:30 PM  

BobNesta420: I don't know. I think she looks better with brown hair

[1.bp.blogspot.com image 155x188]

Looks like Robert Zdar and Cindy Lauper had a baby.

surfgossip.comView Full Size
2011-10-05 07:05:04 PM  

MeinRS6: She didn't. She has access to tons of her dad's money and that helps to put a lot of lipstick on a pig.

Over in two. The question should have been, "When did the author of that headline last get his eyes checked?"
2011-10-05 07:17:15 PM  

Tyrosine: [www.x17online.com image 300x400]

On what farking planet is this considered "hot"?

Looks like a mashup of Amy Poehler and Drag John Travolta starring in the Legally Blonde remake.

Also, subby, Inigo Montoya is holding for you on line 3.
2011-10-05 07:21:06 PM  
Problem: Enormous pumpkin head

Solution: BIG HAIR
2011-10-05 07:33:56 PM  
I'd bang her because she seems like she'd be kinda nasty. I like that. Plus she has some muscular thighs which are also good.

/Kelly call me
2011-10-05 07:51:56 PM  
Whatever, I know the truth - most of you "sharp knees" guys would jump at the chance to do that chick.
2011-10-05 07:55:20 PM  

Pumpernickel bread: Whatever, I know the truth - most of you "sharp knees" guys would jump at the chance to do that chick.

There's a lot of speaking for people other than one's self that goes on around here.
2011-10-05 07:56:29 PM  
I stand by the not hot assesment.....but still.....why not? Better than looking at porn and dreaming.....

*note to self.....get permission from the wife to do Kelly*
2011-10-05 08:12:17 PM  
When did 13 year old boys get to start submitting headlines?
2011-10-05 08:20:16 PM  
I like her tits..

I bet the curtains don't match the carpet..
2011-10-05 08:30:48 PM  

Walker: Without the makeup:

Ozzy has really let himself go.
2011-10-05 08:37:41 PM  
I'd bang it like a screen door in a hurricane and brag to everyone within earshot after 2 or 3 drinks at Chili's.
2011-10-05 08:45:26 PM  
C'mon, I can't be the only one who started thinking of this.

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2011-10-05 09:20:36 PM  
I'd fark the shiat outta Mia Tyler
2011-10-05 09:27:43 PM  
No matter what new prissy style of clothing she's in, or how her hair is did. You can't excape the fact that with her large bulldog like head, there is a possibility that she is also the man known as her "brother" Jack.

/hey, crazy things have happened.
2011-10-05 09:38:50 PM  

Badgers: DjangoStonereaver: Losing all that weight did her a world of good, except that now she looks an awful lot
like her father. Not every rock star daughter can be Liv Tyler.

Or even Mia Tyler...

It's crazy isn't it? How those two women have faces so similar, that with the right lighting Mia can be mistaken for Liv in a photo shoot. Then you remember that they're only half sisters meaning that it's Steven's genes that are responsible for that amount of hawt.

/I remember one summer while working for Lane Bryant we had this huge blown up image of Mia in the store. I had a running tally of at least 6 men (dragged in by wives and girlfriends) who would say, out loud "Did Live Tyler get fat? Damn, still looks hot!"
//css might not apply
2011-10-05 09:49:50 PM  
files.myopera.comView Full Size
2011-10-05 10:21:48 PM  
i796.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-10-05 10:23:23 PM  

Cythraul: Big Cheese Make Hair Go Boom: She looks like an unattractive drag queen.

So tell me. Do you often find drag queens attractive? :)

radaronline.comView Full Size
2011-10-05 10:29:39 PM  
You know what? Would hit. Heels stay on.
2011-10-05 10:31:20 PM  

BobNesta420: I don't know. I think she looks better with brown hair

[1.bp.blogspot.com image 155x188]

Like a catcher's mitt with eyes!!
2011-10-05 10:42:47 PM  
Rhetorical question, Farley!
2011-10-05 10:52:49 PM  
Register this as another vote for never.
2011-10-05 11:31:04 PM  
Her face is too crowded.
2011-10-06 12:57:06 AM  
Around the same time Michelle Obama got hot which was... mmmmm... never.
2011-10-06 01:19:54 AM  
Is she "Adriana Lima" hot? No. But I'm not ashamed to say that I'd do real bad things with her.

modoration.comView Full Size
2011-10-06 07:13:31 AM  
I'd hit it. But then I'd hit Sharon too. Drunk I'd probably do Ozzy.
2011-10-06 07:40:31 AM  

mitchcumstein1: Never, she got hot never.

This is the correct answer! Ed, tell him what he's won.
2011-10-06 08:05:24 AM  

Angry Buddha: I dunno, I'd hit it. She has great legs.

[i.dailymail.co.uk image 468x694]


Yes, yes she does. And it was those legs and a lack of sunken face that lead me to believe her when she says she actually lost the weight by eating right and exercising, rather than starving herself and downing some sort of pill or powder. i like the way she carries herself now. She hasn't got the best face and her tats are retarded, but I could look past those.

/going on six months.
2011-10-06 08:33:02 AM  

dstanley: [celebslam.celebuzz.com image 480x719]

You must be this long to ride me.

Well, I'm out.

2011-10-06 09:35:45 AM  
celebslam.celebuzz.comView Full Size

"What's that smell? Is it my cooter?"
2011-10-06 10:06:14 AM  
Cool, now I have mid 80's Ozzy playing in my head.

Jake E. Lee was behind some of Ozzy's best work. Discuss.
2011-10-06 11:26:37 AM  

BobNesta420: I don't know. I think she looks better with brown hair

[1.bp.blogspot.com image 155x188]

Oh, Z'no!
2011-10-07 12:45:05 AM  
She still has the personality of a cock tumor, so...no. Not hot. I will say that, compared with how she has looked in the past, she has become relatively easier on the eyes. Her head looks like a peroxide-flavored piece of Bubblicious, though.
2011-10-07 06:24:53 AM  

Angry Buddha: I dunno, I'd hit it. She has great legs.

[i.dailymail.co.uk image 468x694]


That's not bad.
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