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(des moines register)   Lawsuit says hotel owners should have known some customers would weigh more than 350 pounds   ( divider line
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16013 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Sep 2003 at 9:13 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-24 10:07:10 AM  
2003-09-24 10:08:19 AM  
Cankles, bingo wings. I didn't realize I have so much to learn.

There is this lady at work in the accounting department that goes past "cankles". The flap from her calves actually go down past her shoes.
And I don't know how many times she's asked me to get an item for her just because she can't bend down far enough to get it.
How can you let yourself get that huge? I have stomach that goes in farther than my chest, and whenever I even think it may be bulging out a little, I work that bad boy off.
2003-09-24 10:08:30 AM  

compassion . . . the same compassion anyone else is looking for. who wants to be made fun of because of the way they look? and are all fat people looking for special treatment? no they aren't. sure some may sue for larger and/or sturdier seats, but i just don't think that is the standard.

ahhh, screw it. i agree that people DO need to be responsible for themselves. people CAN'T expect special treatment all the time (or ever). fat people SHOULD lose weight to look better, feel better, and live longer. but to say something as ignorant as "i can't stand sitting in a chair that a fat person was just sitting in, its all warm and moist" or whatever was said, is just hateful, ignorant, silly, and an exhibition of bigotry.

so to summarize: fat bad, picking on fat people just as bad. sueing 'cause you're fat bad too. slurs bad. azor bad.

oh the humanity.

oh and i don't think i'm "worthless," never have. just the feeling i get from the comments of others.
2003-09-24 10:09:36 AM  
I am stunned. The suit is for less than $10g and medical expenses. I thought it was a law that all lawsuits must be in the millions. As was the bald girl and substitute teacher link earlier. Why sue if you have no chance to spend the rest of your life in luxury?
2003-09-24 10:09:44 AM  
Next he will sue cars for not making an extra large opening for his extra large fat body. Put his ass on a flat bed and dump him in a sinkhole. Or he'll be suing toilet manufacturers for not making a seat big enough that it wouldnt become enveloped in his hulking crack - or one that didnt need 6 flushes to down his last snack.
Sue gravity for allowing your meaty wrist to snap. It is the fault of gravity that you broke your puny-fat-wrapped-bones. Disgusting tub of lard. Sit next to me on my next flight - and use my armwrest, please. Meatball.
2003-09-24 10:11:28 AM  

You don't live in NYC, do you? *grin* You're right, of course. I myself feel the same irritation towards smokers as I do towards the dangerously obese. I have a friend who is both, and she's absolutely ready to blame anyone but herself for her condition.

"Fatass" comments generally don't follow a thread like, "heroic, morbidly plump woman saves child from burning building." They usually come after a thread like this one, where someone is exhibiting the "fat" behavior I mentioned (and which I know so well, since for a year or two I took part in it!).

I don't think your average Farker/ette would revile one of their friends for simply being overweight. But they will get mad at someone who does behave badly over the fat issue, and because this is fark, they will spew it in venomous terms.

Besides, never underestimate the power of beauty. Fat=ugly in most people's minds, and ugly gains no sympathy. Sad, but true.
2003-09-24 10:12:15 AM  

I agree with you, Farkers display a serious amount of hostility in the threads about fat people. However, trying to discuss it with most in a mature, intelligent manner will only get you flamed. I really wonder how many Farkers are at their ideal weight.

/running away now
2003-09-24 10:13:46 AM  
Jeebus You are the best.

Wesley Clark lost 400 pounds after being publicly shamed when Richard Simmons used the jaws of life to free him from his Mini Cooper.
2003-09-24 10:14:01 AM  
1) A fat guy walks into a hotel
2) ???
3) Profit!

Only in America.
2003-09-24 10:15:05 AM  
Americans are only really fat disgusting brits with good teeth.
2003-09-24 10:15:32 AM  
I am 6'6", built like a mack truck, and currently weigh about 335. I'm not all muscles, but I am nowhere near "morbidly obese". So according to all you beautiful skinny little FARKers, I shouldn't expect to be able to safely sit in a chair in a motel?

If I am looking to sit on granma's antique armchair, or on a $9.00 camp chair, I think twice about it. But in a "public" space such as a restaurant or motel, you shouldn't have to worry about the furniture, within reason.

If this was a 300 lb guy that broke the chair, or a 250 lb guy that broke the chair, or a 200 lb guy, would you all still be saying "fatty fat fat - you shouldnt have put your lard ass in the chair"?

Seems to me that the owners of facilities such as that should have to provide a reasonably safe environment for the public. Its all a question of what is reasonable. Should they build the subfloor of 1/4" plywood, because that is more than plenty thick to support a 180 lb person? NO. Should they install a freight elevator and provide titanium reinforced bedframes so that Mr. and Mrs. Ninehundredpounds can sleep safely the night before their Jerry Springer appearance? NO. But there are a WHOLE LOT of 350 lb individuals out there.
2003-09-24 10:16:21 AM  
Roll them big babes in flour and go for the moist spot!!
And pray you don't find any stale Cheetos!

/smells like chicken
2003-09-24 10:18:42 AM  
Don't give us that much credit
2003-09-24 10:18:45 AM  
Yeah, you fatass!!
And tell your girlfriend I said "thanks"

/runs like all Hell is lose so Bill doesn't kick his ass
2003-09-24 10:19:07 AM  

I agree with you, Farkers display a serious amount of hostility in the threads about fat people. However, trying to discuss it with most in a mature, intelligent manner will only get you flamed. I really wonder how many Farkers are at their ideal weight.

I agree with Azor as well.

I have to guess that all of farkers tossing around smack about fat people must all be super fit, super healthy types. I think I smell the aroma of hypocrisy in this thread.

/about 300 and I can wipe my ass just fine, thanks.
2003-09-24 10:19:12 AM  
Your daddy's so fat, when he wears a red sweater, the kids in the neighborhood yell, "Hey, Kool-Aid!"
2003-09-24 10:19:42 AM  
I'd laugh at anybody that broke their chair. This guy happens to be "litigiously-fat." That's just icing on the cake - so to speak.
2003-09-24 10:20:16 AM  
There is no way in hell that fark-face thought the chair would hold him. I'm at 270 and I wouldn't sit in a plastic chair due to the tendency of the legs to start to noticeably bow. I don't care what your say, 350lbs isn't glandular and unless he found a way to be a professional flounder pounder I don't see how a broken wrist cost him $9,500. As far as the general contempt of fatties on Fark, it isn't without merit. Think about it when was the last time that any story posted to Fark involving someone obese wasn't about them being a general jackass? Being overweight I take issue with any one who starts in on how being fat is like being black or gay. Sorry but last time I checked I'm overweight because I stopped exercising but didn't cut my food intake, not because I was born that way.
2003-09-24 10:20:37 AM  
If you're blind, you probably shouldn't drive a car.
If you have back problems, don't lift heavy boxes.
If you have buck teeth, a crooked nose, and warts, accept that you probably won't have a modelling career.
And if you weigh more than 350 pounds (they didn't even give his weight - just a lower limit) then you shouldn't sit on plastic chairs.

People should have some responsibility for knowing their own limits. It only makes it more annoying that his disability is something he has some control over, i.e. his weight. And the fact that he broke the chair while eating is just too easy to ridicule. Really.
2003-09-24 10:20:49 AM  
one more thing. i just don't buy the argument that fat people feel like an "oppressed minority." maybe its me. i also don't buy (or get) the argument that fat people are unclean as well. that is what i am arguing against: the unfair preception of fat people as being worse than they really are, simply because they are fat. fat people want more rights! do they? fat people are stinky! are they? fat people don't washiathey don't? all news to me. of course their exceptions, but their are lazy, stinky, dirty skinny people too. someone up above made that point too i think.

and for the record, i don't like anyone who is unnecesarily litigious. like i said, i don't think the guy should have sued. he should have said i guess it's time to lose weight. plain and simple. but that doesn't make him smelly too does it? i don't know the guy, maybe he smells like roses.
2003-09-24 10:22:31 AM  
Off topic...


You were in Loudon last week? Shoulda stopped by my house for a beer! (And I'm pretty sure all my chairs could hold you)

/carry on biatching about fat people now
2003-09-24 10:24:00 AM  
A few years back, Ray Charles did a Volkswagon ad. They let him drive around the salt flats.

I guess there are exceptions to some of the rules.
2003-09-24 10:24:58 AM  
Mimi Bobeck: Ah, spring. When a young man's fancy turns my stomach.
Drew Carey: When was the last time you saw a young man's fancy?
Mimi Bobeck: When was the last time you saw *your* fancy?
2003-09-24 10:25:06 AM  
It's in Iowa. Of course some of the customers are going to be over 350 lbs.

Where do you think they grow linemen?
2003-09-24 10:27:05 AM  
Leeds dont hate the woman that spilled the coffee too much. yes it shouldnt have been between her legs but her fault stops there. the coffee that the restaurant gave her was too hot. it was so hot in fact that it permanently disfigured her groin area and she can no longer have sex. tell me what coffee should be that hot? would you want something that hot in your mouth? the restaurant could easily lower the temperature and you'd still have your steaming hot coffee and at that high of a temperature I doubt you could tell the difference or even want to try. and where she put her coffee was a stupid mistake since spilling even regular would cause discomfort and maybe a wreck if she was driving but I have never seen anyone that doesnt put a drink there when they dont have anywhere else in their car to put it.

and yeah people that are fat from eating too much and exercising too little need to quit whining.
2003-09-24 10:28:13 AM  
Farking fatass crybaby.
2003-09-24 10:28:35 AM  
There once was a man who harassed
Furniture- with his sheer mass
But on a plastic chair
There could be no repair
After firemen pulled it out of his ass
2003-09-24 10:29:29 AM  
I understand what you're saying, but most of these hugely obese people who do stupid things like this because of their weight are like the little geek in 1st grade that got picked on even more because the other kids laughed when he would go get mommy.

I am 6'2 and weigh 175 pounds.
I excercise to stay this way. My overall figure is very athletic, even if slightly thin.
I also drink and occasionally smoke when I drink (I can't stand to smoke without being at least a little tipsy).
So no, I am not overweight
2003-09-24 10:30:57 AM  
FYI, most plastic chair will hold 350 lbs, if used gently. When something is rated for X pounds, that is after a safety factor of 1.7 or 2.0 is taken out, to account for a moving load. So if a chair is rated for 300 lbs, that is 300 lbs flopping down on it. In reality, it will rpobably hold over 400 if it is loaded normally.

So either this guy did a major ass flop onto the chair, it was defective, or it was EXTREMELY cheap.
2003-09-24 10:31:52 AM  
I fell off a barstool once and sprained my ankle and wrist. It was my drinking hand and thus very upsetting mentally and I sue the bar? The Barman for serving me? Guinness for being too moreish? The chair manufacturers for making it too high? The tilers who did the floor? My parents for my genetics? My mates for insisting on one last beer? Who is at fault? Who? Who? *

*for it can't possible be MY fault now can it?
2003-09-24 10:32:17 AM  
Kymry Jpar6443 farkdog

glad to know people understand what i'm saying.

maybe the guy should have "known his limits" and not sat in the chair. but why hate him? and is he really "profitting" from this event? 10g's is profitting? sounds like paying the bills to me. again, i don't think he should have sued at all, but at least he didn't go for a mil for burning his crotch with hot coffee.

oh by the way, i don't hate smokers. or polacks. or micks. just bigots.
2003-09-24 10:32:47 AM  
You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger
And don't torture chairs without going to the gym

Doo dee dum dum do dee dum dum dum...
2003-09-24 10:32:49 AM  
To rephrase the story a bit:

customers who "weigh in excess of 350 pounds" should know that that "plastic chairs have a tendency to fail with age", and look where they're sitting.

BillTheCat - if you weigh 335 pounds, you can't sit safely anywhere.

And if you expect a motel owner to buy ALL their equipment so 350 lb guys can go do whatever they want, you're being selfish and irresponsible towards business owners.
2003-09-24 10:34:00 AM  
I hate fat people too.

And all you sensitive types, dont give me that glandular thing. Its bullshiat. Get off your ass and move and its amazing how you wont gain weight. Oh and stop deep frying everything. It doesnt matter if you eat 4 grams of Carbs a day when your caloric intake is still above 5000 calories and you sit at a desk all day!!!!
2003-09-24 10:34:37 AM  

I am 6'6", built like a mack truck, and currently weigh about 335. I'm not all muscles, but I am nowhere near "morbidly obese". So according to all you beautiful skinny little FARKers, I shouldn't expect to be able to safely sit in a chair in a motel?

Ok, it sounds to me like you're in fairly decent shape. All the hostility is being directed at the people who are in disgustingly horrible shape, make no moves to change themselves, and then complain that it's not their fault when their shape makes things complicated for them.

And, even in good shape, not all chairs are going to hold you at 335. If the chair creaks and groans when you sit in it, you should probably move to a sturdier chair. Chairs are generally built to accomodate an adult of statistically average size (probably 5'10-5'11, 180-220 lbs).

I was at my mom's house one time, and I went to cop a squat in my little sister's plastic chair. I'm 5'6" and 155 lbs, and the chair started to protest when I sat down. So, I promptly moved to a sturdier chair.

It's called common sense.

Seems to me that the owners of facilities such as that should have to provide a reasonably safe environment for the public. Its all a question of what is reasonable.

Exactly. And, protected statuses aside (read: handicapped), most businesses are going to provide services to accomodate the statistically average patron. While there may be a good number of 350 pound people out there, there probably aren't enough to justify a business owner spending the extra money to accomodate 350 pound people.
2003-09-24 10:34:49 AM  
Nightsweat -

I'm from Iowa. Raised in Urbandale, same as the guy in the story.

We HAVE to be big boned, to be able to pull the plow!
2003-09-24 10:34:53 AM  
because they think they are an opressed minority and deserve special rights, all this because they have low or no self-control

I am overweight (okay fine, i'm fat), but I don't feel like that one bit. And I can also wipe my ass without a problem or a special apparatus.

People who sue for anything like this (or the coffee example, or any other dumbass case) deserve ridicule, but the generization is just tiring.

Your daddy's so fat, when he wears a red sweater, the kids in the neighborhood yell, "Hey, Kool-Aid!"

2003-09-24 10:36:59 AM  
Ok, I am farking sick of fat people who somehow think other people are responsible for their size, or should accomodate them in every way. I am very fat (althought I am in the process of changing that), but I don't blame others for my weight. If I were to break a chair I would feel terrible about it and offer to pay the hotel for the replacement and quietly go seek medical attention if I was injured because I was too damn heavy to be supported by a plastic chair. I would be so ashamed and embarrassed.

Who the hell does he think he is to sue the owners of the hotel? It's THEIR fault he's too fat? These whiney crybabies give the rest of us fat folks a worse name. I mean I understand that no one likes a fattie, but these people make it more difficult for the rest of us that try not to infringe on other people's space (i.e. airplane seats, etc.), and are working to change our size, and who take FULL responsibility for their weight.
2003-09-24 10:37:16 AM  
Keep in mind it was a plastic chair. Not a wood, steel or concrete chair but a plastic chair. The difference is that with a plastic chair you can feel it beginning to bend and wobble before it breaks. Seriously even if you go to the kids section of your local bookstore and sit in one of the kids chairs you can feel it start to bend. Also I doubt this man was anywhere near 350 because el gordo grande's lawyers are arguing "that some customers would weigh in excess of 350 pounds." Think about it, at least to me that's code for him weighing at least 400lbs.
2003-09-24 10:37:40 AM  
I think the hatred that is shown in here to fat people is also why some people hate SUVs. There are several corollaries. The most obvious is that SUVs are large and gluttonous like their fat human counterparts. The second is that the proliferation of SUVs (and the decline of sports cars) can be partially attributed to people not being able to get their fat-asses into or out of any other class of vehicle. Now it's got to the point where it's hard for me to buy my favorite blue jeans, because the market for a tight-fit straight-leg jean has almost disappeared -- everything is "baggy" now, "loose-fit". So to sum up here, some of us don't hate fat people per se, we just hate the change in our society that they are inducing. Seriously though, I'm just waiting for an SUV to come along with a hydraulic "assist" platform to get people from the ground up into their seat.
2003-09-24 10:37:45 AM  
For the Farker who asked why people hate fat people:

I think it's because people who get that way often won't take responsibility for it, when it is nobody's fault but their own.

The funniest thing about this is the fact that many of the people who are calling this guy a fat loser are the same ones who cry a river every time someone suggests that they shouldn't be allowed to smoke anywhere outside of their own homes.

As for this particular case, I don't see anything stupid about it. It's a reasonable assumption that a hotel should be able to accommodate very fat individuals (though, of course, not so fat that they have to have a crane to get out of the house) as there are many very fat individuals in America. Also, this guy is only suing for lost wages + medical expenses, which is perfectly acceptable. If he hadn't been injured, he probably wouldn't have sued at all.

2003-09-24 10:39:01 AM  
you need to learn the difference between there, their and they're...
we can work on the dirty fat thing later....
2003-09-24 10:39:33 AM  
Girion47, I bet that you are in law school and are drooling about this fatasses lawsuit.
And...the woman that spilled her coffee in her lap is also someone to laugh at. IT IS COFFEE AND IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HOT. The fact that she cannot have sex anymore is a good thing. It keeps the stupid people like her from breeding. No one is responsible for themselves anymore. F the lawyers' F fat people, and F that coffee lady too.
2003-09-24 10:40:33 AM  

Purely spiteful and evil...I don't know why, but I can't look away ;-)
2003-09-24 10:40:38 AM  

So do I. I hate english.
2003-09-24 10:41:11 AM  

It's a reasonable assumption that a hotel should be able to accommodate very fat individuals (though, of course, not so fat that they have to have a crane to get out of the house) as there are many very fat individuals in America.

It's only a reasonable assumption if the hotel has enough fat patrons to make it a financially sound decision to provide accomodations for heavy people (be they fat or just big).

If the hotel doesn't have a large enough number of heavy patrons, then it's not reasonable to provide accomodations for heavy patrons.
2003-09-24 10:42:02 AM  
Ray Charles in a VW on the salt flats! That's awesome! :-)
2003-09-24 10:42:35 AM  
And for the people who thought that the McDonald's coffee lawsuit was stupid: Inform yourselves.

2003-09-24 10:42:39 AM  
Some people would see this as a sign from the gods that maybe, just maybe, they're way too farking fat. Unfortunately, they're few and far between. Most people see this as a chance to sue so they can keep eating and get even fatter.
2003-09-24 10:43:30 AM  
I'd love to see the guts on most of the people posting hatemail here.

Jeez, get over your latent fat panic. When you hit 40 you're probably going to pork up, too, Chester.

It's worse than homophobia and here's why - not everyone has the urge to suck a weener, but everyone eats every day. A little less exercise (maybe you twist an ankle?) and a few more fries every day and you too will be breaking chairs.

So he's fat. Some people naturally smell a little weird. So?
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